Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world (GL)

Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world (GL)

by Teanam

Sophia wasn't happy with her life. Due to some wrong decisions, she'd become really shy and introverted, to the point it hinders her from having basic interactions or even conversations. Not being able to talk with women at all, the only gender she's interested in, caused her to feel really lonely.

The girl wanted to change, but she got too stuck in her ways. After all this time, Sophia had become unable to do so without help.

One day, while she was busy complaining about her situation, she accidentally missed a red traffic light. This accident led to the end of the life she hated so much.

However, she was saved from certain death by a mysterious being. He called himself an overseer of the worlds and gave her a second chance in a different world where even magic exists. He also granted her some boosts to make her life easier. Hoping to finally change herself, Sophia asked him to make her more outgoing, sociable, confident, and the likes. 

The overseer didn't just stop there. He boosted every single attribute of the girl. Every emotion and personality trait got altered, be it a positive or negative feeling. Her physical stats were no exception. This caused her to have the most literal identity crisis because she felt like someone else entirely. To make things worse, those emotional boosts aren't the most reliable ones, overcompensating or even failing from time to time.

Trying to deal with these conflicting emotions, Sophia works hard to come to terms with the new her while doing her best in the new world. Exploring places, learning magic, finally finding friends again, and possibly more.

Unfortunately, she learns this world's magic from a highly overpowered, easygoing, and somewhat unreliable teacher. This not only destroys the last bit of her common sense, but Sophia's application of magic also becomes rather sloppy, causing one weird incident after another. Not to mention that some of the inhabitants of her new home are a little different from what she imagined. An easy life still seemed impossible for Sophia, but for all the different reasons.


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Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Girls Love, Isekai, Romance, Slice of Life


Age Regression, Alternate World, Animal Characteristics, Appearance Changes, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Beast Companions, Beastkin, Carefree Protagonist, Demi-Humans, Dense Protagonist, Easy Going Life, Fantasy World, Female Protagonist, Identity Crisis, Lack of Common Sense, Magic, Misunderstandings, Modern Knowledge, Overpowered Protagonist, Personality Changes, Second Chance, Transmigration, Transported into Another World, World Travel

