The Calamitous Bob

The Calamitous Bob

by Mecanimus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world of Nyil, with its monsters, its knights and its mildly sociopathic gods. Come and see! A soul flees and a soul arrives, blessed by luck. Will she survive? Will she thrive? Will she become a calamity?

After all, luck is such a fickle thing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Soul-Slapped ago
Chapter 2: Up a Creek, No Paddle ago
Chapter 3: Harrak ago
Chapter 4: The Tools of Success ago
Chapter 5: The Way to Salvation ago
Chapter 6: Skilled ago
Chapter 7: Toil and Trouble ago
Chapter 8: Cassia's last gift ago
Chapter 9: On the Road Again. ago
Chapter 10: The Deadlands ago
Chapter 11: Fort Sky ago
Chapter 12: Duly Employed ago
Chapter 13: The Cleansing ago
Chapter 14: The Other Mind ago
Chapter 15: Hangover ago
Chapter 16: Ah, Fuck ago
Chapter 17: Like Rats ago
Chapter 18: The Bringer of Death ago
Chapter 19: The Nerve of War ago
Chapter 20: Kazar ago
Chapter 21: Down ago
Chapter 22: The Local Flavor ago
Chapter 23: Shield ago
Chapter 24: Errands ago
Chapter 25: Landscaping ago
Chapter 26: There and Back Again ago
Chapter 27: Nascent Descent ago
Chapter 28: I CAN EXPLAIN! ago
Chapter 29: I'm starting a collection. ago
Chapter 30. Bloody Business ago
Chapter 31: The Local Flavor ago
Chapter 32: The Twisted Ones ago
Chapter 33: War Magic ago
Chapter 34: Tribes ago
Chapter 35: Minutiae ago
Chapter 36: A matter of taste ago
Chapter 37: Field Trip ago
Chapter 38: Mountain People ago
Chapter 39: Back ago
Chapter 40: Unexpected ago
Chapter 41. Investigation ago
Chapter 42. Strange allies ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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I have a habit of looking through first handful of 'best rated' pages. One day there appeared 'The calamitous Bob', just a couple of chapters, not even a thousand of followers, fresh like a new born baby. So what that newbie did in there? It even has have a nice cover, so of course that I had to check it out. It pretty fast skyrocket to one of my favourites, so I decided to first time ever write an advanced review to help Bibienne skyrocket in ranking as well. 

Style: OMG it is so fun! I'm mostly tired at this point of blue boxes, but in this story it's just right. It is applied in a proper way, definitely not a main focus of the story and I can again enjoy this way of measuring character's progress. I was quite taken-aback that story is by the same author (Mecanimus) as journey of black and red, because style is definitely different. It's cheerful, funny, and easy going. With few darker brushes for better taste. A bit 'to lighten the mood' panacea. I had no Idea Mecanimus was such a versatile author, but I am happy for this and keep fingers crossed for future stories. 

Story: Journey isn't a classic RR story, while Bob decisively is. I had no idea that there was anything to explore in the genre left. It's so cliché, and yet so enjoyable, that I evidently was wrong. It's nice to be wrong like that. It's still a beginning of the story, so I will recheck this later, but for now I see a bright future. 

Character: just normal girl. Not an exercise freak, not a killing psychopath, not a magic genius. Just a girl with healthy mind which stayed healthy because she had luck and found someone to talk to. Golem seems a bit alien and with ulterior motives which is good because it is a golem and not a person. 

Grammar: it's nice place for people like me who are not a native and learn English through stories. Sentences are correct. Language is mostly quite simple with some interesting words popping out here and there that I added to my vocabulary. 



Beebiane will dominate the world!

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: On the Road Again.

Besides the joke title, (a little nudge towards the non-existence of the sound "V" in that world) this story is likely to be one of the best you will ever have the pleasure of reading. Also, I should say that I have read up to chapter 27 on Patreon, so there's that.

Flawless grammar and style help us into the story of Vivianne, Bob for the friends speaking Old Imperial; and how her soul is thrown into a different world due to a marriage dispute turned political strife in the world of the gods. In the wake of said soul baseball, Bob (or princess Bob, long may she reign!) is forced to find her own feet in a magical wasteland rife with powerful undead with magic! (I see you there, you wink to Zombie Knight) This means awakening in a ruined palace in the middle of a magical desert wasteland created by some massive explosion. 

