Marauding Gods (First Draft)

Marauding Gods (First Draft)

by OrenonawaSteevie
Artist: Alephim Editor: Emilie Milie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

The world is a dangerous place teeming with powerful creatures known as monsters.

The first Dragons, the first Gods, at the top of the food chain, brought these lands the everlasting that eventually led the world to its current state.

The only way humanity has found to survive is to construct a massive magical barrier that spans an entire continent: the human continent.

The story follows Ronandt, a young nobleman who, despite his noble origins, has never met his parents. Except for maybe at the time of his birth.

He thus finds himself without parents at the Manor Rosetta, under the close supervision of Mathilda, his nanny, and Syrus, his Butler.

Follow the adventures of Ronandt, a young nobleman unlike any other, born from a very unordinary pairing and bestowed with an unique advantage over his fellow humans.

Disclaimer: This novel is clearly tagged gore, and this within reason, so please keep that in mind while reading.

Though the early chapter suggest that this novel is slice of life one, especially in the first 40 chapters, it must be clarified that this novel is first and foremost a progression fantasy tagged gore and grimdark.

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Table of Contents
160 Chapters
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A new start ago
Chapter 01: Ronandt ago
Chapter 02: The Manor Rosetta ago
Chapter 03: Nobility and Powerhouses ago
Chapter 04: Promise ago
Chapter 05: The Library. ago
Chapter 06: Secret Room ? ago
Chapter 07 : Mana and Aina ago
Chapter 08: Aina ago
Chapter 09: Tears ago
Chapitre 10: Syrus and Mathilda ago
Chapitre 11: Return ago
Chapter 12: Changes ago
Chapter 13: Evasion ago
Chapter 14: Martha and Olga ago
Chapter 15: Pigs ago
Chapter 16: Home sweet home ago
Chapter 17: The calm before the storm ago
Chapter 18: Guest ago
Chapter 19: Lord Emilien ago
Chapter 20: Journey ago
Chapter 21: Arrival ago
Chapter 22: Attempt ago
Chapter 23: Preparation ago
Chapter 24: Birthday ago
Chapter 25: Unexpected visit ago
Chapter 26: Barbara 01 ago
Chapter 27: Barbara Part 02 ago
Chapter 28: New resolution ago
Chapter 29: Hystery ago
Chapter 30: Future ago
Chapter 31: Expedition in the lower District Part 01 ago
Chapter 32: Expedition in the lower District Part 02 ago
Chapter 32: Expedition in the lower District Part 02 (Syrus POV) ago
Chapter 33: Winter is upon us Part 01 ago
Chapter 34: Winter is upon us Part 02 ago
Chapter 35: Winter is upon us Part 03 ago
Chapter 36: Winter is upon us Part 04 ago
Chapter 37: Winter is upon us Part 05 ago
Chapter 38: Winter is upon us Part 06 ago
Chapter 39: Winter is upon us Part 07 ago
Chapter 40: Winter is upon us Part 08 ago
Chapter 41: Winter is upon us Part 09 ago
Chapter 42: Winter is upon us Part 10 ago
Report on the event on the Twelfth full moon of the year 4009 ago
Book One: Epilogue: The battle that started and ended everything ago
Chapter 43: New Reality ago
Chapter 44: ago
Chapter 45: ago
Extra Chapter: The Exiled Princess 1/3 ago
Chapter 46: ago
Chapter 47: ago
Chapter 48: ago
Chapter 49: Mother Hen ago
Chapter 50: The Three Princesses of the Duchy of Viermont (Ramia Pov) ago
Chapter 50.1: The Three Princesses of the Duchy of Viermont (Mael Pov) ago
Chapter 51: ago
Chapter 52: ago
Chapter 53: DeathSeeker ago
Chapter 54: Running away ago
Chapter 55: ago
Chapter 56: ago
Chapter 57: Battle against Earth Drake ago
Chapter 58: Preparation for the last battle Part 01 ago
Chapter 59: Preparation for the last battle Part 02 ago
Chapitre 60: Preparation for the last Battle Part 03 ago
