Braza the Architect - Magical Crafter, Builder, and Adventurer!

Braza the Architect - Magical Crafter, Builder, and Adventurer!

by Saurian

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the story of an older man who lived a hard but full life, being reincarnated into a fantasy world as a human-lizard hybrid. The new world is violent, magic is real, a game-like development system crushes physics and natural law under its ambivalent thumb, and myth and legend don't just meet, they chase you down to eat you.

Follow Braza as he tries to make a very different life for himself in a familiar but ultimately alien world. In this story the protaginist will not just be a muscle bound monster. He is not a proper hero, willing to sacrifice himself for the good of a stranger, but neither is he a maniacal villain. He is trying to survive, and he is trying to give himself and those he deems himself responsible for a seat at the table of the"goodly", the "civilized" races. He is trying to create a secure home for his people, to arrange beneficial trade agreements, explore ancient ruins, decipher ancient runes, push the boundaries of magic to create a better life for everyone around him, to learn about the history of the world and the multiverse, and ultimately attempt to become powerful enough to take on a being that even the gods themselves fear.

This is my first story and it blends many different elements and styles. It's a bit darker than most of what I have read on Royal Road, but even with that, I hope you give it a try, and I hope you like it!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Introducing Elliot ago
Chapter 2 Introducing… Elliot? ago
Chapter 3 A new world for Braza ago
Chapter 4 Classes Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 5 Classes Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 6 Happy Birthday to Me ago
Chapter 7 The Next Day ago
Chapter 8 Experimental Results ago
Chapter 9 Talent Selection ago
Chapter 10 Imbuement List ago
Chapter 11 Preparations ago
Chapter 12 Leaving Metro ago
Chapter 13 First Day on the Road ago
Chapter 14 First Fight ago
Chapter 15 Not Dead Yet ago
Chapter 16 Introductions ago
Chapter 17 Another Encounter ago
Chapter 18 Arriving in Diamond Lake ago
Chapter 19 Visiting the Library ago
Chapter 20 2 Week Break ago
Chapter 21 Carrying a City ago
Chapter 22 Finding the Target ago
Chapter 23 Battle at the Ruined Monastery Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 24 Battle at the Ruined Monastery Pt 2 ago
Chapter 25 The Aftermath ago
Chapter 26 Another 2 Week Break ago
Chapter 27 The State of Affairs ago
Chapter 28 Finding the Orcs ago
Chapter 29 Why Are We Running? ago
Chapter 30 Found the Orc Patrol ago
Chapter 31 Loot and Return ago
Chapter 32 Men Make Plans ago
Chapter 33 Level 3 Status ago
Chapter 34 Another Commission? ago
Chapter 35 We Should Say No ago
Chapter 36 Proposals and Future Problems ago
Chapter 37 Returning to the Encampment, Crafting as we go ago
Chapter 38 Orc Patrol ago
Chapter 39 A Chat Pt. 1/2 ago
Chapter 40 A Chat Pt. 2/2 ago
Chapter 41 Arriving at the Encampment ago
Chapter 42 Meeting with the War Chief ago
Chapter 43 Ambushing a Shaman ago
Chapter 44 Ambushing the Ambushers ago
Chapter 45 Counterattack ago

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The story starts off with the MC having been a military man, no longer in his prime having spent the last few years working in the office rather than the field.

While the story starts off slow, we're being introduced to the lizardfolk that he has been reborn to and given an idea on how they as a people "function".

We get to see the "discrimination" of the "system" where it "witholds" information about classes that one have not been exposed to, so you can't have had no interaction with a mage and expect to have a magic class be available to you when it's time to choose your class...

Also, the MC does not appear to be getting "OP" any time soon.

While if it took about 30 chapters for the MC to reach level 3, i believe that the readers should now have a good idea on what kind of personality the MC has, even if the MC at times interact with humans using far to advanced/complicated phrases, sometimes even appearing as a "tryhard noble".

