I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please

by Geminel

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Superpowers abound. Villains rule the world. A lone, exhausted, hero that just wants to quit. 

Strong-armed by the Superhero Enhancement System into the thankless job of endlessly performing good deeds in a world where such actions are often met with violence, Lucas Lynn doesn't have much choice in regards to using his supposed gifts. 

Being able to reincarnate isn't terribly appealing when you have to keep experiencing one horrible death after another, but hey, at least there's still pizza. 


[Bzzt... Scan complete. Analyzing...]


[Analysis complete. Positive value found, now loading... Loading complete.]

'Okay, WTF is...'

[Binding successful. Congratulations upstanding citizen. You have been selected by the Superhero Enhancement System. Please select your desired enhancement. The following options are avail...]


[Error, invalid selection. An enhancement will be randomly selected. Randomizing... Strength has been selected. Enhanced strength will be calibrated for your rebirth. Please look forward to it.]


With this final thought, Lucas has finished dying in a pool of his own blood on the sidewalk.


Little character theater: 

Lucas, attempting to broker a deal for benefits for his freshly forced vocation of heroic servitude: “Hey 427, do I at least get some vacation time?” 

System # 427, completely deadpan: [...There's a new minor task available to the southwest. There's also a cute dog you can pet over there.] 

Lucas, with newfound enthusiasm: “WHERE'S THE PUPPER!?”

Discord for myself as well as a small handful of other authors and their works, a few fans are already in here if you care to mingle: 


Personal WP page that has other relevant links for the novel, a little about me as well as the novel's inspiration, and patreon info:


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Ch1 - Congratulations ago
Ch2 - Take Two ago
Ch3 - Worker Rights ago
Ch4 - Vengeance ago
Ch5 - Tolerance ago
Ch6 - Third Time's the Charm ago
Ch7 - Beginnings of a Fandom ago
Ch8 - Pizza Reconstruction Surgery ago
Ch9 - Villain Time ago
Ch10 - Rise and Grind ago
Ch11 - Drug Cocktail Zombie ago
Ch12 - If You Bring It Home... ago
Ch13 - New Record ago
Ch14 - Override Rights ago
Ch15 - Speak No Evil ago
Ch16 - Planning ago
Ch17 - Oh, Okay. ago
Ch18 - Vandalism ago
Ch19 - Subway Tracks ago
Ch20 - Sidekick ago
Ch21 - Art Critic ago
Ch22 - Bubble Gum ago
Ch23 - That's What She Said ago
Ch24 - Cloth Mountain ago
Ch25 - Mind Flare ago
Ch26 - Efficiency ago
Ch27 - Mikah ago
Ch28 - Isekai Knowledge ago
Ch29 - Unfounded Smugness ago
Ch30 - Truck-Kun ago
Ch31 - One Lamp Grandmaster ago
Ch32 - Josephine ago
Ch33 - The Hero, Jackknife ago
Ch34 - Sylph ago
Ch35 - Yes. ago
Ch36 - Chicken Nugget ago
Ch37 - Mutt ago
Ch38 - Super Tuff ago
Ch39 - Bark! ago
Ch40 - The Hero, Xenoclast ago
Ch41 - Judgement ago
Ch42 - Top Dog ago
Ch43 - Found Family ago
Ch44 - Weird Threat, But Okay. ago
Ch45 - Awooo!!! ago
Ch46 - Hamster Nest ago
Ch47 - Baconeggncheeseonaroll ago
Ch48 - Murder Weapon ago
Ch49 - Brotherhood of... ago
Ch50 - Suit Up ago
Ch51 - Inadvertent Flex ago
Ch52 - Perilous Plasma Plaything ago
Ch53 - Nanogel Demonstration ago
Ch54 - Coo Coo ago
Ch55 - Please Prevent Pending Personal Propensities for P Proclivity, Posthaste ago
Ch56 - Free Breakfast ago
Ch57 - Corny Joke Permission Slip ago
Ch58 - Mash Smash ago
Ch59 - You Can’t Disown Me, I’m Renouncing You! ago
Ch60 - Team Willy ago
Ch61 - Aggressively Underwhelming ago
Ch62 - Priorities ago
Ch63 - Pupper Pepperoni ago
Ch64 - Fancy Ham, Fancy Ham, Fancy Fancy Fancy Ham ago
Ch65 - Food Coma ago
Ch66 - Auto-Correct ago
Ch67 - Offers ago
Ch68 - Capacitive Sensitivity Testing ago
Ch69 - Nice ago
Ch70 - Eh, Yeah, Sure ago
Ch71 - Guess That Power! ago
Ch72 - Friendship Motivator ago
Ch73 - I4LO 4 U N ME ago
Ch74 - Boy-Rival ago
Ch75 - Soup Pot ago
Ch76 - F For Forbearance ago
Ch77 - Vincible Maple ago
Ch78 - RIPutation ago
Ch79 - Stressful Small Talk ago
Ch80 - War Never Changes ago
Ch81 - Doggo Dimensions ago
Ch82 - Both? Both. ago
Ch83 - What About The Pants Though? ago
Ch84 - Minion Acquired ago
Ch85 - Yes Boss, Sure Thing Boss, Anything You Say, Boss! ago
Ch86 - WHAT ARE THOSE!? ago
Ch87 - Return of the Legalese ago
Ch88 - Professional Procrastinator ago
Ch89 - Doot Dooty Doo ago
Ch90 - Dumb Reveal ago
Ch91 - Quackscot ago
Ch92 - Quack on the Dotted Line ago
Ch93 - We Good? Or Bad, Whatever. ago
Ch94 - Multi-Grats ago
Ch95 - Clockwork Precision ago
Ch96 - Puppy Love ago
Ch97 - Connotations ago
Ch98 - Goodnight Bot ago
Ch99 - Footbrick ago
Ch100 - A Certain Supe Marble Launcher ago
Ch101 - Wonderful ago
Ch102 - Big Mood ago
Ch103 - Unfortunate Fridge ago
Ch104 - They Grow Up So Fast ago
Ch105 - New Toys ago
Ch106 - No… More… Tasks... ago