In the process of surviving the fallout that created said magic wasteland and created the equivalent of an end-game area rife with absurdly powerful undead, Bob finds Solfis. Our snarky, genocidal-maniac pursuing, and Bob's gateway into understanding her situation and finding a way out. Also, towards finding the skill "Genocidal Maniac". Don't ask. this is all meant to say that the characters are charming, and not one-trick ponies that get old real fast. 

Now, while this is glaringly a LitRPG, it isn't the point of the story to be focused on it. It's more like a measure every so often of progress and of comparing. A good use of LitRPG.

To talk a bit more about the style, this is Mecanimus. Author of Journey of Black and Red. If you have not read it yet, go do it: it is an awesome vampire story turned to 15. The style is consistently flawless: comedy and graveness mix and meld beautifully into a stunning prose that is easy to read,

Grammar, at least here on RR, is mostly perfect. Patreon quality does have its hiccups when first released, but most, if not all, are fixed quite fast. And there are no problems with "their", "there" and similar things that make me wish to go blind in some stories.

As a nice little bow on this review, let me just say this: give it a try. I am sure you will enjoy its humor, the snark, Solfis and all the future crew. And the weird scaled cat.

Surya Majumdar

Interesting protagonist, fun side characters, good setup. An excellent start, eager to see where it goes. While there are some LitRPG elements, they don't get in the way of telling a good story. One thing I particularly like is that language issues are not just handwaved away. The world feels real, with a realistic setup and economy.

Shaka Alek

Another great entry by Mecanimus.

Reviewed at: Chapter 30. Bloody Business

The story is about a woman thrown into an unknown fantasy world. A typical premise done masterfully, with nothing really left up to luck, as you'll know how it happened and why.
The protagonist won't be just granted massive power for no reason, or survive just through luck, as she'll bring with herself the skills she obtained in her previous life, skills that will aid her in surviving and navigating this new dangerous world she finds herself in.

Both comedy and action will ensue, well paced and perfectly depicted, with interesting characters that won't just be a background for an overpowered power fantasy protagonist.

While thirty chapters in is still fairly early in the story, Mecanimus shows an ability to write on a level that will shame most authors on RR, on par with his other (must read) novel, A Journey Of Black And Red.

Do yourself a favour, try reading or you'll miss out.


Midnight Hagette

[Disclaimer] I have read up to chapter 50 (ish).

A deceptively light-hearted story that isn’t afraid to pack an emotional punch, The Calamitous Bob tells the tale of Viv (aka Bob), a 21st century member of the French Special Forces, as she is transported to another world.

 Thrust headfirst into a dark, apocalyptic landscape of an empire in ruin Viv embarks on an adventure of survival and exploration.

Story first, stats second, Mecanimus tells this story with his trademark sophistication, humour and beautifully lyrical prose. While at times meandering, the story is compelling. There are some downright hilarious moments, however, despite light moments this story has substance and weight. Mecanimus is unafraid to handle dark themes, and does so with gut wrenching effectiveness.

The world building is interesting and one of my favourite aspects so far. Nyil is bizarre, terrifying, utterly alien and I have an inkling this is only the tip of the iceberg.

While the Calamitous Bob flirts with slice of life (compared to A Journey of Black and Red), stat progression, skills, and training scenes are satisfying, and the charactisation is topnotch. Can’t say too much there, but the secondary cast and their interactions are probably my favourite part of this serial so far.

Expect deities reminiscent of a Greek pantheon, snarky AI, monsters worthy of John Wyndham and your darkest nightmares.

Some mention of bosums, mostly modest. Your vocabulary will increase. Entertainment will be had. Happy reading.  


A Masterpiece of Snark and Magic

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Skilled

From the author of the best story (in my opinion, etc) on RR, Journey of Black and Red, another amazing story.

As a note, I am writing this review as a patron of Mecanimus's Patreon, which has up to chapter 59 currently posted, so while I'm technically reviewing "on chapter 6", I have actually read the story :P 

The short of it is that this is an excellent story that I highly suggest for not just anyone who likes isekai or litRPG, but anyone who can tolerate it. The long of it...

