“Sir” Joanna said as she saluted to commandeer Dominion. “Ready for roll sir!”

“Good P.S. Werner, so today we find are selves in the testing phase of some of the H.A.B.T.R.s faster than light abilities instead of just looking for more planets. Some of you have been briefed about who is going and staying. So with that said Werner and Adele you two will be going out in your H.A.B.T.R.s and letting all the science and magic personnel check through the capabilities of those new FTL drives miss Werner just so happens to have on her H.A.B.T.R. Please keep in mind that we will also be checking to see if Werner's H.A.B.T.R. can pull extra forces along. When that gets done everyone will be back to normal duty statues for the rest of the day. Also before I forget Werner and Adele, you two will also be checking the scout to H.A.B.T.R. docking so make sure your flight suit is sealed before practice of the maneuvers for docking. Just because the screens say seals intact does not mean they are. Dismissed!” Commander Dominion said as he saluted S.P.F. 22. “Werner, Adele… if you two have a moment.”

Joanna and Claire proceeded over to the Commander saluting again. “At ease you two.”

“Commander?” Claire asked after dropping her arm to the side.

“Well I wanted to make sure you both are ready for this. If we can drag along more than one scout into FTL then expanding the Saia Planetary Forces will be exponentially boosted.” He explained after sitting in his chair at the simple desk they kept in the bay that was used for roll call and mission briefings.

“Yes Sir.” Joanna and Claire responded.

“Good then just so you two know, we are also having Hoffman as well as mister Ray Welles in another pair of scouts come with. If we can drag four scouts even docked with the H.A.B.T.R.s then that should make exploring and dealing with combatants easier for the next few missions coming up. Any questions?” Commander Dominion asked as he started writing his report for the current testing phase.

“No Sir.” The women responded and saluted again.

“Perfect, go get suited up and make sure your ships are fitted with some extra provisions and any extra gear just in case of something. Just because it's a test does not mean everything is perfect.” Commander Dominion added as he dismissed Joanna and Claire. After leaving the ready area Joanna and Claire headed back into the hallway of the massive ship off to find Alex. “Think everything will go alright Claire?” Joanna asked along the way to the techno-magi and engineers section of the ship. “Hope and time.” Claire responded with her quiet voice. Claire had the same
misgivings about FTL with the H.A.B.T.R.s Joanna did. Both had studied the materials given about some of the complexities for making FTL so small. The list of things that could go wrong were staggering. Being turned into a black whole being the top of the list if the FTL drive failed completely.

“Well we have everything packed into the H.A.B.T.R.s cargo hold and some of the extras were loaded last night. Even if we get stranded we have more than enough provisions on the H.A.B.T.R. For ten of us for a few years.” Joanna responded while looking up at the lovely amazon. “And the H.A.B.T.R. alone has enough room for all five of us to be able to keep to are selves. Heck the boys could probably get lost just looking around the couple of decks in the cargo hold.” Joanna added after checking no one was in the hallway with them. “We could probably just hide out in one of the bedrooms for however long it takes for the main fleet to home in on us.” Joanna whispered in Claire’s ear softly before nipping at the lobe.

Claire for her part leaned in close to Joanna's own ear and whispered quietly “So you did pack your green dress didn't you? Because I know I have the grey and blue pantsuit you seem to like seeing me in…and out of.” Hearing Claire's rather throaty voice had Joanna's attention. As well as Claire being that close to her almost made Joanna forget that in four hours they had to be ready to launch. “I don't think people would miss us for… forty minutes at the most? Yeah forty minutes and a shower.” Joanna said quietly to Claire, grabbing onto her hip and arm for a little support standing.

“Joanna, priorities thence play.” Claire said straightening back up and linking arms with Joanna to steady her. “Besides, Alex…” Claire added while pointing with her head. “Yeah, me…Joanna yer little bot here is interesting. Tachi let me mess around fer a moment and see what made ‘im tick.” Alex said passing back the little robot. Joanna excepted the little robot and Tachi scuttled back up to her shoulder.

“Awesome, so what did you think of him…” then looked at Tachi “Her?” She asked the robot.

“Beeb bop.” Tachi responded

“Ah him then.” Joanna responded. “Already shows very high intellect. Also seems to be rather attached to myself.”

“Well about that. Tachi here downloaded five petabytes ah info. Which is da majority of da information we had on hand fer most non cons. Den he uploaded ah copy of ‘im self fer me study's. Which I do appreciate immensely.” Alex said nodded to the little bot. “Just from the couple oh hours ah study the t’ings ah learned will help further da robotics process by years. So I got to ask, where did he come from Joe dear?” Alex brogued deeply.

