My RPG System

by Gerahgeo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

My name is Aug and I died...

However, I reincarnated into another world where people with immense power like those  from wuxia novels and RPG's existed.

I soon found myself with my own system the world has never seen before.

I shall rise and overcome everything to become the strongest!

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Info dumps and abbreviations.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Adventurers Guild

This story is about a man who loves video games and the thrill of leveling up, gaining rewards and experience. The man reincarnates into a new world that has a very typical high-fantasy setting; Dungeons, awakenings, system?, ruled by strength etc.

Style: The story is in first person point of view and the main character seemingly talks to us. The interactions are also made in what I call the script speech, ex.

Mom: Come to dinner!

Me: Coming!

The author also uses many abbreviations which in my opinion, kills the flow. There are also many info dumps.

Grammar: Nothing special about the grammar, the spelling is generally correct and words are usually worded and put together well. There are the occasional mistakes but everyone makes them.

Story: The story is seemingly good, there is nothing to say about it other than the pace is fast, so if you like that, great.

Character: The MC is inconsistent, the characters don't feel like real people and more like robots.

Overall: The story is readable and if you like this type of stories, who am I to tell you no. I personally disliked this style of writing and the info dumps and abbreviations were not making it better. I think the story has potential and I recommend you atleast read the first three chapters and decide if you like it or not.


plot us simple, but i am enjoying the rhythm

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: Advancing

The plot is simple.  It sticks to traditional litrpg rules and it is.... Consistent!  So many stories these days arent even internally consistent.  I want to see where this story goes.


We could use more of the MCs personal feelings.


The descriptions of the durrounding are udually very good, sometimes could be filled out more.  The parents could have more character development.  I would be down for more adult content as well.