A note from Crook

800 Words.

Never ending rooms seemed to be all there was. After as little as eight rooms, more than half of our group was dead and it felt as if it had been days.

Our group started with enough people that I hadn't even bothered to count them, now there were only a handful of us left. I had tried to keep as many of us alive, I seem to have gained some sort of magical healing ability after a particularly hard challenge. My healing seemed to be the reason all of us aren't dead yet and it seems I've become some sort of pseudo leader.

My power, while being used, turned my eyes into crosses and glowed green along with the area of damage I was trying to fix.

Entering the new room, I looked around and examined the place trying to figure out the danger before it surprised us. I was medium sized, square and dark with a red tint to it. In all four sides of the room seemed to be giant totem heads completely inert and grey. On the other side of the room was the exit door but walking up to the others crowding around it our escape seemed to be locked.

Walking around the room and examining the totems produced no fruit until for no good reason, a dark hole opened in the middle of the roof, thick chains of steel with meat hooks attached to the ends flew out of the darkness and seeking out the closest four people all getting a hook through some sort of limb before being rapidly pulled back towards the centre.

Panicking, most of us tried stopping the chains but it was useless. Thankfully the chains stopped on their own leaving the newest victims dangling from the hooks and bleeding profusely. This was new as all the traps before instantly killed whoever was unfortunate enough almost instantly or left debilitating injuries. The door previously locked, opened for us which was good news. The bad news was that the chains unendingly drained the blood of the hooked people. We had to leave at least two people attached. Sticking their limbs to the newly available hooks after hoisting another down.

Leaving the decision of who to leave and who to save to the group I go to do my job healing the hooked people constantly refreshing their blood to give us more time to debate. Choosing who to heal first was simple as one was already unconscious due to blood loss, two seemed to be okay comparably, the other was annoying and was being a huge dick to everyone throughout this entire hell.

Going up to the unresponsive person I get to work, ignoring yells and demands of the asshole. Putting my hands up to the point of stabbing I channel my power eyes and hands glowing, the flesh stitching itself together incredibly fast but before completely healing them back to good health making sure they stayed unconscious so as to not distress and cause unnecessary pain, one of the giant totems around the walls flares to life.

Glowing red symbols appear all around the head and the eyes a brighter red open, focusing on me overpowering my will easily before going dormant once more. The others not knowing something had happened to me all focused on the totem wondering what would happen until the screaming started.

It was not me screaming but the person I was healing being woken up by me, my eyes and hands glowing red now but the injury continues healing like normal until fully healed, knowledge of my power not being very deep, I had never tested healing more than necessary to preserve strength.

Their skin turning red, screaming that their eyes are going to pop out of their sockets, blood flowing out where my hands were. I couldn't stop or even twitch a muscle. Skin at the site of healing suddenly ballooning out like a warped Hoberman sphere, every pore being forcefully expanded before the skin flops to the ground like strands of spaghetti. A giant tumor starts growing up and around the hook and chain.

Being tackled by someone snaps me out of it, giving me control of my body back. The disfigured figure of a person hanging nearby no longer moving and a waterfall of red coming out of them. Thankfully the others knowing the totem was to blame don't outcast me, my healing still being necessary for future trials. Everyone will just have to be more alert for anything, a closer eye being put on me when healing.

With not having to argue on who to save anymore, we leave behind the narcissist and the bloated to the meat hooked chains and pull the others off making sure to heal them after we've left to continue our escape.

A note from Crook

Imagine a mix of Dead by Daylight and Half Dead.

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