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Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Preface ago
Chapter 1 – A new chance ago
Chapter 2 – Arrival in the new world ago
Chapter 2.5 – Illustration ago
Chapter 3 – First contact ago
Chapter 4 – Experiencing magic for the first time ago
Chapter 5 – First meal in the new world ago
Chapter 6 – First identity crisis ago
Chapter 7 – Learning more about magic ago
Chapter 8 – Fire magic ago
Chapter 9 – Traveling to a new place ago
Chapter 10 – Creative cooking ago
Chapter 11 – First bath ago
Chapter 12 – Plans for meeting the first humans ago
Chapter 13 – Playing with food ago
Chapter 14 – Nature and Light magic ago
Chapter 15 – Finding humans ago
Chapter 16 – First time being angry ago
Chapter 17 – Teaching Fen for a change ago
Chapter 18 – Human city ago
Chapter 19 – How about a different folk? ago
Chapter 20 – Meeting the beastfolk ago
Chapter 21 – New friends ago
Chapter 22 – Beastfolk city ago
Chapter 22.5 – Illustration ago
Chapter 23 – Playing around with a cat-girl ago
Chapter 24 – Getting along with a cat-girl ago
Chapter 25 – Determined cat-girl ago
Chapter 26 – A date with a cat-girl?! ago
Chapter 27 – Destroying a cat-girl’s common sense ago
Chapter 28 – Making a cat-girl worry ago
Chapter 29 – Going home with the new party member ago
Chapter 30 – Messing up with magic ago
Chapter 31 – Getting ready to leave ago
Chapter 32 – Going on a new adventure ago
Chapter 33 – Exploring a dungeon ago
Chapter 34 – Second floor of the dungeon ago
Chapter 35 – Third floor ago
Chapter 36 – Fourth and fifth floor ago
Chapter 37 – Aftermath of the dungeon exploration ago
Chapter 38 – Pushy cat-girl ago
Chapter 39 – Nosy wolf ago
Chapter 40 – Half-baked magic ago
Chapter 41 – Making Maya cry ago
Chapter 42 – Exploring a ruin ago
Chapter 43 – Experimenting with light magic ago
Chapter 44 – Restraints ago
Chapter 45 – Breaking down ago
Chapter 46 – Out of character ago
Chapter 47 – Remorse ago
Chapter 48 – Decisions ago
Chapter 49 – Maya’s plan ago
Chapter 50 – Traveling towards the sea ago
Chapter 51 – Shrine of the overseer ago
Chapter 52 – Canir ago
Chapter 53 – The real backstory ago
Chapter 54 – Maya’s feelings ago
Chapter 55 – Sophia’s feelings ago
Chapter 56 – Combined feelings ago
Chapter 57 – Their own world ago
Chapter 58 – Calming down ago
Chapter 59 – Telling Fen ago
Chapter 60 – Arriving at the sea ago
Chapter 61 – Definition of common sense ago
Chapter 62 – Spotting a beastfolk village ago
Chapter 63 – Maya’s preference ago
Chapter 64 – Sophia’s old self ago
Chapter 65 – Itchy ago
Chapter 66 – New sensations ago
Chapter 67 – Tiger-girl ago
Chapter 67.5 – Illustrations ago
Chapter 68 – Instincts ago
Chapter 69 – Hunting ago
Chapter 70 – Unexpected differences ago
Chapter 71 – Shopping plans ago
Chapter 72 – A royal mistake ago
Chapter 73 – Shopping ago
Chapter 74 – New clothes ago
Chapter 75 – Entertaining Fen ago
Chapter 76 – A sad memory ago
Chapter 77 – Their pursuer ago
Chapter 78 – Aura ago
Chapter 79 – Her accident ago
Chapter 80 – Getting to know the group ago
Chapter 81 – The capital ago
Chapter 82 – Exploring the capital ago
Chapter 83 – Invitation to the castle ago
Chapter 84 – The Princess ago
Chapter 84.5 – Illustrations ago
Chapter 85 - Anna 'vs.' Maya ago
Chapter 86 – Blessing Magic ago
Chapter 87 – The group’s plans ago
Chapter 88 – Staying in the castle ago
Chapter 89 – Teaching Anna ago
Chapter 90 – Sophia’s weakness ago
Chapter 91 – Being popular ago
Chapter 92 – Veggies are important ago
Chapter 93 – Story time with Ellie ago
Chapter 94 – An unpleasant conference ago
Chapter 95 – Getting ready to depart ago
Chapter 96 – An uncomfy ride ago
Chapter 97 – Camping with the princess ago
Chapter 98 – Sophia and Anna ago
Chapter 99 – Arriving at the battlefield ago
Chapter 100 – A quarrel with the humans | Part 1/4 ago
Chapter 100 – A quarrel with the humans | Part 2/4 ago
Chapter 100 – A quarrel with the humans | Part 3/4 ago
Chapter 100 – A quarrel with the humans | Part 4/4 ago
Chapter 101 – Talaga ago
Chapter 102 – The bakery owner ago
Chapter 103 – First debriefing ago
Chapter 104 – Second debriefing ago
Chapter 105 – Change of plans ago
Chapter 106 – Catching up ago
Chapter 107 – Family ago
Chapter 108 – Homesick ago
Chapter 109 – Nostalgic food and shopping ago
Chapter 110 – Maya’s powerplay ago
Chapter 111 – Storage dimension ago
Chapter 112 – Travel dimension ago
Chapter 113 – Playing tag ago
Chapter 114 – Anger management ago
Chapter 115 – Back with the wolves ago
Chapter 116 – Thinking with portals ago
Chapter 117 – Returning to the capital ago
Chapter 118 – Playing tag with Ellie ago
Chapter 119 – Good with kids ago
Chapter 119.5 – Illustration ago
Chapter 120 – Mansion visiting ago
Chapter 121 – A new place to stay ago

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I personally liked the 2 main characters, they're interesting and the comedy is pretty solid. This story takes the trope of isekai'd characters being OP and takes it to another level. I personally liked it, but it might not be for everybody. However what really put me off is the first introduction with one of the races of the world, who were previously stated to be unpleasant. The personality of these people really out me off. It's one thing to be bigoted and prejudiced, but these guys were straight up idiots. It might be a part of the narrative, but the whole thug persona with an inflated sense of self seems kinda lazy writing. Other than that, I liked it.

If the author reads this comment and wouldn't mind a comment from the peanut gallery, if you ever do a rewrite, maybe write it out so that she enters the city but receives really unpleasant treatment from the locals? Would make a bit more sense than too stupid to live guards, and maybe throw in a nice human or two? It might be the narrative, but it seems odd to condemn an entire race as evil. Food for thought, really like the story though.



