Legend of the Spellthief

Legend of the Spellthief

by MalevolenceMau

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Logan Hall, a simple family man and office worker, was abducted from Earth and thrust into the fantastical world of Avanar. Lost deep in the wilderness, he quickly finds that fantasy is fraught with danger: fangs, claws, and magic.

Gifted with the power of the unique class, Spellthief, which allows him to absorb spells cast against him and cast them back at his foes, he swiftly learns to fight back, trampling his way into safer civilization.

Shunned by adventurers, who see spellcasters like him as poor party members, Logan finds few allies, but his progress does not go unnoticed. As he gathers the personal strength to fend off wolves and goblins, he also attracts the attention of evil magi, eager to steal his powers. While he scrambles to find a way back home, will he even muster the will to do so? Or will he be seduced by the power of magic?

This is a stat-heavy fiction, with plenty of status windows that display skills and character sheets. Stats matter and have weight. If you are a fan of number-crunching this is for you.

Chapters have an average of 3,500~ words. New chapters every Friday at 6pm GMT. This work is only posted on Royal Road. Cover image and illustrations by JiiBee.

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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Final Overtime ago
Chapter 1 - Rules of the Spellthief ago
Chapter 2 - A Taste of Battle ago
Chapter 3 - A New Life in Avanar ago
Chapter 4 - Troubles of a Spellcaster ago
Chapter 5 - Avanar's First Spellthief ago
Chapter 6 - An Equal Encounter ago
Chapter 7 - A New Record ago
Chapter 8 - The Price of Magic ago
Chapter 9 - Harsh Reality of Parties and Spellcasters. Part 1 ago
Chapter 10 - Harsh Reality of Parties and Spellcasters. Part 2 ago
Chapter 11 - Harsh Reality of Parties and Spellcasters. Part 3 ago
Chapter 12 - The Third Owners ago
Chapter 13 - Evil Deeds against Evil Men with Evil Intentions ago
Chapter 14 - Trinket Craft Teachers ago
Chapter 15 - Powers of a PC ago
Chapter 16 - Field of the Spellthief ago
Chapter 17 - Crafter Hands ago
Chapter 18 - Goblin Cave Raid ago
Chapter 19 - Knowledge is Power ago
Chapter 20 - Magic Collision Part 1 ago
Chapter 21 - Magic Collision Part 2 ago
Chapter 22 - Aftermath of Actions ago
Chapter 23 - Final Day in Tinte ago
Chapter 24 - Deep in the Silver Bastarn Mines ago
Chapter 25 - Final Night in Tinte ago
Chapter 26 - Day of Departure ago
Chapter 27 - A New Perspective ago
Chapter 28 - The Luckiest Number ago
Chapter 29 - Comfortable Rest ago
Chapter 30 - Bandit’s Stop ago
Chapter 31 - Halfway There ago
Chapter 32 - The Goblin-Counter ago
Chapter 33 - Three’s Company ago
Chapter 34 - Breaking Point ago
Chapter 35 - Hunter’s First ago
Chapter 36 - The Farthest He’s Ever Been ago
Chapter 37 - Settling In The Big City ago
Chapter 38 - The Second Assessment ago
Chapter 39 - Awkward Assignments ago
Chapter 40 - Reason For Living ago
Chapter 41 - Preparations for Kreya ago
Chapter 42 - Save Moella. Part 1 ago
Chapter 43 - Save Moella. Part 2 ago
Chapter 44 - Save Moella. Part 3 ago
Chapter 45 - Save Moella. Part 4 ago
Chapter 46 - Save Moella. Part 5 ago
Chapter 47 - Way of the Hunter ago
Chapter 48 - Those That Came Before ago
Chapter 49 - Cleaning the Streets ago
Chapter 50 - Qreil Bandits. Part 1 ago
Chapter 51 - Qreil Bandits. Part 2 ago
Chapter 52 - New Avenues ago
Chapter 53 - An Approaching Threat ago
Chapter 54 - Main Goblin Invasion. Part 1 ago
Chapter 55 - Main Goblin Invasion. Part 2 ago
Chapter 56 - Main Goblin Invasion. Part 3 ago
Chapter 57 - Goblin Invasion Debrief ago
Chapter 58 - Aftermath of Goblins ago
Chapter 59 - Naegren Dungeon. Part 1 ago
Chapter 60 - Naegren Dungeon. Part 2 ago
Chapter 61 - Naegren Dungeon. Part 3 ago
Chapter 62 - The Investigator Mage ago
Chapter 63 - Improving the Gear ago
Chapter 64 - Last Living ago
Chapter 65 - Dimensional Avenues ago
Chapter 66 - Guild Systems ago
Chapter 67 - I Need a Match ago
Chapter 68 - To Teleport or to Quest ago
Chapter 69 - Nice Timing ago
Chapter 70 - Final Prep for the Dungeon ago
Chapter 71 - Perks of a Team ago
Chapter 72 - Ice Lieutenants ago
Chapter 73 - Bloody Tears and Icy Veins ago
Chapter 74 - Bleached Bloodstains ago
Chapter 75 - Anger Spiral ago
Chapter 76 - A Mountain in the Way ago
Chapter 77 - You Are My Sign ago
Chapter 78 - The Goblin Remnants ago
Chapter 79 - To Aid a Hunter ago
Chapter 80 - This Makes Us Even. Part 1 ago
Chapter 81 - This Makes Us Even. Part 2 ago
Chapter 82 - This Makes Us Even. Part 3 ago
Chapter 83 - This Makes Us Even. Part 4 ago
Chapter 84 - Wealth of Coin and Knowledge ago
Chapter 85 - Only Good Goblins ago
Chapter 86 - Hasty Training ago
Chapter 87 - Hidden Intentions ago
Chapter 88 - Superior Strength ago
Chapter 89 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 1 ago
Chapter 90 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 2 ago
Chapter 91 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 3 (Marcus) ago
Chapter 92 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 4 ago
Chapter 93 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 5 ago
Chapter 94 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 6 (Marcus) ago
Chapter 95 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 7 ago
Chapter 96 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 8 ago
Chapter 97 - Frost Monarch’s Cavern. Part 9 ago

