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"Based on the blueprint description, the battery cell are a type of lithium battery. Three points for it.". The description of the battery cell hovering in front of Eric.

"Then there's the motor blueprint. Highly efficient motor. Six BP points ", read Eric.
Irritation appeared on Eric's face," What kind of description is this?"

Anyway, basic engineering knowledge told Eric that a motor can become a generator. He only needs to reverse the process, turn the shaft and the stator will generate electricity. So if the wind turbine is too expensive, he only needs to make a makeshift or a copy of it based on the current technology or just swap the motor to the current wind turbine.

Monotonously Eric then said to the watch, "Alter exchange the point for battery cell and motor.".

[EXCHANGE COMPLETED..], replied the watch as the text disappear several second later. Then sharp pain assaulting Eric, this time the pain are far greater than the previous exchange. Slowly the pain dissipated but not without its tolls. Eric's nose bleeds profusely. He quickly rushes toward the sink and washes it. His head was pulsating almost to the point of vertigo.

"ALTER! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?", anger rises deep from Eric's gut.


There was a drawback to the system, thought Eric. It seems like two blueprints are the limit before he couldn't take it anymore.
"Let's take a rest for today. Tomorrow I will do something about the company establishment and visit the bank first.". mumbled Eric groggily.
Then when he was twisting his arm to take off the watch, he found out that the buckle was missing. From the beginning to the end of the watch band there was no opening. Panic rose deep in his heart, did he make a deal with the Devil or is this a new hope for him. Quickly he looked at the watch face and said, "Alter, can I not remove the watch?"

[AFFIRMATIVE], the text reply.

" Then how can I cover my identity if the watch cannot be removed?"


Coming to term with this new knowledge about the watch, Eric was greatly impressed. It seems like the watch is more technologically advanced than he previously thought.

The time passed uneventful and the new day arrived.

Eric is always a light sleeper. He woke up at 5 am every day and start his day with an hour of workout before having his breakfast. After breakfast, he would take a brief shower and finally exited the house at 8.30 am. His first order of business is for the bank to properly set his account. Due to previously guilt in his hearts, he barely touches the inheritance money except for monthly pocket money amounted to 500 dollars.

This was enough for Eric due to the house he's been living in has been paid off by his parents a few years back, while the utility is paid for by the bank through automatic deduction.

What he needed from the bank is to authorize a large amount of money transfer for his business purposes. After 30 minutes of Uber ride, he finally arrived at his bank. It's good to be noted that he did previously made an appointment with the bank yesterday.

Inside the bank, he could see quite a number of bank customers but he remembers that the bank assured him that he can directly come to the counter and announced himself.

"Hi, My name is Eric Bry. I make an appointment yesterday via a phone call and was assured that I can directly come to the counter.", says Eric to the receptionist.

"Hello, Mr.Bry. Let me confirm it for a while." replied the young brunette receptionist as she was typing away in the computer. Soon after, she beams her most generous smile contrary to her previous stoic face.

"Hi again Mr.Bry. Our Manager will come to meet you soon. And is there anything that else that I can do for you?". Her last word trailed a little bit longer. She also plays with her bushy wavy hair as she looked at Eric.

Seeing the reaction, Eric smiles and excuses himself and proceed to look for a seat to wait. But before he could even found a seat, a grey-haired man approached him. A surprising look appears on Eric face, he knows this person really well. The man himself was smiling and approach him. Behind the grey-haired man are two men that's apparently armed in Eric opinion, most probably the man bodyguard.

"Eric! It's good to see you again.", says the greyed man.

"Mr. Wayne! It's been too long. Are you the manager that I am supposed to meet today?" , asked Eric elatedly

"Come on Eric. Call me Uncle Peter like always. I have seen you since you were a little boy. And you could say that. Anyway come to my office", retorted the man. It seems like the man name is Peter Wayne, but what Eric did not know is that Peter Wayne is the CEO of the largest bank in the world that his currently visiting.

While they were walking toward the office, the receptionist was gossiping with each other. The brunette known as Casey White were talking to her receptionist friend.

"Did you know that good looking guy I was talking to just now. It seems like he is a Diamond VIP Customer.", says by her giddily toward her friends.

"WHAT! NO WAY! No wonder the CEO comes and greet him. And no wonder I saw you were trying to flirt with him just now." retorted by one of the receptionist.

" I wonder if I can get his number when he comes out later.", says Casey mischievously.

Now everyone was teasing each other before a customer interrupted them.

In the office, the two men who could pass as a father and his child were sitting across from each other.

"Drinks Eric?", offered Peter as he holds an unmarked glass bottle of what appeared to be whiskey.

"No it's okay Uncle Peter.", declined Eric.

"Anyways why are you here Eric?", asked Peter nonchalantly.

"I was looking forward to opening a company, and today I want to open my bank account for it. And mostly to handle the inheritance money."

"THAT'S WONDERFUL! HAHA. If that's the case I will handle it today for you.", Peter loud voice was vibrating across the room.

"Anyway I got several good news for you, as of today your net worth is close to half a billion dollars and it's yours.", announced Peter.

"What! I thought that both of my parent inheritance money for me was only 250 million dollars."

"True but I took the initiative to invest it for you and now you are 183 million dollars richer."

While Eric was stunned by the revelation, Peter continued.

"Anyway do you need any help to establish a company, because our bank also helps with the established company. The normal policy must include that we invested at least 10 percent, but I can do it for free if that's what you are inclined with."

"Then I will take up that offer." replied Eric.

"So what kind of company do you want to make. In-country or outside?"

"I was looking for a huge plot of land that's far from any local and decent security at that. If possible has some basic infrastructure. I want to make a manufacturing and tech company."

"If you are not choosy of location how about Africa?", offered Peter.

"Africa? Why Africa?"

"A few weeks ago we acquired a huge coastal land from Namibia, the security in Namibia is decent plus they have a huge underdevelop area but with basic infrastructure. Due to the location, I can personally invest 1 Billion dollar to you and we can sell the land cheaply for you . 40 kilometre square of land few hours rides out of Walvis Bay for 150 million dollars."

" Then I will take that offer from you, Uncle Peter."

"How fast do you need everything ready for you Eric?"

"Is it possible in one week?"

"No problem.", says Peter affirmatively.


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