Chapter 61: Interlude: The 7 Curses ago
Chapter 62: Preparation for the last battle Part 04 ago
Chapter 63: Last Battle in the Ivohy ago
Chapter 64: The start of our journey ago
Chapter 65: Aristocracy ago
Chapter 66: Interlude ago
Chapter 67: Our first steps Part 01 ago
Chapter 68: Our first steps Part 02 ago
Chapter 69: Our first steps Part 03 ago
Chapter 70: Our first steps Part 04 ago
Chapter 70.5: Interlude ago
Chapter 71: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 01 ago
Chapter 72: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 02 ago
Chapter 73: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 03 ago
Chapter 74: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 03-- Remnant of Amelia the FIrst Paladin ago
Chapter 75: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 04 ago
Chapter 76: Remnant of the Elder Royal Princes Part 05 ago
Chapter 77: ago
Chapter 78: ago
Chapter 79: Heon Part 01 ago
Chapter 80: Heon Part 02 ago
Chapter 81: Heon Part 03 ago
Chapter 82: Heon Part 04 ago
Chapter 83: Heon Part 05 ago
Chapter 84: Ladies Part 01 ago
Chapter 85: Ladies Part 02 ago
Chapter 88: Hon, Han and Heon ago
Chapter 87: Epilogue Book two ago
Extra Chapter: The Exiled Princess 2/3 ago
Chapter 86: Ladies Part 03 ago
Chapter 89: Relics of the Past Part 01 ago
Chapter 90: Relics of the Past Part 02 ago
Chapter 91: Relics of the Past Part 03 ago
Chapter 92: Relics of the Past Part 04 ago
Extra Chapter: The Exiled Princess 3/3 ago
Chapter 93: Nia ago
Chapter 94: ago
Chapter 95: ago
Chapter 96: Farewells ago
Chapter 97: ago
Chapter 98: ago
Chapter 98.5: The Girl and the Wolf ago
Chapter 99: ago
Chapter 100: Decision ago
Chapter 101: Settling scores Part 01 ago
Chapter 102: Settling scores Part 02 ago
Chapter 103: Settling scores Part 3 ago
Chapter 104: Interlude: Whithering of an old Friendship ago
Chapter 105: Friends Part 01 ago
Chapter 106: Friends Part 02 ago
Chapter 106.5: The Girl and the Wolf Part 02 ago
Chapter 107: ago
Chapter 108: Lake scene Part 02 ago
Chapter 108: Lake scene Part 03 ago
Chapter 109: Mael and Ramia Ascension Part 01 ago
Chapter 110: Mael and Ramia Ascension Part 2 ago
Chapter 111: Mael and Ramia Ascension Part 03 ago
Chapter 111.75: Interlude: The calm before the storm ago
Chapter 112: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Host of Calamities Part 01 ago
Chapter 113: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Hosts of Calamities Part 02 ago
Chapter 114: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Hosts of Calamities Part 03 ago
Chapter 115: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Hosts of Calamities Part 04 ago
Chapter 116: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Hosts of Calamities Part 05 ago
Chapter 117: Ronandt, Remnant of the Nightmare, Hosts of Calamities Part 06 ago
Chapter 119: Seven Calamities, First Calamity ago
Amira, Fire Primordial Dragon ago
Chapter 120: Seven Calamities, Second Calamity ago
Chapter 121: Seven Calamities, Third Calamity ago
Chapter 122: Seven Calamities, Fourth and Fifth Calamity ago
Chapter 123: Seven Calamities, Sixth Calamity ago
Chapter 124: Seven Calamities, Seventh Calamity ago
Chapter 125: Prologue ago
Chapter 126: Continental Shift part 1/4 ago
Chapter 127: Continental Shift part 2/4 ago
Chapter 128: Continental Shift part 3/4 ago
Chapter 129: Continental Shift part 4/4 ago
Chapter 130: Expedition into Hell itself ago
Chapter 131: Expedition into Hell itself Part 02 ago
Chapter 132 ago
Chapter 133 ago
Chapter 134: ago
Chapter 135: ago
Chapter 136 ago
Chapter 137 ago
Chapter 138: ago
Chapter 139: ago
Chapter 140: ago
Chapter 141: ago
Chapter 142 ago
Chapter 143 ago
Chapter 144 ago
Chapter 145 ago
Chapter 146: ago
Chapter 147 ago