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Story: A guy named Logan is pulled into a game world and goes wild. This story leans very heavily on the game-lit side of things compared to litRPG. This world is literally a game and everyone else we've met so far other than Logan is an NPC. This has annoyed other reviewers but I am generally fine with it, but all of the characters including Logan treat the game world as real life which may be jarring.

Characters: The characters of Logan and his NPC companion have gotten the most page time but we haven't learned too much about either aside from some basics. Beyond those two characters, few others seem to matter unless they are involved with the arc.

Style: The style of this story is unique with the way it presents its stats and other information through pictures which you'll see plenty of in the first chapter. At first, it was a bit weird to see them pop up so regularly but over time i got used to them and they have appeared less often but in bursts.  I would have preferred sticking with blue boxes both for simplicity and so the author has less work to do.

Grammar: The writing and editing for the story have been well done and I have found no issue with it.

Consistent Milk

This is a progressive review from a forum thread.

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Avanar's First Spellthief

I have a love-hate relationship with such stories. Usually, while doing an initial review I don't really read more than 5000 words. Yet, I am reviewing this after completing chapter 5 - which is way over my 5000 word limit for an initial review. That says something about this title by itself.

The premise itself is nothing new, just another isekai LitRPG. Absolutely nothing is done uniquely either. It is just written very very well. The author combines the usual elements of isekai and LitRPG in a simple yet masterful way that makes this title an enjoyable time sink. 


Legend of the Spellthief review by MrB

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 - The Price of Magic

Overall: If you're on the look-out for a literary-RPG with good and believable mechanics, Legend of the Spellthief will surely satisfy all your cravings. It's a respectable effort from an author who is putting a lot of effort into finding their voice.