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The Vale

Wow that's a lot of wrong tags

Reviewed at: Ch17 - Oh, Okay.

Read till 17 and lost interest.

I felt that the worldbuilding was shallow - it's built as "villains won dystopia" but all we see is normal domestic life and an extremeley stable society by the looks of things - despite everyone supposedly being an asshole and a world population reduced to less than a third of previous, with the mc encountering 3 violent altercations in two outings from his house. Despite which, it still reads as daily domestics in a normal city, and the villains are all great benefits to a new more advanced society. The word is just a meaningless title.

There also feels like a severe mismatch in characterisation vs established setting (setting as described, not setting as shown. As I said, there is already a mismatch between seen vs shown setting). To put it simply, the people are too soft and trusting. They read like a bunch of girls playing homemaker, instead of people who now live in a (supposedly) dystopic villain society. All three supposedly masculine main characters read as generally feminine in tone to me, as though written by someone without a firm grasp of writing male characters authentically, particularly the system personality.

I'd expect more Somalia than New York - if we are talking modern real world examples - or more Shadowrun than Barbie if you are talking fictional settings. 

If you are looking for lighthearted feelgood slice of life where villainy is just a word, and gore is just a casual reset from being erased, this is probably your story. If you want a real dystopia, hell, you're already living it.


What is a villain when there are no heroes?

Reviewed at: Ch27 - Mikah

The opening premise is interesting. Imagine a world where there were heroes and villains, and after a calamitous war, the villains rose victorious. Two-thirds of the population lies dead, humanity survives at the whims of those intrinsically opposed to law and order, and it's... pretty much fine. Supervillains act like celebrities with merch and adorable pet contests. Public transit still runs, garbage trucks still swing by, your money is safer than it's ever been before and public museums are flourishing. But it's bad, because villains are bad. In fact, it's so bad that the lazy, slovenly, reincarnated everyman is quantifiably the best person on the planet and receives a system that stacks on superpowers so long as he manages to kill fewer than two people for every minor Good Deed (carrying luggage, stopping muggings, preventing vandalism) that he performs. But it's fine because he's sort of a hero pretending to be a villain, and these are bad guys (or happened to be fighting a bad guy in one unfortunate fleshpuddle's case). In short, the premise is interesting but feels like it's only half bolted-on to the story.

Style: It's fine, written in present tense. It occasionally waxes heavy on descriptive elements without bogging down the story but stands out due to the unexpected focus on little details.

Grammar: Pretty good overall, there were a couple of misused words like 'gourmet' instead of 'gourmand' but for the most part, the actual writing is clear and free of mistakes.

