Dungeon from the Void

by WolfShine

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world of Midgard.

A world of constant battle where only the strongest may rule.

How does one get stronger within this cruel world one might ask?

Well, the answer to that is a simple one.


Our story begins with a young dungeon core who is bound to a rather unique, and yet terrifying element.

This element is both everything and nothing at the same time, and is currently known only by those entities of the highest level of power in existence.

How shall the world react to the appearance of this dungeon core and his element?

We shall soon see.

I decided that I wanted to try writing a dungeon core novel that is unique when compared to any other dungeon core novels. Such as the situation in the world, the main protagonist's unique element, and the cultivation system/level system.

This is a litrpg and cultivation-based novel where the two are interlinked and the characters have to reach a certain degree of cultivation and a certain level in order to break through into the next tier. The main protagonist will have a gradual rise in strength while also having a completely unique element in the world of the novel. In this novel, people mostly dungeon dive for individual power and not for wealth, seeing as dungeons are the only way to get stronger in this world.

There will be two main characters. One of them will be the main protagonist, the dungeon core, and the other will not be a dungeon core.

I hope that you all enjoy my novel, and feel free to comment any issues or errors you may notice.

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This reads more like an rpg manual than a story. Read if you get off on multiple chapters of info dump only. I can accept that some is necessary but 80% of the first five chapters is literally just characters explaining the world to each other. It's obvious the author is in love with his system.


Another dungeon but its got me hooked:

Reviewed at: F9 - Level Up

As that title says, dungeon story something we've come across a lot but that never stopped any of us from reading the vast majority that come up and for me personally this one's already landed a happy spot when I see new chapter updates.


I suck at explaing so I'll stay simple and stupid, like me!:

Grammar is fine, easy to follow and easily understood. Others might find something that glares at them but otherwise the authors done great on the grammar.

Characters so far are good, growing with newer characters added in with a good touch giving them somewhat of a feel to them already. Stories young and chapters few but still you can feel them some what.

Races, already we can see one early race is indeed just plain dumb but alas still funny watching them fall! Others have already had enough put into place within the stories info so far in the chapters to give some idea of what there society is like and built, somewhat anyway if you got an imagination.

Heck I'll end it here, its a dungeon but its style/element isn't one I can personally say I remember coming across at all if ever and already the possibilities are great esp if you add in the smooth grammar and growth of the story/characters.


Final ending, give it a shot and I personally think you may also find yourself with another bookmark/favorite down the line.

P.S. sticking to 4 stars since it is a brand new story, some might find that too high but I'm sticking to it.