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Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

He spend most of his days in the same daily life routine. But all changed in a single night when he was thrown into an strange new world.

A world where knowledge have a different meaning and influence in the life of its inhabitants. How will he fare in this strange place and how will it affect him?

Strugling to understand what happened and learning how to use these newfound powers, he advances on a quest to return home.

But will he be able to?

Warning: 18+ Contain mature language and content.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Slumber ago
Chapter 2 - Second Tremor ago
Chapter 3 - Strange Boy ago
Chapter 4 - Strange Old Man ago
Chapter 5 - Falling Under the Knight's Graces ago
Chapter 6 - First Lessons ago
Chapter 7 - The First Army ago
Chapter 8 - The Castle ago
Chapter 9 - The Challenger ago
Chapter 10 - Lay of the Land ago
Chapter 11 - A Stroll In the City ago
Chapter 12 - The Feast ago
Chapter 13 - Clouds in the Horizon ago
Chapter 14 – Snakes In the Grass ago
Chapter 15 – Lightning and Thunder ago
Chapter 16 – The Rain Falls ago
Chapter 17 - The Manor ago
Chapter 18 - The Wind Mage ago
Chapter 19 - The Boy, the Demon ago
Chapter 20 - The Challenged ago
Chapter 21 - Second Round ago
Chapter 22 - Visit to the Blacksmith ago
Chapter 23 - Incursion At The Mine ago
Chapter 24 - Incursion At The Mine Part 2 ago
Chapter 25 - The Undying Mage ago
Chapter 26 - Misunderstandings ago
Chapter 27 - No Damsel in Distress ago
Chapter 28 - The Ones Left Behind ago
Chapter 29 - One Man Army ago
Chapter 30 - Journey to the North Begins (Arc I Epilogue) ago
Chapter 31 - The Chase Continues ago
--Pause-- ago
Update 1.4 ago
Chapter 32 - The Sleepy Horse Tavern ago
Chapter 33 - Catching up ago
Chapter 34 - A Necklace Worth ago
Chapter 35 - Things That Go Bump In The Night ago
Chapter 36 - The Sound of Silence ago
Chapter 37 - Reunion ago
Chapter 38 - The Cursed Dragon ago
Chapter 39 - No Questions Asked ago
Chapter 40 - The Descent Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 41 - A Boy No More ago
Chapter 42 - Visiting Old Friends ago
Chapter 43 - A Friend of a Friend ago
Chapter 44 - Early Arrival ago
Chapter 45 - By The Magelight ago

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Probably one of the best novels here! But what happened? Hiatus? Dropped? Abandoned? Anything?


Maybe something happened to the author? Maybe this gets updated somewhere else?


Come on people we need answers and a quick fix for this!

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As of chapter 11. A bit early for a review but I think this has the potential to be a top fiction on this site. We need more stories like this instead of the super cliche and boring "Martial Arts" tagged stories.


No cliche MC with naive morality.

No cliche love at first sight event.

No cliche harem (thank god).

No cliche tragic death by betrayal; death by stupidly random accident; death by will of a bored god.

MC is clever and not naive. Suspicious but not paranoid. 

MC is immediately OP but knowledge of science in a technologically primitive world should be OP.

MC is pretty smart, knowing when to fight and when to concede.

The setting is not very well detailed, the environment is kinda vague. But this could be improved with more chapters.

The story-line is unclear so far but there is good set-up. There is a good amount of intrigue and suspense and it could lead to something great. 

One thing that is a little saddening is the overused characteristic of a snobby noble. One that shuns common blood. This gets pretty boring because authors on this site use this archetype a lot but whatever. Only one character is described like this so far.

A thing the author does a great job on, is the description of the fight scenes. It's actually logical and fresh. This brings a great breath of fresh air to the fiction scene on this site where fight scenes are barely detailed and just skimmed over. 

Again something that the author could improve on is the setting. I'm telling you man, this can make or break a story. Elaborate on the mood, the background etc. You don't have to waste a lot of time into this as it can slow down the overall story, but it could help readers feel more immersed into the story.

Grammar can be improved a bit. Specifically the use of conjunctions. Ex. The boy's mind was under pressure.

Instead of: The boy mind was under pressure.


Best of luck to you and don't fall under the trap of rushing the story in order to churn out chapters.

