The Eighth Dark Lord

by ramomar1

Original HIATUS Action Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Secret Identity Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


The Underworld trembles beneath his Pressure

The flowers wilt beneath his Presence

Life ceases to exist beneath his Power

For he is Death 

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Chapter 1: I love it ago

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Got about 2 sentences in

Don't know about the plot because I didn't get too far in so I'm not going to be too harsh, but you need some work on your English man, no one will care about your story if they can't stand the way you write. I suggest looking through some videos that teach english, I'm sure khan Academy has a few of those. Additionally, grammarly will be a good friend to you with or without a paid subscription. Try to use 3rd person past tense instead of present by the way, present tense sounds really weird

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The Eighth Dark Lord

A great start to what looks like a masterpiece. The author has the potential to be a great lord that stare below in contempt at the rest of chinese authors. This novel is going to be so popular that Chinese people will demand it to get translated into Chinese so that they get access to a novel so good that would orgasm every second when they read it. I expect great things and ready to witness a legend in the making