A note from Crook

630 Words.

A cold run down empty church. In the centre, standing on worn down wooden floorboards is me, a dying flashlight lies on the ground at my feet. The back left corner of the church has collapsed, fortunately the debris blocking any possible way in.

Darkness as far as the eye can see. Anything past a few metres away from the walls is completely obscured with a thick black fog that oozes along the ground. The outside walls of the church are completely covered in crosses warding off the creatures and skewering any who wander too close and touch them.

The few creatures that get close enough give me a good idea of what they look like. Gangly and tall, pale white skin covers their bony bodies, every limb having one too many joints, the head completely smooth except for a short trunk looking appendage.

As I'm looking for a way out, all the crosses attached to the outside wall of the church slowly turn upside down. I think it's cliche but that doesn't mean I'm not in trouble. A single creature emerges from the fog walking up to the only door of my safe haven, it's trunk peeling open, blooming like a flower made of meat, exposing in the centre of its face, a single giant eye.

Stealthily walking up to the door I take a look through the peephole, it isn't trying to get through instead staring straight back through the peephole right at me. Jerking my head back I turn to run to the fallen corner hoping to be able to break down some rubble, just enough to make a me sized hole. But as I turn around I see the creature inside.

It's less than an arms length away from me and before I can have any kind of response it jerkely jumps at me.

Walking through the school I pass a cafeteria, inside with a roof way up high and lots of space, the doors at the left corners facing directly at each other, the serving table between them inside a room attached to the left of the hall. Tables and chairs filled with students, all made of static, except for my friend Lana, her red hair made of fire. Our table is the closest to the entrance door and I tell her that I'm going to check the timetable for our next class, getting up and walking through the other door.

Passing through small hexagonal rooms I eventually make it to my locker, opening it I check my timetable. The next class is at 4:00. Grabbing a juice box from my bag, I return to the cafeteria sitting back with Lana.

Now above the doors there are outcroppings on them bottles of water flipped up on them by other students. There are five bottles. Checking the time with a small clock on the other end of the hall, the time reads 4:15. Getting up I walk out the entrance doors to explore.

Not more than a few metres to my left is a film set. A church made to look dilapidated stands in the middle, to the left of the church are four students, two talking to each other with the other behind them, one in the costume of a pale gangly creature stitches and seams easily spottable, arguing with another person whether or not he should move slowly and smoothly to put people on edge or jerkily and twitchy to scare them.

Going up to them I ask what they are doing, they tell me they are making a short horror film and tell me I can visit whenever I feel like it.

Before I can give an answer Lana comes walking down and pulls me by my arm towards our next class.

A note from Crook

Psyched me out.

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