While the "overly eloquent lizard" routine to me personally is annoying, i'm sure some might find it funny.

Outside of "lizard eloquence", the buildup of characters and world have so far been satisfactory for me and i'll put the story in my followed faves.

Story-flow have been consistent and i've not had any issues with grammar or spelling that would make me pause my reading.

King Frito

Style -  The author writes the story in a different way than one would expect and it's something I find interesting, the story is written first person with the mc basically commenting to a voice in his head (at least that's how I would explain it).

Story - Good but not much actual plot, the mc seems to have no real goal except level which isn't bad  but having some. long and short term goals would be very nice. 

Grammar - Great with no issues that I have noticed. 

Character - Very good, these characters seem like they are actually people and not just a 2D cutout of one. 

Misc - I like that the system isn't perfect and has depth to it, instead of being default all powerful and perfect system #3000.  It's also nice that the mc is getting a good power boost now. Hopefully the author keeps up with the interesting ideas. One idea would be for the mc to make schematics of unique class spells (that may of been from extinct monsters or monster exclusive classes)instead of just using his ability to get discounts (and anybody who knows where the spell blueprint from a heart attack).

Notes -the story gets much better the further in you go.

Overall a great novel that has bad reviews because people didn't stick with it.


Slow paced story and the MC isn't OP from the start, he has to work for it. The progress of the MC is okay, though, sometimes there are little discriptions how he achieves something when crafting. MC goes with the flow wants to level up and improve. All in all, that is good but what I'm missing are some short and long terme goals. Short terme goal: Wants his own house. Long terme goal: Wants to build his own castle in the marsh, partially underground.

The worlds background ist fleshed out, at least where the MC lives. The incteractions with other characters is nice each character has his own quircks and difficulties. People are more open minded against other races, as of now no clichés like "He is a monster, hunt him!".

For me, what the MC feels and what the story portrays are sometimes a bit contradictory. For example, MC feels growing up in his village was bad but in the story I don't see any relevant difficulties, no one there is really against him. Also, sometimes what author writes what I as the reader understand it are not the same (see comment chapter 8).

I give the story 4 stars. It's nice to read and can be relaxing. It has some issues but nothing that really interrupts the reading expirience.


Like the long distance runner mentality of the main character.     

There is non of that overblown reaction to small things its a struggle to survive and its just take one step of at the time.      

It has a fairly "zoomed out" narration which to me is very relaxing and meditative.    

There are bad things about the story but if your having a good time reading does it matter?


Scratch that realism itch commonly found in Isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 36 Proposals and Future Problems

Reviewed at chapter 36.

It's definitely a slow burn, but that's what makes it so awesome is the author took the time to do the world/character building and lay the stage for an immersive story. 

I also love how the story feels like the MC telling you his story and you get to listen along to his train of thoughts or when he's theorycrafting. I think this is great compared to following along a story thinking what an idiot or random spaz the MC is. Or when he's crafting it doesn't zoom into the details of what material it is or how hard he hammers or focuses or how the MC gets a sudden epitany and everything is different afterwards. 

And of course, the realism, it feels realistic to me, like the actions and thoughts of the MC feel like something a real person would go through rather than having a MC isekai and then suddenly start munchkinning the crap out of their new world starting the instant they're pushed out of their mom. Currently at chapter 36 I believe

we're right at the point where the MC begins the ramp up to power, this is where Saurian is going to make or break the story for me based on the power creep (Pressure's on!). Also people die, like in a life-threatening situation, people die, because THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN A LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION.


I'll still enjoy the story regardless of how it'll turn out from this point, but I think this is the inflection point of a great or a good story. 

Keeping an eye on this one!

Oh yeah, constructive criticism... it gets kind of wordy at times. Sorry, not too great at giving reviews, but hey if you can try writing a story, I can try writing a review.


