The Calamitous Bob

The Calamitous Bob

by Mecanimus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world of Nyil, with its monsters, its knights and its mildly sociopathic gods. Come and see! A soul flees and a soul arrives, blessed by luck. Will she survive? Will she thrive? Will she become a calamity?

After all, luck is such a fickle thing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Soul-Slapped ago
Chapter 2: Up a Creek, No Paddle ago
Chapter 3: Harrak ago
Chapter 4: The Tools of Success ago
Chapter 5: The Way to Salvation ago
Chapter 6: Skilled ago
Chapter 7: Toil and Trouble ago
Chapter 8: Cassia's last gift ago
Chapter 9: On the Road Again. ago
Chapter 10: The Deadlands ago
Chapter 11: Fort Sky ago
Chapter 12: Duly Employed ago
Chapter 13: The Cleansing ago
Chapter 14: The Other Mind ago
Chapter 15: Hangover ago
Chapter 16: Ah, Fuck ago
Chapter 17: Like Rats ago
Chapter 18: The Bringer of Death ago
Chapter 19: The Nerve of War ago
Chapter 20: Kazar ago
Chapter 21: Down ago
Chapter 22: The Local Flavor ago
Chapter 23: Shield ago
Chapter 24: Errands ago
Chapter 25: Landscaping ago
Chapter 26: There and Back Again ago
Chapter 27: Nascent Descent ago
Chapter 28: I CAN EXPLAIN! ago
Chapter 29: I'm starting a collection. ago
Chapter 30. Bloody Business ago
Chapter 31: The Local Flavor ago
Chapter 32: The Twisted Ones ago
Chapter 33: War Magic ago
Chapter 34: Tribes ago
Chapter 35: Minutiae ago
Chapter 36: A matter of taste ago
Chapter 37: Field Trip ago
Chapter 38: Mountain People ago
Chapter 39: Back ago
Chapter 40: Unexpected ago
Chapter 41. Investigation ago
Chapter 42. Strange allies ago
Chapter 43. Spring ago
Chapter 44. Progress ago

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Hillarious, Brilliant and Irreverant

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: The Other Mind

As a reader from Patreon (up to chap 58), I can tell you this story is going to be a blast. Easily earns 5 stars, which I do not give out often.

I'd mostly class this story as a LITRPG comedy, though there are plenty of sparks, explosions, undead, exploding undead, and crawling clouds of death thrown around to keep things interesting.  It can get dark too on occasion, evidently our author has been taking notes from George.

The story is about Viv, Bib, Bob, a soldier, who gets her isekai ticket via a doorknob of a god looking to avoid the wrath of his wife by hiding out on Earth.  This means he needs a body, and Viviane is the one that gets picked. Unfortunately, barely anyone knows how to pronounce a V where she ends up, but she's not going to let that stop her building an empire (probably, eventually, maybe?) *Disclaimer, this is not an empire building story.

The MC is smart, funny, and interesting (and totally not a murderhobo psycho.)  Her sidekicks, comprised of

Spoiler :
a snarktastic golem, an itsy bitsy dragon, and stoic kark

are often hilarious, stealing the scene in a way very reminiscent of a certain Sheriff of Nottingham(RIP). This is especially true of

Spoiler :
the golem

, who reminds strongly of a certain HK-47. They are a joy to read.  The antagonists are minor bumps in the road so far, but they provide an interesting local (when chewed) flavour. 


World building is fairly typical, but this doesn't detract.  It's typical but good, and suits it's purpose as a fine background for the story to be painted onto.  The LITRPG is there in all its blue box glory, though it is not the driving force unlike some other stories.  It's how LITRPG should be done, providing a vehicle to help the story, not be a means to an end in and of itself.

Grammar can be hit or miss on Patreon (mostly just spelling, sentence structure is absolutely fine), but that is because chapters are sometimes posted without a good review pass.  On RR I'd expect the same quality as A Journey of Black and Red, another amazing story by the same author.

The story has style and class in spades.  It is well written and easy to read (though I would like a bit more from the viewpoint of the Gods (it's exceedingly rare but fun)).

The only mark I can strike against this is that there is not enough of it.  Which is a conundrum.  I don't know which I like more, Black and Red or this.  And there is only one Mecanimus.

If you read anything at all on RR, read this.  Highly, highly recommended.


* There is no spoon.


Great character based isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: The Cleansing

I review at chapter 34 (Patreon).

The story is good and keeps getting better as the cast grows. Every character has an individual personality and so far there are only interesting and believable characters present. No dumb evil, no stupid good.