Story: This is where most of my problems are. The premise is interesting but doesn't line up with how the story is presented. For one, heroes aren't like a rare species of elk. You can't exterminate them, even if they didn't have the unfair advantage of taking any random good-ish person and turning them into a super (and apparently charging them directly into the threshing maw that is supervillains until everyone above a certain (low) good deed value died). Second, given that there's a sentient system handing out powers like candy and looping time to dance around death, why wait for a mediocre reincarnator to show up? It's expecting him to guide young supes into heroism, so why not cut out the middleman and just pick a mediocre native years earlier? If people's good deed value can change as a result of the barest amount of human interaction, why wouldn't the system use some of its millions of dollars to rehabilitate spaces where good people grow like fruit on the vine. Pay for schools, private security, decent housing. You can't gain power if you don't do good deeds, so it really doesn't matter who's selected, and the system can both read your mind and take control of your body, so there's no risk of being outplayed by villains. It'd make more sense to sign up an idealistic teen or turn a 'villain' that's protecting their territory and people. Given how lasseiz-faire the hero system is about murder, it'd hardly make a difference.

Characters: The characters are a bit odd. In the space of a day, the MC goes from literally drinking himself to death over accidentally killing a cutpurse that killed him, to casually murdering the second member of a fight that had gotten the MC killed despite not actually doing anything to him. There's an oddly upbeat sense to the characters, despite rampant murder, unknown apocalyptic threats, and homeless superpowered teens that go from holding up convenience stores to excited sidekick in hours. There's no mistrust or paranoia despite the world supposedly being a dystopian hive of crime. It's just odd. It feels like the world is a bouncy castle that's been painted black. It might seem grim, but the MC always lands just fine. They also don't seem to have any interest in being a hero or much of an issue with the world as is. No moralistic anger at a supposedly unjust world, instantly on board with villains as movie stars, completely calm about watching a supervillain detonate the heads of two troublemakers. It just makes it weird that there isn't a single person out of billions that's more good than them.

Overall, it feels like the story is uncomfortably straddling two worlds. On the one side, things are dark, the people in power aren't just corrupt but fundamentally uncaring of people's rights. Murder and theft are commonplace. On the other, the MC and his system are joking around, going on shopping sprees, and rolling around in free money. He's got a new sidekick, scared off graffiti artists, and contemplates opening a school for extraordinary children. Maybe it settles down in time and the tone of the world and characters blend a bit better, but I struggled to mesh the lackadaisical with regularly being drenched in gore.

Moody Penguin

So, it's a good story, great premise, and more than 2D characters. My one qualm with it however is when you kind of milked the several chapters of them looking through ORG names. I know other stuff happened but with so many paragraphs dedicated to it, it became kinda boring. Either it's boring to read or boring to sift through so you know when it ends. Other than that though, good job so far. 


foreword this book is could be the excate type of book and writing style someone would like. Maybe...

Overall it's okay I suppose it's the kind of thing you read to shit your brain off too not to really be immersed or impressed in any way. The world building is bland and riddle with well uninspired choices and even then doesn't really seem to be what it says it is. It's supposed to be a tougher world in that villains rule everything and crime and murder is rampant, but the characters don't act like it is and generally are weak in every way but powers. The main character is bland not very quick mentally speaking and honestly kind of annoying (I mean that's just my opinion there no offense sometimes you just don't mesh with ppl or characters ya know?). The system is honestly the part that I have the most annoyance from (that snd the character theater sketches) comes across bland unoriginal stereotypical in a bad way and well has a weak personality, it comes across unsure and like it has no clue what it's doing but claims to be very old and having done this for a long time. If you couldn't tell the system is meant to be a "mostly unemotional" system which means it reacts like comment section keyboard warrior most of the time and tries to be endearingly annoying. Most of the chapters (at least the early ones) are short and kinda meh. The powers are cool but when aren't powers cool? I mean it had potential but if it was an animal it would be the weakest of the litter and will likely starve itself to death.


Not exactly a diamond in the rough...

Reviewed at: Ch101 - Wonderful

In the sense that it could be a diamond. But it really looks like it's made from plastic.

To elaborate there's nothing exactly bad about the whole.

But it quickly becomes clear it's not the sum of its parts. The story, while having a myriad of tags, heavily leans on three central ones. Comedy, slice of life and satire. I mean currently almost half of the story is set up in a registration office.(Bureaucracy am I right?)

The whole time is spent on character interaction that isn't exactly bad, but it's rather showing off the focus for the story. I mean it could be a set up for a high intensity action arc of everything starting to really get going. But so far it isn't exactly likely. Though realistically thinking about the premise it very well could be that the main character could hit a critical point in renown. 

That's besides the point of a review.


Style: There's nothing wrong with the style of writing, action scenes flow quickly and without missing a beat. Character interactions are occasionally interlaced with descriptive reactions or direct dialogue. There doesn't seem to be an in between though I'm not sure if that's necessary. Honestly, how exactly are you supposed to review style? I'm fairly certain it's pretty good.


Grammar: I haven't spotted anything off about it. Though I tend to correct mistakes in my head and continue reading, so it’s hard to say.


