A note from Crook

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I float aimlessly in a void. My body is made up of constantly shifting, impossible geometric shapes. There are three other beings in this void and all of them embody a concept of reality.

There is one that has the shape of a perfect sphere called Motion. Another one, Time, loops around motion in a ring and Space, the void itself. The other concepts do have some sort of awareness but this void and each other is all they have ever had. They all constantly exude the emotion they are feeling and I'm not sure if this is voluntary or not but it's our only way of communicating. They have consciousness equivalent to a rock.

I am new to them so I have to endure some prodding from them before they leave me alone to continue doing nothing. Quickly getting bored I decided to try anything that isn't going brain dead so I started creating.

My first creation will be my old human body, this one is comfortable but limiting and weird. Creating my human body is unfortunately much harder than I thought it would be, I have to create everything from the base like fundamental particles and quantum foam. I pull the needed mass from my body.

After countless experiments of trial and error I finish the body. I release my hold on the body to merge my mind into it but it dissipates almost instantly, I forgot about gravity. Trying again it was much easier to make the body than before because of experience and this time I remember gravity. Releasing the hold of my body, this time it stays solid for a few seconds before exploding violently into hot plasma viscera, I made it too big.

This cycle of making a body, dying some way, and absorbing the debris continues for far longer than I thought possible and in the end I have an asteroid sized planet with some water and plants. All kept alive by a piece of me that I separated and was made to slowly release energy towards the miniature planet.

Finally merging into my original body I struggle to move even a twitch. Having gotten so used to the concept body, I'd forgotten how this one works.

After even more trial and never ending error i get some rudimentary motions sorted out. I would have continued if Motion had not bumped into my little greenhouse. Motion, having brushed up to my body, starts radiating more excitement, happiness, and fascination than all emotions from the beginning of its existence combined.

Motion swiftly takes over my body, kicking me out and back into brain hurting geometry land. The body funnily enough goes braindead. I can sense Motion trying to fix it with no such luck. I kick Motion out of my body to gain back control and fix it.

While I was distracted by Motions antics unbeknownst to me, Time had coiled around the planet and started flowing back and forth on itself. Time doesn't release as much emotion as Motion but still enough to overwhelm itself.

Time flowing back and forth randomly turns my water into ice, plants into dust, and my body into a dried husk then reverting back. They both give off feelings of wanting another exact replica of one for themselves. I let them play around with the planet but keep my human body safely stored inside myself.

I create a body for Motion and a stopwatch for Time. They give off surprise at the ‘more’ that I created, the planet and the body being different, apparently not able to comprehend that something could be different than what they already have.

Motion plays with the body for a bit before returning back to me and smacking into the edge of an unfortunately timed impossible triangle. Unable to feel anything physical they don't even flinch or react in any way.

Motion likes a moving and living body so it wants me to pilot it around. I cut off a little piece of myself to do just that and enter the body alongside Motion as kind of like a helper in physical movement and leave them to do their own things.

I need to create the rest of everything even if it's just something to do.

A note from Crook

I'm tired. 

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