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The Synopsis Was a Crap,.. But It Contains One of The Greatest Story in This Site

To be honest, I was avoiding your story for quite some times.  When I see the title I thought it was some kinda shitty crap xianxia full powered bullshit. When I read the synopsis, it was kinda lame and I leave your story without even giving it a second glance. But today I was running out of materials to read, so with a heavy heart and not in the slightest bit expectation, I decided to give it a try. And it turned out that,… I was a damn fool. I’m a genuine fool for missing out your story all this time. It was a fuckin GREAT!!! 


The story was well planned, well scripted, well developed and well written. It didn’t goes too slow nor goes too fast, it was at the perfect pace and always consistent. And what annoyed me the most is, you’re so good at building tensions. Damn you jerk, you’re so good at it and now I getting addicted lol. Despite you claiming yourself as an amateur, it is proofed that reality was the otherwise. You’re more than skilled as a writer compared with most of ‘writer wannabe’ that lurking in this site. And your work is far more better than those who sat on those top charts, your story are more worthy than them for the throne seat, SERIOUSLY!!! You know what, somewhat I really glad this story was free lol. And I really are don’t get why those leeches didn’t swarmed your story already, were they a total fools or is it becauseof the synopsis?


You said English was not your native language (so do I) and you don’t have any proofreader to smoothen your work. Yet you tried your best to made it presentable to read and correct it. That’s what makes you better than most of those wannabes, you didn’t become a hard headed fool and always trying to improve yourself which is great mate! I suggest you working on this story more seriously, make a couple of books out of it and dump it to the publisher! Your story definitely are worthy to be published, and I will damn sure to buy it if I ever see it in the bookstore. So you’d better get your self a PR or working on it by yourself about the minor grammar problems (it actually barely noticeable in each chap, I think). 


My last suggestions would be, CHANGE that damn synopsis!!! I almost missed you out because of that damn lousy synopsis. Meanwhile, as the good almighty reader and divine leech as I’m. I will bless you with my ultimate FIVE divine cookies for your marvelous work. I once said to the other author the he was a good contender for epicness battle with ‘Those who aspire to become Gods’ novel. But I don’t think it still do, yours definitely are a better opponent for it. And may the force guide you to the top throne of the charts, which is I surely you will. Now enjoy my cookies, mortal! 



Ps:If I may request, please don’t take too long to release the new chapter, oh and make it longer too. 



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This story seems like it could have a lot to it, but it seems like there are a few things keeping it back.  In an effort to build and not tear down, I will only offer constructive criticism, as no appreciates the other kind.


- Grammar - The first thing that struck me about your story was surprisingly the grammar. Don't get me wrong, the story is readable and many people probably don't mind it, but the misspellings, incorrect word usages or just wrong grammar made the reading just hard enough to make getting through the story a hassle.  I am not a grammar aficionado and  there are stories far worse at grammar than this one on RRL, but there is a problem when I have to reread sections to try and figure out what you were trying to say. 

- Character -  The main character seems sufficiently fleshed out for the type of story you're writing, but it seems to me that most of your side characters aren't much more than names meant to push the story in the direction you want. Which isn't a big problem with most side characters, but it would make your story much more engaging if your side characters had a bit more "Character" to them. While  I hope that wasn't too vague, I don't want to be the guy who demands the characters be a specific way, just trying to offer suggestions to better your story.


After some thought, that's all the constructive criticism I'll suggest. Hopefully this helped you some, I tried to avoid telling you where the story should go, or tearing down your style, because that's your own thing.


Good luck in your writing

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I would place this in the upper % of RRL!

The characters are quite fine developed, far more fleshed out then stories that are twice or thrice as long, also they aren't exactly unique but absolutely not generic. MC lacks a bit of fleshing tho.

World building though slowly is steady, don't make the mistake of rushing it and duck up your pacing, nice map btw :)

Story is progressing very well, High five for the Norse Rites! On another note please, don't nuke us with arrogant shits that walk like something is stuck somewhere it doesn't belong… In short: 0815 Wuxia/Xianxia chars that are arrogant AF but can't do crap.

And finally, I just wanted to say this but be careful on how you balance between magic and swords, many go for the spellsword but it gets generic at one point try thinking of an style unique for your MC.