That's a bold strategy, Cotton

Reviewed at: Chapter 27 The State of Affairs

Those first few chapters were pretty ugly and strange, but as I've been reading this story just keeps growing on me. It’s long winded and slow, but it’s different, and in a good way.



The story is hard to explain; it’s an isekai where a guy from earth who says he used to be some special forces bad*** but then goes on to talk about how now he’s old and fat and bald gets reincarnated into a lizardman, gets beat up a lot, and tries to find a place for himself. I thought it would be action and adventure, and it has some action, but it’s more detached and it feels more like a slice of life to me. There’s a lot of crafting and exploring and there is some humor but it’s usually pretty subtle, but what is leaving the biggest impression this story makes on me is that it is very, very dark. The fights that get described are vivid and gory and disturbing, and it doesn’t go the same route as most of these novels where all these harrowing near death experiences are happy go lucky and you’re safe because you’ve got half of a plan. This is one of the first novels I’ve read on RR where the place really does seem dangerous and brutal. It’s way darker than I’m used to, but it’s good.



The weakest category imo. I know it’s a first novel, but stylistically it could really use some work, especially those first chapters. The story thus far is a first-person point of view litRPG that clear plans on following the old weak to strong progression, but where I’m at the main character is still weak. I don’t care for the system being used, it feels clunky and restrictive rather than flexible and organic, but as the story has progressed it does seem more consistent and better balanced than is normal for RR.


Beyond that, the author tends to ramble a lot. The entire story is delivered in a 4th wall breaking conversational format, like he’s just telling you the story, sometimes past tense, sometimes present tense, but he acts like you’re a voice in his head and he’s just talking to you. It’s ok, not the worst, but not the best. Staying strictly first person is rare in novels, we’ll usually see an omniscient viewpoint for info dumps and lots of side character points of view by this far into the story, but so far all the world building and info dumping has occurred in the context of the story.

The chapters are long, and the updates are frequent, both of which I really like: I’m a binge reader who likes to check in on favorited stories once every week or two, and I really like both the update length and frequency, because that makes it so that when I get around to binging story updates feel meatier than if I were checking them as fast as he posts them.



It starts off with overly long paragraphs, I’m not sure why the author hasn’t gone back and broken those down and cleaned those first couple chapters up, and some of the phrases he uses a lot are clunky, but even though the author bio says he doesn’t have an editor there are very few typos or real problems. The author clearly possesses an excellent command of the English language, and I'm pretty sure it's their native language.



The main character is the main character, and everything is delivered through his point of view. The author tends to move through time pretty quickly with weeks passing in a blink, but he does a very good job portraying the main character and making them feel like a real person instead of a prop through which he's delivering the story, and I’ve started growing  attached to some of the side characters too, through the sections of dialogue and actions that cover them.

"Show, not say". This guy gets it.

Most stories I feel like the authors give the side characters exactly one personality trait and that one trait defines everything about them. In this story I hardly feel like I know any of the side characters, but I also feel like there is a lot more to them than a single experience and trait. Instead of simple narrative tools, they feel more like real people, and that’s something special.



I’m giving this story 5 stars overall in part because the other reviewers are under rating it; but it’s also a good story, in my opinion deserving at least 4 stars, it’s just slower and a bit more circuitous than I expected. Kind of like life. The author is doing something different from normal, and even though not everything he is doing I love, he’s taking risks that I can appreciate, and it’s turning into one of the most logically consistent and surrealy engaging stories I’ve read. People actually have motivations that extend beyond supporting or fighting the protagonist, is that even possible?!

Not everything that happens in here is either happy or ends in an emo breakdown, and you get to explore a fantasy world through someone else’s eyes and not everything in that world is shiny and fun. It’s not for everyone, and that becomes obvious in the first couple chapters, but I can’t wait to keep reading and see where this story goes from here, because it’s a very different approach to the fantasy/litrpg/isekai genre, it has depth and character, and it really stands out for taking a more mature approach to storytelling than we normally see here.


