Starlight Antiquities

Starlight Antiquities

by Spacerin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

There is a place in the galaxy that deals in antiquities of all kinds, human and non-human alike. Its inventory of artifacts is colossal as is its inventory of mercs who they hire to acquire any artifact a client may wish that is yet to come into their possession.

The ill-reputable business is constantly rubbing against the changing tolerance of the Union's government, and there are many security officers who would love nothing better than to vaporize the whole place with its owners inside. Yet, there are many tasks that nobody can do better, especially in the vastness of deep space where Union law is worth less than the energy needed to display it.

One of its jobs involves finding an artifact that may not only hold the future of the human race but may also disturb the balance of the whole galaxy.


While waiting for the next season of Mandalorian and the Witcher, and rewatching Firefly for the gazillionth of time, I decided to write this space-based series. 

The series has some litRPG elements in it, but it does not read like one.  So, you won't run into any blue screens here.  Yet, I wanted to use litRPG to give another dimension to this whole story and make it as unique as possible.

This is a work-in-progress. Hope to keep on improving and fixing my mistakes as I go along. 

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1st Anniversary
Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (7)
Table of Contents
30 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - The Last Hurrah ago
Chapter 1 - The Best Beer in the Whole Quadrant ago
Chapter 2 - Causing Trouble ago
Chapter 3 - The Ride Up ago
Chapter 4 - You Will Kill Me ago
Chapter 5 - Linux Grand - The Mith Blood Letting ago
Chapter 6 - The Approach ago
Chapter 7 - Morse Right, Part 1 - A New Job ago
Chapter 8 - Morse Right, Part 2 - Tirish Scum ago
Chapter 9 - Morse Right, Part 3 - Zarcerie’s Starlight Antiquities ago
Chapter 10 - Morse Right, Part 4 - The FIBS ago
Chapter 11 - Morse Right, Part 5 - A New Partnership ago
Chapter 12 - The Assault ago
Chapter 13 - The Shadow Men ago
Chapter 14 - The Escape ago
Chapter 15 - The Shadow Man's Promise ago
Chapter 16 - On the Good Ol' Freighter ago
Chapter 17 - We Are Coming to Get You ago
Chapter 18 - The Things That Need to Be Said Before It's Too Late ago
Chapter 19 - The Blue Screen of LIfe ago
Chapter 20 - The Trouble with Payments ago
Chapter 21 - The Sixth Ball ago
Chapter 22 - The Companions ago
Chapter 23 - Those Damn Shiny Balls ago
Chapter 24 - The Awakening ago
Chapter 25 - The Investigation ago
Chapter 26 - When Towing Is the Only Option ago
Chapter 27 - I Want One of  Them Ships ago
Chapter 28 - The Bounty Bad Enough to Give You a Headache ago
Chapter 29 - When You Are Just Hanging Up in There ago

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