Style: It's Mecanimus. The prose is a joy to read, with excellent descriptions and flair. The tone of the story is pretty jovial, for the most part, but it's not slapstick or a parody, the story takes itself seriously. Additionally, the writing is very dense (though perhaps slightly less so than JB&R) in the sense that though the chapters aren't that long, they never leave you feeling like nothing happened.

Grammar: I mean, no problems? No persistent or repeated issues. Occasional typos, sure, but they're relatively infrequent.

Story: Despite the name, I would not describe The Calamitous Bob as a comedy. It includes plenty of humor but it is humor placed on top of a story, not a story driven by painful or "comedic" misunderstandings and slapstick. Expect earned, satisfying progression (it is a litRPG), a talented MC well suited to their initial hellish environment, long term plans, and, well... it's in the title. The story takes a very exploratory/non-expository approach to worldbuilding, but it seems consistent, well-designed, and pretty cool. Mecanimus also goes pretty light on litRPG elements, which is a matter of preference, but progress happens more through training and actual breakthroughs then just mindless repetition and XP for killing things.

Character: The main cast consists of a French army medic driven by pride, a psychotic terminator made of bone, ancient technology, and malevolance, a tiny vicious dragonling becoming less tiny and more vicious at what might be an alarming rate, and [Redacted]. Characters outside of the MC have goals, desires, etc. The cast is varied (though perhaps not that varied) and consistent, and I love them all.

Overall, this is one of my favorite stories, ever, and an examplar of the litRPG and isekai genres without falling for any of the standard pitfalls. I highly, highly suggest it!

D. Redbeard

Like the title says, The Calamitous Bob is yet another gem from Mecanimus.

The story has an interesting if not entirely original premise, and it doesn't reinvent the wheel, but the author's writing blows other works in the genre out of the water. If you've read A Journey of Black and Red, then you know what I mean.

Start reading now, and don't let the first couple of chapters fool you. This story is a bit slow to begin but it's more than worthy of your time.

furball tiger

This is one of the most amazing bits of writing I've found on RR. It may or may not be to your tastes, but it's pretty darn awesome. There are still a few editing errors/typos, so if that bothers're gonna struggle a bit with that. I consider those trivial and easily fixable, and a negligible flaw on a otherwise great bit of writing. 

This is funny, engaging, and by turns, exciting, thoughtful, and clever.  The world building seems good so far, although it's (yet another) totally craptastic world (I'm not a huge fan of that trend, tbh). The mc is uncommonly well done; not a saint by any means, but so far it's very worth following her story. Seriously, this is some of the best writing I've seen in ages, and a darn good story and great MC. 


The story is an interesting twist as the protagonist doesn't (technically) die before they are incarnated on a new world. Lots of interesting characters and a very fun story. A smart protagonist that actually seems smart, no two dimensional characters. A fascinating world which is slowly revealed chapter by chapter. Give the story a read, you won't regret it. 

Flying F-Salmon Extraordinaire

Well I won't rant like in every review I've ever done, because I'm tired af. Mostly because I ate through all of Bob on the Patreon and now I'm a level beyond sleep deprived... Or even one beyond that. 

You know... I was kinda mad, that I just joined the patreon for journey and now there is this taking up space and all that (how dare you)... but after reading all that, oh hell yeah. 

I mean Mecanimus is great. One of my new favs on RR. 

With Bob I got the feeling like we once again have something totally different from what everyone else is doing, that just because of that I'm going to like it (at the risk of sounding like a hipster).


Anyways. This is great. Style is awesome... And I have no clue where RR currently is, so I'll just leave it at that.


The story only gets better, when it already started intriguing and interesting. 

Grammar... Well I'm really fn tired. So who actually knows? I sure as hell don't.


And the characters... whew! A doozie. Doozy? Vsauce. The characters are great... Some ofc have more depth than others, but it flows great as we get about as much depth as the mc could know about each given mc + sometimes a little snippet from our favourite pet dragon. 

Anyways. Bob is worth your time if you like Journey. If you don't like journey this is worth your time. If you don't have a clue why I want to leave my fatherland,  to go to russia to fight bears bearhanded, this is still worth your time... (something something journey).


Tis great, you won't regret it.

This was a rant after all wasn't it?