“Would you believe me if I said in a box under my bed?” Joanna responded after a second. “He was scratching at the four walls of it trying to get out. So I picked him up cause he looked like one of your builds.” Joanna continued after looking at Tachi again. “Oh and before I forget, did the FTL’s check out after you looked at them on Bupsie?”

“Oh I dat dey did. Also me and Alan are packed wit everything we can think of just incase. Don't worry Sargent Joe dear we be fine after da testing.” Alex said while smiling at the inside joke he liked to share with her.

Joanna grinned at the fond memory. “If-fen I remember dat look on yer face from da last time me thinks Joe dear here is swimming in da gutter. Claire it be my understandin’ dat we are to hook in ta Bupsie and try ta be pulled along in FTL?” Alex asked after watching Joanna sputter for a moment.

“Yes, two stealth H.A.B.T.R. ships, one reseach type small H.A.B.T.R. and one light armor H.A.B.T.R. will dock with Bupsie. We hitch a ride
to the next system in FTL. The main fleet will be catching up to us two months later if everything goes well. Mission briefing said that five H.A.B.T.R class ships are going but I know so far it's only you, me, and Alan Hoffman. So who is the forth coming with us?” Claire asked as she gently pull Joanna to her hip.

“Well me lovely's der is a rather nice lady friend oh mine who happens tah be ah mage in da research department. She tells me dat da brass would be pleased as punch if-fen she came along. Ah her she comes.” Alex pointed out as a dusky blue haired woman of middling height walking over to the small group. Purple eyes stared back at them before a light violin of a voice responded from a dark skin mouth wearing purple lipstick that matched her eyes. “Alicia Hamilton, mage and R and D tester specialist. Nice to meet the triplets of Canyon Campus.” Alicia said as she saluted the three. “I look forward to working with you three.” Alicia said after dropping her salute.

Joanna found herself being nudged slightly to stand behind Claire. She looked up at Claire for a moment, nodded and waited for Claire to start in on the new person. “Miss Hamilton, should we assume that you have been briefed already or do you need a run down on what's going to happen?”

Alicia looked over at Claire only to lick her lips quickly. “I have been brought up to speed, but if you and that lovely little red would like to give me a run down on specifics then I know I would not mind at all.” Alicia all but purred out as she took a good look at both girls.

“Alicia, what did I say about that kind ah forwardness with someone part oh yer crew.” Alex reprimanded. “If-fen yer wantin’ to be left here dat can be arranged.” Alicia held up her hand a little while looking to Alex. “Easy boss, just thought I would poke a little at the happy couple.” Alicia
joked as she stepped back a step. “Anyways I'm more interested in you than the two love birds.”

“Aye and don't be forgettin’… Joanna and Claire are me friends deserving respect fer bravery as well as ingenuity.” Alex said stepping over to Alicia while pulling her close. “Besides ah do believe we had some unfinished business to work on over in yer ships cargo bay.”
Alicia raised an eyebrow at that before she felt a light pinch on her rear. “Oh, oh yes that. Um I think introductions are concluded and Alexander has to help me with some last moment preparations. Yes that's it.”

Laughing at the antics of the techno-magi as he discreetly started having Alicia's legs go rubbery. Claire and Joanna waved as the magi walked off. “We will be in the launch bay in an hour befor final prep.” Joanna called after the two. Alex just waved as he and Alicia headed that way.
“Glad he was able to find some one.” Claire said after the two left. “Did she just now get here?” She asked a moment later as she felt Joanna's own grip tighten slightly as one of her wings pressed into her back guiding the two back to her personal quarters.

“Nope, she has actually been on the ship for about three months and Alex worked up the nerve to talk to her two months ago.” Joanna said while going to her door. “Come on you and I should decompress for a few before we launch.” Claire laughed a little before her arms were full of red headed determination. “You know that we actually have two hours before we have to be in the prep room right?”

“Good thing we got everything pack and stowed before hand too.” Joanna replied while getting out of her uniform. Only after setting the uniform aside did she then jump at Claire dragging her to the bed. “Did you pack the little extras for this one? You know we are going to be out for a few weeks testing all of those systems.” Claire asked as she undid buttons on her uniform. Only to sit up and set aside her uniform top and undershirt.

“Oh yes I remembered everything and I also have a surprise or four when we are out of range. I think you will like the few new additions to the collection. Even found an extra large one that we both might like to try out.” Joanna hinted at as Claire pulled her back in for another bought of kissing and necking.


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