Spacehulk is a table-top tactical game that a video game developer tried to adapt to a third person squad based shooter in 2016. Despite the two games being in different mediums with their own strengths and drawbacks with two vastly different target audiences, and despite the games being done in two vastly different styles, the video game developer tried to port the mechanics and playstyle of Spacehulk in a one-to-one ratio. The result is boring and clunky.

But enough about that. Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top tactical rpg that this author has tried to adapt to story format. Despite one being a collaborative multiplayer game with mechanics specifically designed to play to the strengths of a tabletop while working around its weaknesses and the other being a story, and despite the fact that the audience that would watch or participate in a game of D&D is, in fact, different from the one that would read a story, the author has decided to port the mechanics of D&D to a story format in a one-to-one ratio. In my opinion, the result is boring and clunky.

Also, fiction lives or dies on the suspension of disbelief. Bringing the unreasonable aspects of your world into focus is only slightly better than the "it was all a dream" trope when it comes to destroying that suspension of disbelief.


quite good, except for world building.

Reviewed at: Chapter 39 A Chat Pt. 1/2

This novel had serious potential, the idea is really nice. but I think it fell short.

The issue comes with world building, author made so that it does looks like virtual reality game rather than like reincarnation in other world, because the world you painted is quite absurd.

This world has the most invasive system I ever seen, beyond reality breaking health mechanics, ressurection and reincarnation system and list can go on and on. I can't in any way immerse in this world because of that.


the chapters out currently are ok, but they have obvious problems; it isn't anywhere close to the worst or best on this site by a long shot, and as the author said, it's their first story, so they have the potential to improve and work out the kinks in their writing as they write

Style: it isn't atrocious, but it is far from amazing. The paragraphs are incredibly bulky and hard to read, leaving much to be desired. As bad as it is, it's something that can be improved upon and fixed with time and effort; the chapters could be a bit longer by splitting paragraphs into smaller parts.

Story: quite bland and dull with not much happening and seemingly no purpose so far seeming more like a filler episode in a tv show with 100 episodes something most people skip but some like, I find myself skimming the chapter instead of reading skipping paragraphs not getting committed to the story

Grammar: I haven't noticed any significant problems so far other than the awkward wording every so often; nothing I've seen so far that could break the immersion that people get into while reading 

Character: the character is bland and generic with nothing to connect with the reader and seems to change quickly over time though whether it's bad or good is up to the reader 

unprofessional advice:

 id say work on your writing and style with this story, and when you think you've improved enough and reached a point in the story you are satisfied with, go back through the story editing and improving the chapters to the point that you feel that they represent what your capable of and keep a consistent feel throughout the story, and I will say this; as much as I don't love it I still find myself reading it to a degree



Overall the story is what it says on the tin, but it has some problems. 

The major one is that the text is too rammed together. Some paragraphs are pages long. It's hard to read such huge blocks of text, because people aren't built to read that way.

If the author goes back through it and broke those blocks up into smaller paragraphs that would make it much easier to read and discourage natural text skimming. 

You don't even have to change the text just go through and find natural places to press the enter key once.

Other than that it's a little dry and he goes into detail on things that are not really interesting or important while also skimming on more interesting elements. The RPG elements need fleshing out, the level system is unclear, the stats are unbalanced somewhat and the skills need some love to explain them better. 

Maybe also nerf the mains backstory a little. He's a genius tech managing former career soldier who has 2 kids and a wife he is happily marrier too, who also appears to have been hit with the hansom stick when he was young and isn't even in his forties but doesn't care at all about his family post death. Where does he find the time for all that introspection. I don't need a whole chapter on how he used to be swoll, but got injured from over training. What kinda genius of that level goes into the military and stays for over a decade.

If someone you were to compare this rpg system to dnd based rpgs it's like going from 3.5 back to playing a game in 1.0.

I think it has potential but at this point it's just potential. 

This is not meant to be harsh but it may come off as such. I apologize for any hard feelings as this is meant to be constructive criticism