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Heavily inspired by chinese novels

Chapter 1: I love it

"Wife, don't move!"

When Ye Fan took a shower and walked back to the bedroom, he suddenly saw his fiancee Wen Hao reading in bed!

Wen Hao's height is one meter seventy, the standard world-class beauty, a slim and slender body, an absolute perfect body!

Especially now lying on the bed,her perfect exquisite curves show her plumpness in all the right places, giving Ye Fan a faint heart, eyes shining, Ye Fan said:

"Wife, to show this position in front of me, he he ...... I like it"

Feeling Ye Fan wolf-like eyes on her body, Wen Hao turned to him and angrily said

"Ah! Ye Fan you dirty lecher, Don't you know where this is! This is my bedroom, you get out!"

Wen Hao quickly huddled into bed, covered her chest and under Ye Fan's watchful eye grabbed the pillow and threw it at him.

" Uh ah... fragrant! The aroma of a girl exploded inside Ye Fan's nostrils! Wife you really smell delicious..

Ye Fan's face is full of ridicule, as if a lion staring at a little sheep, making Wen Hao feel helplessness

"Shameless! Ye Fan you shameless bastard!"

Wen Hao grinds her teeth and stares at Ye Fan angrily.

"Ye Fan, I've already told you, even though i was engaged to you, I was forced by my grandfather! You better not have dirty thoughts of me, Otherwise, I will....

"What are you going to do? Bite me? I Like it!" Ye Fan's smile became bigger, looking at this appearance Wen Hao felt like vomiting blood!

"Go! Get out of my room! Wen Hao said while grinding her teeth.

"My Wife, you are my wife! It was your grandfather fault for crying and begging me for three years, I promised to marry you! If you do not want to marry me, go to your grandfather, I will leave now!


Going to grandfather?

On Wen Hao's forehead a black line condensed

What does this bastard think oh himself as? This Queens fiancee?

"Ye Fan, Why don't you go die!"

Wen Hao's lungs were blown up my air, she and Ye Fan spent days in different countries only to fight non-stop

In particular, this bastards thick skin is omnipotent. Whenever she thinks about it, she wants to vomit blood!

"Wife, if I die, what do yo do? What about our unborn child? How do I live my dreams of my ambitions? In summary, I can't die! It's not that I am afraid of death, I just can't afford to die"

Ye Fan's face shows a sad expression

Just after hearing this, Wen Hao slightly said:

"You? Living a dream life? Big ambition? You lying wolf! Say, what are your dreams and ambitions?"

Wen Hao is extremely curious, she and the bastard Ye Fan lived together for a few days, but he in addition to cleaning dishes, has been eating and sleeping all day, hmph! where is this dreams and ambitions!

When Wen Hao asked that, Ye Fan's face glowed with a hint of confusion, followed by a face full of determination:

"I grew up and I had a dream! That is.... Have a large group of wives and children! My wives call me "My husband, how are you!" while my children call me "Daddy, hello!'"

After saying this, Ye Fan turned to Wen Hao and said:

"My wife, isn't this dream great!"

Wen Hao's face was filled with fury

She knew that bastard didn't have ambitions, in addition to cleaning, he was useless!

"Go! Get out of my room! if you dare step in half a foot, I'll break your legs!

Seeing Wen Hao's wrath, Ye Fan knew that his plan of building up a huge harem was failed, with sadness in his face said"

"A woman who doesn't understand her husbands dreams is the hardest to get married with. Hey... I'm such a good young person, now I'm completely ruined by you..."

After that, Ye Fan can only helplessly hug the pillow thrown at him and left the bedroom!

When Ye Fan left, Wen Hao got out of the bed and closed the door, heaving a sigh of relief.

The thought of this arranged marriage, Wen Haos face was full of anger, and grasped the phone, calling her grandpa!

Thinking of Ye Fan's uselessness she felt even more angry!

Ye Fan, Ye Fan, you.... you!

Hearing someone pick up the phone she said:

"Grandpa, I want to not marry this Ye Fan!"

Wen Hao's grandfather, Wen Shilong felt surprised for a moment and quickly asked:

"My baby girl how is it that you are too ugly for Ye Fan?"


At this moment in Wen Hao's sweet throat, there was blood flowing!

Grandpa, are you really my grandfather, did you treat your granddaughter like this?

"Grandpa, what did you say? I'm the first beauty in Jianding City!"

"Hmph, what is your beauty compared to! Miss Universe, the sexy queen of Asia, the British super-model Jennifer, and so on are all trying to marry Ye Fan, Oh... Hao'er, ah, Ye Fan is engaged to you, we really must thank our ancestors!" Wen Shilong said at the other end of the phone

Thanking our ancestors?

Hearing these words, Wen Hao's mouth was once again filled with indignation and even became speechless!

"Well, Hao'er you and Ye Fan have a good life, I'm telling you now Ye Fan isn't an ordinary person, he likes women and children the most! If he sees a woman he fancies, you will need to introduce that woman to him! In short, Ye Fan is someone you will have to love!"


Wen Hao can't stand it anymore, she quickly hung up the phone

What's wrong with this world, Who can tell me exactly what happened in the world?

Chaos! All Chaos!

Wen Hao felt that her world was completely disrupted by Ye Fan. When she sat on her bed she drank a class of fresh milked and thought

"This world is too complicated, only drinking milk will relieve this pressure!"


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