Guns in another world

Guns in another world

by transcended_being

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A gun designer from Earth is transmigrated to another world, where he quickly realises that this world is not like Earth, here people can use magic to perform superhuman feats. Join our MC on his exciting new journey.

(A.N: try it you won't regret it, thank you.)

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God anong men

1st Anniversary
Word Count (9)
Table of Contents
140 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Myriad Spirit Santuary ago
Gin ago
Changes ago
Red spotted Python ago
Overview ago
Hunt ago
Cub ago
1 month later ago
Gin's awakening ago
Recount l ago
Recount ll ago
Recount lll ago
Departure ago
Day before the Awakening ago
Awakening ago
Guns l ago
Guns ll ago
Aftermath ago
Skyfort ago
Entering the kingdom ago
Cloud Winson ago
Fight ago
Fight ll ago
Registration ago
Gaia's Consciousness ago
Chaos Planes ago
Poison Connoisseur ago
Declaration ago
News ago
A wierdo ago
Rank 2 Poison ago
Plans ago
Departed Orbs ago
Travelling Group ago
On the way ago
Bandits ago
Raging Bison ago
Struggle ago
Lava pool ago
Incarnation Avatars ago
Rune Bearers ago
On their separate ways ago
Plesas city ago
Otherworldly Relics ago
Relics ago
Transaction ago
Acquaintance ago
Rebecca ago
Experiment ago
Results ago
Letter ago
Offer ago
Auction House ago
Enlistment ago
Auction l ago
Auction ll ago
Auction lll ago
Auction IV ago
Conclusion ago
Beginning ago
Expedition l ago
Expedition ll ago
Expedition lll ago
Expedition lV ago
Expedition V ago
Expedition VI ago
Expedition VII ago
Expedition VIII ago
Expedition IX ago
Expedition X ago
Expedition XI ago
Expedition XII ago
Expedition XIII ago
Expedition XIV ago
Expedition XV ago
Return ago
Back to the city ago
Reunion ago
New discovery ago
Separation ago
Onwards to Legacy l ago
Onwards to Legacy ll ago
Onwards to Legacy lll ago
Onwards to Legacy lV ago
Onwards to Legacy V ago
Onwards to Legacy VI ago
Onwards to Legacy VII ago
Author thoughts ago
Onwards to Legacy VIII ago
Onwards to Legacy lX ago
Legacy I ago
Legacy II ago
Legacy III ago
Legacy IV ago
Legacy V ago
Legacy VI ago
Legacy VII ago
Legacy VIII ago
Legacy IX ago
Legacy X ago
Exam I ago
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Exam IV ago
Exam V ago
Exam VI ago
Exam VII ago
Exam VIII ago
Exam IX ago
Exam X ago
Exam XI ago
Exam XII ago
Exam XIII ago
Exam XIV ago
Exam XV ago
Exam XVI ago
Finale I ago
Finale II ago
Finale III ago
Resolve I ago
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Resolve III ago
Resolve IV ago
Resolve V ago
Resolve VI ago
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Resolve VIII ago
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Resolve XV ago
Resolve XVI ago
Resolve XVII ago
Resolve XVIII ago
Resolve XIX ago
First Class I ago
First Class II ago

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The bio describes the mc as a gun designer. This isn't apparent while reading later on. His power set has nothing to do with designing firearms, utilizing combustion and a threaded barrel to send out matter. Instead he just summons magic guns and uses them. It would have been easier and more accurate  to call him a gun enthusiast. 

The mc gets 7 "powers" in this world while literally everyone else has 1. This a SI power fantasy with esl grammar and no grammarly/ editor. 

The mc is supposed to be an adult scientist reincarnator but falls into classic xianxia mc tropes. 

The author constantly introduces new ideas in a way that it seems like the reader already should have known about them, then either glosses over them or explains in an authors note.


All in all, I'd say it's a good enough read if you've read xianxia before and can get over poor grammar. 


Not what i expected.... quite disappointed.

Reviewed at: Guns l


The MC recieved everything on a silver platter, and the "abilities" from Chapter "Guns I" are plot armor in everything but name.

Seriously, if you want an OP MC at least make him work for it, but that this MC recieved everything just because he reincarnated was quite disappointing to me.

Smells like a "gary sue" fic if you ask me . 

Grammar is ok for a non native speaker but could use some more work.

Character was ok at the chapter i write this, i guess, but it definitely suffers thanks to the strange sentences and grammar structure.

The biggest problem is Plot Armor to me... really, but that is quite humongous if you ask me.