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For the most part I enjoyed this story, magic is always cool and Aina is fun and unique.


Only two things trip me up.


The first, unfortunately, is the grammar. Now, I'm not a grammar nazi or anything, everyone makes mistakes, me included.


But I couldn't go more then a paragraph without missing words, punctuation, commas, and odd spacing.


The second is the Main Character's age, well... not their age specifically but how everyone reacts to it.


In the first chapter, despite the MC being a literal toddler Maa has zero qualms about them talking like an adult.


Syrus talked to a 4-6 (I couldn't tell exactly) year old about war and death and monsters.


It may not be out of character, but it raised an eyebrow for me, nonetheless.


If these two issues are fixed (or at least explained at some point for the second one) then I believe this will be an enjoyable story for many!


This novel tells the story of an illegitimate noble but it has a twist. He isn't supposed to be born, it's not that it is socially unacceptable but it is impossible for him to be born.

The style is simple and comedic. It perfectly encapsulates how the story is supposed to be read and it has a light tone to it. I did not feel burdened while reading this book and I could understand most of the words.

There are some grammatical mistakes but the author fixes most of them as time goes by. The grammatical mistakes don't take away the fun of reading this story and don't bother me as I have read machine translated novels before.

There is a story and a damn good one at that with a unique plot and a direction that is not know to the story. There is a large amount of potential which can be tapped and the author knows this. The stories pace is slow and steady but this lets us take in all the information that is given to us and process it.

The characters in this story are just entertaining. They make me laugh and each have a personality to them. The MC acts his age and isn't some genius and works hard to achieve his goal. There is no harem, as far as I have read and the character interaction are comedic and meaningful.

I would definely recommend this story to someone who is a fan of the historical genre and wants to enjoy the characters as mush as the story.


This story is super fun, interesting, and exactly what a web-novel should be. It is a page-by-page (or, rather, chapter-by-chapter) experience that should be experienced as such. The story does not suffer from this, neither does the characterization or style. 


While the story felt a little off at times, I would say this could be chalked up to needing a mild revision down the line. It's a WIP, and one that I enjoyed reading. 


This is the aspect of the story that definitely needs a revision, but it did not take me too far out of the story. For start, the sentences can come across as choppy and short in certain instances, and technical errors sprinkled throughout. 

Outside of these things, I would think they could be fixed after a quick read through and edit! Just need to put a focus on that :) 


The pacing of this story is slow, and key elements are unraveled chapter-by-chapter which is exciting. Every time I click "next," I am expecting a fun experience that allows me to better understand the charactesr, what makes them tick, and how they realistically respond to the things thrown at them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and will continue on! I'm a slow reader, but I recommend this story as of Chapter 5! :)


Like, a month ago I sent in a review for this story. Or at least I thought I did. For whatever reason, it isn't here anymore. Since the Admins didn't message me about deleting it, I have to assume that I forgot to submit. Truly, my wisdom knows no bounds.

Since I am very lazy, I'll just put up points in bullet points.

... I can't make bullet points. Guess I'll do the scuffed version instead.

* Good plot-points

* Thinner than needed characthers

* Bad attempts at jokes at some points(couldn't even imagine myself making a pity smile)

* Good enough style.

Not the worst. Not the best. 4.5/5

Lord Vitor

Interesting story. Looking forward to see more explanations about how magic came to be for the future nobles and how did they multiply when relationships with commoners should be impossible.

Story during MC's childhood period at a somewhat quiet pace, eagerly waiting to see if it will speed up after his coronation and the consequences from it (no spoilers).

Excellent grammar, hardly any mistakes ever being found excluding a few and rare typing ones.

Main characters personality quite refreshing. Not a regular boring dense hero, also no reincarnating genius trying to become a sage in diapers. It is good to see a hardworking character that still can act like his age 

Sam Williams

Very interesting story. I'm not super far into it yet but I'm excited to see where it goes. That being said my god is the grammar bad. Regularly the wrong word is used in very obvious ways. And there are parts where the same thing has been written twice but slightly changed. As if the author rewrote the sentence but forgot to delete the original one. 

Overall so far it's a good story. If you aren't too fussed about poor grammar you will most likely enjoy it.



I wonder why it isn't well known yet, it is better than most I have read, with a promising future developement, not perfect, but really good.

apart from the grammar, the characters are likable, well fleshed out, each with his own backstory, the power system is good untill now, though it seems slightly overpowered, really want to see how it would develop

Book Addict

There are hints of a story here but there are a few things that prevent me from enjoying it:

1. Repetitions - I don't need to read that the nobility has magic more than once or twice

2. There is basically no character interaction - his nanny is extensively described as a nuisance and she is the only one actually talking to him

3. Explanations and info-dumps that I could have done without - why do I need to for example know the classifications of monsters if I haven't even read about him meeting regular animals?

4. Comment section is locked (at least in the first few chapters

5. Very short chapters - I read a short scene and then must wait a few seconds to read further. That does not make for a fluent read which is further exacerbated by 1., 2. and 3.

I liked the detail about finding the books and the way he found them (skirting around a minor spoiler) and his relationship with his parents makes me curious so there is definetly potential to this story.


Hard to read (book 1 review)

Reviewed at: Author announcement

An interesting concept that is poorly communicated. Paragraphs are repeated multiple times, bad punctuation, misspelled words, wrong words, bad sentence structure, etc. Its just a step above an MTL. Which is unfortunate, because it might be good. But I'll never know because the writing is pretty scuffed. I read reviews that it gets better, but the entirety of book one is bad. And I'm not willing to go through a second book of this.

Nothing really happens book 1. There's a lot of lore/info dumping. Not really world building since so much is unexplored. But thats what happens when most of the story takes place literally in no mans land. Theres the start of a climax at the end thats really disappointing. I say start, because it never ends. That's the prologue to book 2. WTF..... just when ya think there's finally going to be a payoff for slogging through the grammatic swamp, book just ends at the climax. No resolution. Sure, there's a book 2, but do ya really want to suffer more for a payout that might never come? I don't. It's why I'm dropping this.