Style: The chapters are written in a straightforward, dry manner. While some parts left me wanting for more colourful language or more vivid descriptions, the writing gets its point across. The game elements are presented as tables and EXP/level up visualisations inserted into the body of the text. It's clear that a lot of effort went into these and they are a very fitting way of presenting information about skills, abilites, spells and the like.

Story: In my opinion, this was the weakest element of the series. The world of Legend of the Spellthief is a very typical medieval-style fantasy universe, and the plot at this point consists of our protagonist doing quests, obtaining skills and loot and grinding to level up. My biggest problem is that, more often than not, I feel like I'm not reading a story, but a transcript of a DnD session, and this is what made a lot of the chapters very tedious to go through. Chapter 1 in particular is essentially a very big info dump that stops the plot in its tracks before it can even begin; I feel like it could've been handled differently, the information contained within it presented more concisely or spread more organically throughout future chapters. There was no hint as to who or what is conducting this game (and for what purpose) in the chapters that I read, but that might be because the author is saving it for a future reveal. I will say that I thought that the progression feels very natural: the protagonist develops slowly, and his skills never feel overpowered or unbelievable, which is a very good thing.

Grammar: Nothing much to complain about here. Occasional mistakes are altogether too rare to be a detriment. There were a few awkwardly phrased sentences that took a little effort to decipher, but overall the grammar is perfectly solid.

Characters: Logan, our main character, is a believable and likeable protagonist. However, after receiving some very nice characterization in Chapter 0, his development frustratingly grinds to a halt. The moment he enters the game, he essentially becomes a robot, his each and every thought and word relating to how the mechanics work, what he is planning to do and how he is going to do it. It's made very clear that he played a lot of video games, and so this analytical capacity doesn't come out of nowhere, but I feel like it shouldn't be all he thinks about. Not for a moment did he think about the life, people and things he left behind, which did strike me as a little unrealistic. Because of this, the rare occasions when we do get a glance into who he is as a person (such as when he struggles with killing some goblins) are very much appreciated. Other characters don't get nearly enough attention and remain only sketched out after nine chapters, which leaves plenty of room for future development.


Like the title, the book looks promising. I usually enjoy rogues with a bit of magical flair, and this one tics that box off immediately. Grammar is good and so is the spelling. Overall, I enjoy reading it which is the most important thing. Everything else can be forgiven if it is enjoyable to read.


To Much MMO in this Game-like Reality

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - Knowledge is Power

How I'd Describe this to the Ignorant: Imagine living in an MMO based on Dungeons and Dragons but everyone keeps telling you this is the 'real world' despite all evidence.

That's really how this feels as everything is just blatantly 'to much' Game and not enough Lit. Hit Points are a literal part of this story/world, not an approximation of how good something might get stabbed. Weapons aren't judged on sharpness, but do +2 points of stabbing damage. Crafts take hours instead of weeks because of 'Magic' and you can read a whole other book while doing it. Sadly a reader can't even see this as some Protagonist unique power because the whole world operates on this premise. 

The Good - the protagonist has a class (Spellthief) I have fond memories of from 3.5 d&d and the book is well constructed for the most part. I enjoy the occasional art and the grammar is good enough. 

The Bad - the world doesn't feel like a world at all. Instead it's an MMO that has PCs and NPCs with a system managing the whole thing all the way down to visible health bars. Most the Lit-RPGs that do this well try to find a middle ground between numbers and a 'stab' being something that involves metal entering the body. The fantasy is in those flash moves we see in the games being effective at disemboweling enemies instead of seeing big numbers and then the enemy falling limp on the ground because of a depleted health bar. Combat in this book are the author going, 'My spells did 2 points of damage so I just kept spamming them'. Just not exciting sadly.


Fantastic story. Hardship and helping others.

