Reborn From the Cosmos

Reborn From the Cosmos

by Azazel E

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Lourianne Tome is a mildly talented, underachieving, slightly lecherous summoner who wants nothing more than to live a simple life away from her father's expectations. Those dreams are waylaid when a madman knocks her carriage off the road and sacrifices her to power a summoning. After a fateful encounter with a powerful elemental, Lou becomes something other than human and embarks on a journey to live happily and bring a little amusement to a god tired of the world's status quo.

This is a mainly slice of life story with a bit of action/adventure. 

A few tags that need to be added here: 18+, yuri (wlw, lgbt), NSFW (and it doens't really have dedicated chapters, it is very much a part of the story), shapeshifter (and everything that comes with that). 

Fair warning.

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Azazel E

Azazel E

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 1 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 2 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 3 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 4 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 5 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 6 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 7 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 8 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 9 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 10 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 11 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 12 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 13 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 14 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 15 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 16 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 17 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 18 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 19 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 20 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 21 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 22 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 23 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 24 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 25 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 26 ago
ARC 1-The Enchanted Forest-Part 27 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 1 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 2 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 3 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 4 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 5 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 6 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 7 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 8 ago
Side Story: In-Laws (Special Release!) ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 9 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 10 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 11 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 12 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 13 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 14 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 15 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 16 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 17 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 18 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 19 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 20 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 21 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 22 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 23 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 24 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 25 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 26 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 27 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 28 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 29 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 30 ago
ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 31-Epilogue ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 1 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 2 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 3 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 4 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 5 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 6 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 7 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 8 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 9 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 10 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 11 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 12 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 13 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 14 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 15 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 16 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 17 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 18 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 19 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 20 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 21 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 22 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 23 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 24 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 25 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 26 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 27 ago
Arc 3-Initiate-Part 28 ago

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Pretty good still looking for the summoning part

Reviewed at: ARC 2-Summoner’s Revenge-Part 4

Pretty good Story so far. Through I have to say Lou isn't the smartest of all. Afterall for that she is ranting a lot about others fucking around with summoning and saying her family is known for it.

Even saying it is the only thing she bothered learning to have something to talk about with her father but she never did it herself or i have the wrong assumption that summons can stay around for helping or protecting you.


Technically Smut, But No Complaints Yet

Reviewed at: MAP//DISCORD

This is a very odd piece.  In some respects, I believe the basic premise is female slimoid hooks up with female elf who has a few festishes that the former is able to provide.  And, I think, from that lens, this is okay?  The execution isn't great in the first arc, and clearly comes across as an early work by an amateur.

That said, I think it's starting to hit its stride in Arc 2.  The sex is downplayed, there's a lot more worldbuilding, and we're starting to possibly get a plot going.  It helps that we're no longer limited to two characters, as we were for most of Arc 1.  It still comes across as an amateur work, but it's improving significantly, so I'm please to move this out of 2.5 star (not recommended) to 4.0 stars (recommended).


I enjoyed what is already written of this story and can happily recommend the first arc alone as a well structured and enjoyable story, albeit more than a bit smutty and not a conclusion to the main characters story. The first arc is still a great origin story but revolves around getting affairs in order to return home which makes it hard to read standalone; you can't put down the story there. Not really a criticism though.

The second arc is coming to a close and while lighter on the smut it mostly feels like a power trip, not a true narrative. Perfectly fine as a bridge between greater story arcs but I hope to see more weight to conflict in the future.

With little time to build up any villains past them being generally unlikeable this leads to little investment in their downfall as the main weakness of the story so far. 

A good enough start and the rising star read I've enjoyed most out of the dozen or so current picks I have read in any case. 


Relaxing and interesting slice of life. First chapters managed to made me laugh my socks off while later ones are going in relaxed pace where world doesn't exactly needs saving and main character just wants to spend her days hunting in dungeons and drinking ale in the evenings... At least until she becomes not exactly human. 



The story (so far) is essentially a slice of life story, with a little action mixed in here and there. I'm assuming this is gonna change l based off of what I've read, and this makes me excited to see whats about to happen. I love the characters, and especially the protagonist as she's a literal blob of cosmic... blobness. Unlike other monster reincarnation stories the protagonist actually utilizes her new characteristics creatively. And instead of doing something basic like a goblin or slime she's become this half cosmic entity. Really enjoyable so far, and I can't wait for more.