It's an okay read. I have to drop it though because it's a tad bit too senseless. Plus the lack of details and reliance on showing pictures isn't appealing to me. I wouldn't say it's terrible but I think this is more of a casual read.


Also uh... The conversations are predictable as well, the character though tries to be unique with the lack of control over her emotions just seems to reach the stereotype of both and the casual ease in which she just left the humans confounds me, and the ease in which she befriended the wolf made me stumped. Maybe if there was more details about it, there's nor, I could have enjoyed it. 


There is only so much of a character talking to themselves with constant grammatical errors that I can take. It's truly terrible to see paragraph after paragraph of the MC just blathering on about nothing to herself.

It's a terrible writing device used to substitute in for actual descriptions and story.

The magic system is also bland as heck.

Anyway, idk what goes for standards in royal road, but somehow this story is high rated.


I am so happy to have found this wonderful story. Many laughs, a few Ooops, and a so so sweet romance.

Sophia and Maya are simply delightful. Fen long suffering with a hint of true tragedy. A 'god' that deserves a swift kick. And we have barely seen any of the world.

Heh, I love Sophia as a walking S class calamity in need of sadly lacking restraint.

Many laughs and constant smiles await readers here.


So far this story feels very light hearted and easy going, the characters feel unique and interesting, as does the world it's set in. The premis is good and our main character while being stupid powerful, still manages to be entertaining in the way they interact with others around them. All in all a very good read if you just want some fun, definitely recommend it.


Plotholes so large they'll create a void

Reviewed at: Chapter 64 – Sophia’s old self

I want to like this story. I really really want to like it. It ticks so many boxes for me, but the plot holes in this are so numerous and obvious that it ruins it. On top of that, let's get one thing clear, "God" basically made her bipolar. There is some story reasons for this you find out a little later, but it doesn't detract from it. This turned it from fantasy into horror for me. This is poorly shown on the MC's side as well. She has existential crisis's from time to time on whether or not how she's acting is actual "her". No, I would imagine it wouldn't be her, not when she can't even remember herself doing something when her emotions flare like that. 

The story itself is light, there has only been the hint of one future plot hook that is so glaringly obvious on what it is. That keeping it completely secret from the reader was kind of a mute point. How this got so many 5 stars I'm not sure, probably because it's meant to be "fluffy". None of the humor actually works in my opinion either. They use a chest size joke several times with the MC for example. She used to be two cup sizes larger before her regression to 15, what's worse is she knows she get's those two cups at 16. But she won't get there for another few hundred years if at all. She learns transformation magic and changes into her old figure only to go back to her younger figure because her girlfriend "couldn't handle her beauty".... really? That's what your going to go with? That's why she won't continue to use that magic to look like her normal self? It's not like she will run out of magic or anything, hell she keeps a highly advanced magic on constant cast already without losing magic. She can freaking stop time for gods sake, but she doesn't want to use a transformation magic to RETURN to her original form because her girlfriend said she was beautiful... I just.. I want to like this story, I want to like it so freaking much. But it's just so.. uhg..

deus vult

well, it's not really the hight of literature in terms of writing quality and plot. but the story has this warm heartedness to it that I like. so, I might as well give it a five star review. in terms of plot it's not really that serious, and the mc is too op to care about anyone trying to do drama with her. the basics of fighting the mc is that some idiots want to make her "do work for them", and she seriously struggles not end their existence and maybe to destroy their entire race.

she is op, but no one really cares about that. except the humans, which for some reasons are awful creatures at that world. really stupid. really weak. and with a superiority complex. basically fantasy nazi dumbos. anyways, the mc being op shouldn't put you off, at most the lack of combat should, it's not like in those power fantasy anime where everyone admires the mc and worships him for his amazing "talent" (cheat ability). well, seriously, no one cares. like, there's basically no conflict. the author kinda made the mc op just so there'd be no conflict. she just kinda rolls with it.

magic in this world is seriously underdeveloped. people have to use chants, and it's mostly used for combat. the mc is not a genius in any way. she mostly just uses a handful of concepts from our world like the existence of oxygen, and it's enough to get her from superpowered to overpowered. the story is mostly centered about romance (if you can call it that). where two overpowered girls are just being cutsy with each other, whilst traveling with the doggo god.

yeah, that's about it. you got that in the cover right? recommended read if you're into stuff like that.