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The universe gets its first patch in recorded history, Reactivating Magic and assinging classes. Earth is changed with fireball flinging children and family pets on murderous rampages. Kaleb feels the call to adventure and is determined to make something of his life even if the universe is just a simmulation.

There will be gore. There will be blue boxes and classes but no large stat sheets or number crunching.

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Dougulas Kaien

Conjuring in an Apocalyptic Earth

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

My review title is probably more accurate and appropriate for the book title than Conjurer.  So the author should feel free to adopt my suggestion ☺️.  The story is very action oriented as Earth inexplicably joins the system and changes for better or worse.

Conjuration is the ability to create a physical object from [insert your power source here], and it's somewhat of an unexplored theme on RR.  So I'm glad to see this author take a stab at it.  Interestingly, the mc starts out as a minion master and engages in some questionable choices right off the bat.

In keeping with the action focus, the writer spends very little time in world building or the MC's back story.  Also, the grammar could use some tweaking via Grammarly.com.  Nevertheless, this story is off to a strong start and deserves a peek at the few chapters on hand now.