Reviewed at: Chapter 81 - This Makes Us Even. Part 2

It took me a few chapters to get into this story and then I was hooked. The MC was abducted vs. being super excited to be pulled into a new world. He relateably isn't happy about it and has good reason. Yes, he got powers, but he also got problems and nothing in his life prepared him for his new life. He's a pawn, but chooses to make a positive impact vs. wallowing in despair or thinking he's amazing and ignoring the needs of others. He makes mistakes, but that should be expected as he's very new to everything. I also like the fact there are shades of grey vs. stark right and wrong. Again, great story and highly recommended.

Miss Corbyn

"Journey" of the Spellthief 40th Chapter

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Reason For Living

So, this novel finally reach chapter 40 and this is my long overdue review.

First, Style and Grammar are beyond criticism. I'm not a native english speaker so except for the few mistakes here or there, it is flawless enough to me. And the style is both engaging and easy to read.

Second, Story is not overly original: typical isekai and typical MC wanting to get back home. However the MC is lacking a real drive so it is more a slice of life isekai rather than a grand fantasy isekai. It is enjoyable but not quite memorable.

Third, Characters are somewhat less hollow than your average isekai novel and the MC is not a complete loner, doing everything on is on, so that is a plus. However, since it is a slice of life novel, if the characters where as generic and empty as other isekai, then, the story would be boring as hell so it is hard to count characters as the forte of this novel.

All in All, a good novel for light-reading. Nothing epic as the title suggest though. It would be more accurate to call it a journey as the MC is more like wandering aimlessly around with no clear goal


A great story that one simply can't help but enjoy. The writing is amazing. Very visual. Each sentence builds up the scene and you feel really connected with the story while reading thanks to the author's great style.


The images feel odd in the very beginning but soon become something you might look forward to seeing. The world mechanics are also pretty solid and enjoyable.


The main character, in my opinion, is the best part. The guy is likeable and does what needs to be done. Anyday better than having a fool for a protagonist.


If you like a LitRPG, or even if you don't, there's no way you won't enjoy this.  A great read!

S.N. Keirstead

Style: The story is told in third person from the perspective of the main character Logan Hall. The reader gets a view into his thoughts and perspective throughout the story. The style is straightforward and to the point, making for a pleasant reading experience overall. 

Grammar: Pretty much perfect. There were a few minor typos and grammatical oddities throughout the writing but for the most part they've been addressed by other readers and have been fixed by the author.

Character: The main character, Logan Hall fits the bill for the genre. He does the "confused about being in a new world" routine fairly well. Although he is clearly out of his comfort zone and acts as such, he still carries a certain "bad ass' factor about him on his journey through being a spellthief. And in a nice change of pace, we do get a decent amount of his pre-transportation life, giving him more depth than your typical isekai LitRPG protagonist. I've only read up to the first 10k, but from what I've seen there is much room for Logan to grow, in regards to both strength as well as personality. Even the system itself has a bit of personality, responding to much of the MC's questions and actions in its own snarky yet absolutely blunt manner.

Story: The story follows many of the core isekai/fantasy tropes. Although many of the plot points you'd come to expect from a story of the genre are present here, the style and manner in which they are executed is done well. From communicating with the system, to taking on the first enemy, Logan's adventure is familiar, yet carries its own flavor by how the author writes. 

Overall, Legend of the Spellthief treads familiar water in its own unique way with a very thought-out and deep system as well as a unique class for the main character that helps him stand out among others in the genre.


Usual isekai at first, then as the layers peel back with see a slight darker side.

MC explores, adventures, has to hide their ability. World exploration is good, world building is still growing.

MC gets a plucky companion. A sick class. A little broken, but honeslty doens't seem like they'd survive the world otherwise.

Its got a bit of everything. Some crafting. Some grinding. Some slaying. Some Pvp. Just got to the next town / arc after tutorial and its been a good read.

Go for it.