Lastly, Grammar. I praise you for being one of those with an IQ higher then rotten bread capable of using autocorrection or whatever, that alone deserves a medal! Scrapping bits of score down tho, spelling gets fixed but some grammar errors won't, sometimes whatever you use adds or removes a letter which is quite confusing.

Style works fine, nothing to say.

Long review short, I'm bitchin' about the bits of grammar errors here and there.

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It is a promising story but has a long way to go. This will be a somewhat harsh review so before we go on let me say this. This is a promising story based on interesting concepts, so try it for yourself and decide for yourself if you like it. 


I can see that author is probably above average (for this site) in a literary sense, but fails majestically at grammar so its magic is completely destroyed. His attempts at writing elaborate sentences end up in jumbled up sentences that do not flow pleasantly because of the errors. A good editor would make wonders for this story.


The story and the style is good but again is not executed well enough to make it justice. The idea of taking the phrase “knowledge is power” to a whole new meaning and building on it, the world created is fresh and interesting in theory. But it is just explained in a couple of sentences. Properly developing a world based on these principles and properly introducing it would create an epic story, i feel, but unfortunately this is not it.


Characters are decent but they do not really feel real and alive. Author has great ideas about world building but obviously lacks skill at writing dialogues. This, of course, affects the characters. A hardened knight, for example, should not be brought to tears by a simple, pretty meaningless apology. The wise old mage character shouldn’t accept and trust the alien guy with extra ordinary powers in five minutes. These relationships should be build with time and events. When you make your characters act this way, they feel like side characters that are just there as a joke. When writing character development scenes, try to imagine yourself as an observer there, seeing and hearing everything without affecting anything, it will help you understand the lacking scenes.


As a last note for the author: I hope you are not discouraged by the criticism in this review but instead try to use it to better this story and yourself as a writer. You have the basic concepts and starting point of a potentially epic fantasy world in my opinion, keep on improving on it. Your grammar needs serious work. Take this seriously. It is relatively easier to fix and has a huge impact on the story as a whole.

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I´ve found it. Now i can rest.

I love this Story. I cant describe how great i´m feeling because i read this. I created this Account with the sole purpose to rate this Story and express my thanks for the Author. THANK YOU very much.

If you´re looking for an OP MC Story type then thats it. This Story has it all. 

Grammer is difficult for me to judge since i´m no native speaker, but some Structures looked weird to me.

They arent that bad though.

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Better than average, that's for sure potential to be one of the top 5 on this site. Keep it up!

Ah, finally one of the better fictions on this site. Great potential, good writing style, few mistakes here and there, no big deal. 

Only regret is that I discovered this fiction too early... not enough chapters to feed my addiction.


  • Overall Score

Gotta be one of my favorite fictions

It is had to put into words just how much I enjoy reading this story, because to me its the perfect blend of all my favorite elements. The biggest gem for me, aside from an overpowered MC who behaves like a legitimate human being and not some dickbag with an ego/attitude the size Jupiter, is that it often takes into account the perspective of the characters around our MC. I'll be honest here, I love seeing the reactions of individuals to the actions of entities of overpowering might, more so when those characters/organizations appreciate the unfathomable depths of what they have just witnessed.

Among the numerous fictions that I have read and are reading, Unparalleled is definitely at the top of the list. For those who complain that the writing may be lacking at the beginning or that there are grammatical mistakes, rest assured, the quality rises with every chapter.

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Yes I'm gonna flood the home page with my reviews

Because fuck you. Just kidding


Read so many fictions and only now Am I catching up on reviewing some of the ones I enjoyed the most.

And this one's up there, along with the best. "Slow Claps"


Also giving you five stars in everything, cuz fuck Bad Reviews. It's understandable if they deduct a point or two. But giving your 3 stars in anything. Wow, I mean WOW.


Have they been reading the same story I have. Read the fucking story for what it is, people. Something great, wonderful and all around fun to read. There's a great time to be had here. If you just open your damn eyes and see that.


IF you keep comparing it to other great works that you personally love then of course it'll never measure up. But try looking at it from a different angle, a new perspective then you'll see what I'm telling you, the stories great. The story deserves a spot at the Top 50's. 


Now give Mr. Author some love and stop the bitching.