Story: I'd say this is the part of the story that's really lacking, and in many ways it's the most important part. The story is more bogged down by the fact that this is a satire/slice of life story. Both genres add directive for most stories to either meander in situations longer than necessary, or drag off on a tangential joke.

Honestly the setting is quite interesting. The world is an aftermath of a two sided war between "Villains" and "Heroes". Villains are more individualistic superpowered people that are surprisingly generally bad people.

Heroes are apparently rather good people, the fact being they are bound within a system rewards "good" actions and punished for either failing to fulfill the objective. The main rewards and punishments being taking and granting powers.

At the end of the war the only people left were aligned with the villains. Villains with their numerous doomsday devices, they are left in what might as well be the world's version of the cold war. Society slowly builds back up with demand for a functional economy. Inventors wanting more resources finding it easier to have people actually working for them rather than inventing a new answer for every minor problem.

So what we're left with is a world with a society built secure for convenience. Everyone that has survived is paranoid of someone wanting to use them. Now throw in a prospective hero into the world.

Like walking on gravel mixed with crushed bottles.

Also the hero system is likely an authoritarian control system that has only one limit to connect to people that are considered "good".

Though this is just a bit of speculation.

Character: This is honestly the place where the story either shines, or doesn't.

The main character is a isekaid ass with a heart of gold. The secondary main character is a voice stuck inside of the mains head guiding him on working towards the greater good. As an third for the main cast is a superpowered teen kicked out on to the streets by his parents. Lucas the main character quickly becomes a parental figure for him.

All character interaction flows really well, there's real comedy between the characters.  Emotional moments are well done. The contrast when people are playing around and serious is readily apparent.  When they are serious they are every part the villain they are. It gives a ton of depth to what the background for the setting is.

It really shows that most people readily remember the war. Most adults having been alive during it.



Overall: I recommend giving it a try. Though It's completely believable you'll come back disappointed. 

For example I wish this story was a more serious take on the premise.

Though that doesn't change the fact that it really is a well written story with a ton of possibilities even if it meanders on occasion.

Cody Lyans

A potential diamond in the rough

Reviewed at: Congratulations

While the style of writing was a bit over explainatory at times, I really think this story and concept has a lot of potential and the Author seems to be sharp.
I love the idea that is explored of a world full of Villains who have gotten bored of ruling the world and life has simply gone on anyways, and a lone hero being born with an ability that could potentially turn it all around. I bet it is just what that world needs, and that sets the story off on a good foundation. Looking forward to future chapters.


Great story, with an interesting and somewhat unique perspective that is very enjoyable. It could stand to be a bit more serious at times, occasionally gets stuck on the mundane and feels like it is jogging in place, and, while this one is just my opinion, it could benefit from somewhat larger chapters occasionally. I should also mention that the grammar and spelling is excellent and that it seems reasonably well edited. 


Nice refreshing light hearted story

Reviewed at: Ch25 - Mind Flare

A bit of a different take on the villain / super hero stories that you usually find. Light hearted, enjoyable story that was hard to put down. 
Looking forward to reading more.

Characters are relatable, and the story flows well with no noticeable spelling or grammar issues to detract from the story.


Amazing Light-hearted comedy

Reviewed at: Ch92 - Quack on the Dotted Line

Really enjoying it so far, had a few issues initially with a few things not making sense to me but I joined the discord and the author sat and answered every question I had and made it all make much more sense and made me look at things from a different perspective. Some of the villains are more flamboyant than typical villains but it works as the villains are portrayed as bored, more like celebrities than villains but the novel does well to remind you the friendly villains to the MC are still villains. Honestly I'd wanted to write a longer and better review but I discovered there are more chapters on WN and I'm coming up on what people call the best chapters so far, so I'll leave off by saying, if you want an ultra gritty murderfest that you might expect from a Villains won story this isn't for you but if you want a light hearted comedy then this is exactly what you're looking for. also keep in mind the society appears somewhat stable because of the Cold War between the strongest villains so nobody is actively destroying society and a lot of the smaller acts of societal disorder are stopped by the MC, at least in the local areas and so far at least not much is revealed outside of that area.


The Writing style bothered me

Reviewed at: Ch1 - Congratulations

I couldn't get into it. The style of writing, mostly the perspective, bothered me for some reason. There did not seem to be an adequate hook in the first half of the first chapter. I lost intrest near the end, but felt I should give some reasoning behind the poor rating.

My suggestion is to change the first chapter to include some sort of hook, gather intrest because the daily life of the first charactor is dull. If you start off with how the charactor first dies like in the story description then flash back quickly to establish the norm the story should be much more appealing.