A note from Crook

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I walk through a dark rocky tunnel at a slight incline, in my hand is a wand shaped like a dowsing rod. The rod has two clear purplish blue orbs at the ends. Further up the tunnel reveals a bright opening, the light blinding me as my eyes adjust to the outside.


I had come out of a cliff side onto giant wooden circular pegs hit into the cliff side. Spread out in front of me is a thriving forest and clear blue skies. Just outside the tunnel exit I am met by a cyborg person. He says I am not allowed to bring dragons into this place.


Looking behind me, a dragon was following me but I already knew that since I led them here. Turning back to face the cyborg I see that they aren't there anymore. Shrugging, I grab my wand by the base where the split ends meet, aim the single end out in the air in front of me, and power it.


The smoke inside the crystal orbs churns and riles, pushing itself through the wood making each grain and crack glow with neon light before shooting out of the end. The smoke gathers itself into thin winding strands of itself and forms the shape of a dragon.


This image of a dragon solidifies and from the center muscle and sinew forms from nothing, wrapping itself around the wireframe and creating an actual flesh and blood dragon. The blue four winged dragon opens its eyes, spreads its wings, and shoots off into the sky.


I do this song and dance multiple times until all the power of my wand is gone, the skies and ground smarmed with dragons all spreading out and competing for resources. All going their own way.


I sit down against the rock wall and pull out a pack of matches, a brand of matches called Ignis. I lit up one of the matches on the box and held it up to my mouth. I have a red cigarette held in it formed from nothing.



Entering through a door into a dark blue tinted meeting room, I see a meeting table with seven unique looking people sitting at it and someone else standing at the end closest to me, addressing the others.


I recognize the man standing as the leader. Behind him is a hard black statue of sorts, or more like a giant idol. The statue depicts a diamond-like body with twists and curved tentacle-like ribbons wrapping around it.


The meeting room itself doesn't seem to have a roof or any walls, behind one of the sides of the table and the people sitting at it is a look into dark space. A giant blue planet or star takes up most of the view.


The meeting is about me, specifically how to get rid of me. They contemplate just attacking me in a direct fight but they know they would lose if they tried that. Someone further along the table suggests using something or someone I have a connection with, like a place I grew up with or a friend.


A smartly dressed woman with glasses sits at the end closest to the leader. She uses the same brand of matches as me and since they are discontinued someone asks her where they came from and if they could use that to find out where I come from or have been to.


She responds that they were sold everywhere before being discontinued and they cant use that as a lead. The leader then chimes in telling everyone what they should do.


He says that everyone should separate and investigate possible leads while he checks the probability of different solutions and their viability. The others stream out of the room while he stays and turns to the statue.


Walking up to the statue he merges himself into it. The statue and him fused together, his appearance becoming that of a humanoid shape, the ribbons now animatedly floating around him and himself, everything from his clothes to his eyes, become the blackest of black. He himself floats a few centimetres off the ground before shooting up to some sort of equally black machine.


The machine is painful to look at in its entirety but I can focus on him and what he is focusing on himself painlessly. In front of the man two rods reach from the left and right to the center, leaving a gap between them. Both of the rods end in perfectly cut, vertically oriented rectangular cuboids.


The man's focus on the machine results in four currents of blue electricity arcing between the rods, all arcs being equally spaced between each other. The machine takes the solution to a problem that the user is thinking of and calculates the probability of the solution working. The arcs of electricity are used to gauge how well it will work, with the arcs all merging into one and becoming almost like a solid metal rod meaning it's basically guaranteed to work.


The man uses this to work through the different options he has, with only one really having any chance of working. He imagines being friendly with me then betraying me later, using something or someone I have a deep fondness for as distraction. The arcs for this solution all merge together but only at the midpoint between them, the base of the arcs coming from the rods all sitting at their original place unmoving.

A note from Crook

I hate the past me. This is the kind of shit I have to use to remember everything that happened.

Letting gragons out of dowsing rod with two orvs at the end. Meeting room with a bunch of wietd guys at top kf building and statue behind them. Lady at obe of the ends has a hbique smoking box but not unique enough. Guy merges with statue to gainnrobotic like jnsigt and problem solving. Arcs of electricity between two things shows the possibility of something working. The tighter and less arcs there are the better chances there are. He uses it to get rid of me and play noce then betray me. 


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