Dialogues are engaging and witty, world building is great. 

Grammar and spelling are above average as far as I can tell as non native speaker.

If you liked Ariane from a Journey inRred and Black you will love Viviane.


Do yourself a favor and binge this as fast as you can, then suscripe to Patreon, binge that too and then stay caught in a net of addiction.


If Journey of Black and Red is the Vampire masterpiece, this deserves to be the LitRPG masterpiece.

It is a story about a capable person going to another world in the middle of a dead empire and struggling nations. I found it to have a perfect balance between the MC emotions and the rational side. 

There is no dispute about the style; the story has the right amount of dark, comedy, and emotions. 

The story -after reading the patron chapters- has a good and slow world-building. The system is unique without being overly rewarding. The first few chapters have a lot of attributes and skills gains, but that's only on the adjustment period, and you will see it less as the story progress. On that note, I have to mention that MC's unique skills naming sense, which's by itself worth reading for. The characters are not overly reliant on the system, and no system will take on the world, but it's a good representation of the character's growth and strength level. 

The grammar is good, especially on the published chapters. It's hard to find any mistakes. 

The characters -except the gods in the first chapter- have sound reasoning and background. Again it has the right amount of character growth and a dark theme

In summary, it is a must-read. 


I've been waiting so patiently

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The Deadlands

I first saw this fiction when a few chapters came out for preview in "A journey of black and red". I was instantly hooked, and I have been checking the author profile weekly to see when Princess Bob makes her formal debut. This is my most anticipated fiction hands down! 

Style: Mecanimus has a great sense of style in the writing easy 5 stars. I love reading about Arianne's journey and can't wait to see more of Bob. 

Story: A relatively standard isekai plot mechanic with a nice divine twist that hints and greater things to come in the future. We haven't seen too much of the world yet, but it feels real and lived in. An empire at its peak has a mysterious catastrophic end, and we are discovering that history likely for the first time alongside our heroine. Fun!

Grammar: Perfect 5 stars. No mistakes in spelling or punctuation spotted at all. There is nothing more jarring as a reader than poor grammar, and there is none to be found here. 

Character: Bob is fun, we see a lot of her character shine in the banter with her golem buddy. Can't wait to meet more of the cast. 


It's great, you should read it

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Duly Employed

Really all you need to know is it’s a new novel by Mecanimus, the author of A Journey of Red and Black which, I would argue, is one of the most consistently excellent stories on this site.

But, beyond that this is a funny lit rpg isekai about a girl and her snarky robot buddy running around in a vaguely post-apocalyptic fantasy world learning important lessons about life, love and the acquisition conditions for the Genocidal Manic skill.  It’s great, you should read it.


This is in my honest opinion without a doubt one of the best stories on RR. The MC while capable is not OP and eminently relatable. The world-building is fairly solid with the author showing us the world and, although she is still new to the world I have a better feel for this world than others that are 50+ chapters in. If I had to trim my 30+ follows down to 2 this and Beware Chicken would be the 2 I'd keep. Do yourself a favour - start reading it 5 minutes ago.


I looked for gold and found diamond

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The Deadlands

I will be very brief on this review.

The story is about a soldier(Viv or Bob) who wakes up in the heart of a ruined empire.

She (the MC) has a nice personality and cheats at an acceptable level. The secondary characters and their interactions with her are very pleasant.

Grammar is good, with some minor typos.

And explaining the title, I think this story has a lot of chances to reach the top 3 (previously 5) of the Best Rated. So go read it now!

PS: In two days this story went from the top 50 to the top 10, and still continues to climb the ranks!


I was not much of a fan of a Journey of black and red so when this one came out I was a bit sceptical. The funny title drew me in, though, and thank the gods of fiction for that because this is hilarious. I'm at chapter 25 and still giggle every time I read her new 'title'. This novel is a great blend of 'funny' and 'woe upon thee, puny mortal, for thou art but traumatizable flesh'.

Give it a read. 


From the characters to the plot, this webnovel is simply sublime.

No major grammar flaws that would detract from the reading. The authors mastery of wordsmithing is enough to place plenty of rudimentary flourishes that many others routinely fail to empart.

Viv is an enjoyable main character, the only worry I have about her is her backstory that hints at a lack of empathy. Tho with the way she is written right now, that seems to be a passing concern.


I look forward to seeing where this story goes.


Finally a MC that knows shelter is the most important part in a survival situation, not water. 

Other than that, the story is written by Mecanimus and in the same quality as A Journey of Black and Red. 

Its a different story, not nearly as dark as his other story but still just as good.