I’m Not Like Those Other Jade-Like Beauties

by nanchengnv

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Liu Jian, 9th Prince of the Eastern Empire under the Liu Dynasty, is a womanizer. He spends half his free time chasing after women and the other half having a good time with them. It is said that you could never catch him without a woman by his side.

Unfortunately, Liu Jian’s life comes to an abrupt end. A fierce demonic practitioner attacked, seeking vengeance for his sister.

A secret treasure saves his soul and allows Liu Jian once again opens his eyes... in a completely different body.




Warning: This novel may describe acts of sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised. (18+)
* few explicit descriptions
** some explicit descriptions
*** full 18+

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Juli Freixi

At the moment the story is in its beginnings and is progressing ...

But I would like to comment on a few things. I think some specs in the synopsi would be fine. For example: Will this be a reverse harem? The MC will have male lovers? Will it be a "yuri harem "? Because with the premise of "gender bender" this can be confusing ...

Or as some commenters say: "Soooo... would he bang guys or gals?"

Well, thanks a lot for write this story nanchengnv!! 😊

Anon Lv703

Early Review(might adjust as the story progresses)

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: Kidnapped

Tldr: A clear recommendation!


The story ist set in a classical xianxia world, following a womanizing prince dying a unjust death at the hands of a demonic cultivator and his rebirth/posession as a 9/10 beauty with the specs for dual cultivation ... needless to say the young masters are lining up and our protagonist isn't all that fond to do it with a guy and so the story beginns.


The mc is interesting and believable, other characters seem fairly realistic but it's hard to judge that with only 8 chapters.


Few errors, nothing substential.



Too horny to be a good xianxia.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: Vile Guo Ming

Main character is only marginaly better than a typical silkpants young master type villain. Granted, he is not overtly vilanous, but he is still a manipulative woman-stealing silkpants who only focuses on sex-based cultivation.

And then he steals a body of a woman. The fact that she commited suicide does not excuse it.

I have no idea why it is not tagged with vilanous protagonist, since he clearly is one.

The writing is otherwise decent, but main character kills it for me.