Eternal Requiem

Eternal Requiem

by Zxro

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

What is the purpose of Life? Does everything happen for a reason, or is someone pulling the strings?
After Losing everything....
What did I lose?
Is this even real?
Or is this all in my head?
Kage sets out on a journey for answers.

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Table of Contents
115 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue I ago
Prologue II ago
Sound of Lost Hope ago
Sound of Survival ago
Sound of Survival II ago
Sound of Reality ago
Echo of Reality ago
Echo of Evocation ago
Sound in the Sands ago
Sound of Fear ago
Sound in the Sands II ago
Jissepi's Elegy ago
Sound in the Stone ago
Jissepi's Elegy II ago
Desert Symphony ago
Song of the Phantom Flame ago
Prelude of Struggle ago
Sound of Dedication ago
Holy Sounds ago
Unholy Sounds ago
Sounds in the Undergound ago
Sounds in the Underground II ago
Interlude of Questions ago
The Bow's Hymn ago
Melody of Magic ago
Lyra's Verse ago
Melody of Magic II ago
Zinnia's Melody ago
Sound of Deception ago
A Euphoric Sound ago
Darius' Verse ago
Uncovered Lyrics ago
Interlude of Escape ago
An Addictive Sound ago
Versus Verse ago
An Addictive Sound II ago
Cheerful Sounds ago
Hedon's Elegy ago
Prelude | 'Diamonds are Forever' ago
Warning Sounds ago
Blazing Crescendo ago
'Ghost Town' | Interlude ago
Nobody's Sound ago
Mind's Mezzo ago
'Murdoc is God' ago
Omari's Elegy ago
Sound of Solace ago
'Goodbye and Good Riddance' ago
'Ultralight Beam' ago
The Bell's Final Sound ago
Sound of Serenity ago
Soterra's Postlude ago
'Sweepstakes! (You're a Winner)' ago
Interlude to ? ago
'My Bleeding Wound' ago
'Institutionalized' ago
Grazioso ago
Sounds Like Coincidence ago
Magic Mezzo ago
'All I think about now' ago
'Tick, Tick...' ago
'Departure!' ago
Warning Sounds II ago
Battle Blues ago
'Watch the Throne' ago
Everything Requiem ago
Interlude | 'Cold Nights' ago
Guild Sonata ago
Da Capo del Hunt ago
'Somebody That I Used To Know' ago
Crescendo to Mafia ago
'Ozymandias' ago
Asad's Elegy ago
Prelude to Hunt ago
Ballad of Beasts ago
'Demon Days | Intro' ago
Sound of Cruelty ago
'BANG!' ago
'Bloody Stream' ago
Dragons' Requiem ago
Postlude | 'Burn the Rain' ago
Aimless Sound ago
Rubato ago
Journey's Crescendo ago
'All Falls Down' ago
Sound of the Beetles ago
Tonbo's Harmony ago
'Nights' ago
Sound of Gradual…... Sound of ?...... Sound? ago
Sound of Gradual Clarity ago
'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' ago
Crescendo to the Second ? ago
Eerie Sounds ago
'The Rumbling' ago
Screaming! ago
'Emotion' ago
End of Sounds ago
'Orchestral Intro' ago
'Plastic Beach' ago
Echoes of Interrogation ago
Ode to Aquarium ago
'Jail' ago
'Human After All' ago
'Freeee' ago
'The Chairman's Intent' ago
Interlude to the First ago
'Beach House' ago
The Chairman's Interlude ago
Himari's Verse ago
'Rocky Waters' ago
'The Love Below' ago
'Holy Diver' ago
Atonal ago

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