Oratoria: Bury the Dead

Oratoria: Bury the Dead

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Deep down near the very bottom of the great abyss of Oratoria, where dead things slumber only during the day, is where Esper lives alone. Ragged and hungry, she makes a desperate final bid to escape from the lifeless place she is trapped in as strange, unseen forces conspire to stop her every step of the way.

Guided by an ancient whisper that is carried by the rising winds coming up from the bottom of the abyss, she must surmount the grim machinations coming into motion as she begins her journey up towards the ever distant surface, which she desperately dreams to see.

(Complete!) (Neuro-Divergant Protagonist) (Classic Fantasy) (Dark)

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Table of Contents
43 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Bury the dead ago
2: The Burrow ago
3: Daylight hour ago
4: The tired Man || 5: Momento mori ago
6: Bubble bubble ago
7: The way ago
8: The touch ago
9: The dark hours ago
10: Thump in the night ago
11: Good tidings ago
12: The magistrate's home || 13: The thing that whispers ago
14: The plan ago
15: New-world bureaucracy ago
16: Exchange on the landing || 17: The words of the smiling man ago
18: Hang the witch ago
19: Family Values || 20: By a Thread ago
21: Two ways ago
22: End of the road ago
23: Rise untowards ago
24: Breakfast ago
25: The city of Achtel ago
26: The shopping man || 27: Cleansing ago
28: The falling man || 29: Hot food and warm beds ago
30: Whispers in the dark || 31: The good word ago
32: Leaving Achtel ago
33: The way she goes ago
34: Home Cooking || 35: The bad night ago
36: Nightbirds sleep ago
37: Siebtel ago
38: Bone-Dry Tavern ago
39: A day's work ago
40: The dying of the light ago
41: Hold the circle || 42: As a feather ago
43: The waking world ago
44: Blood money || 45: The city of Siebtel ago
46: Eb the flow || 47: A day off ago
48: Return to the tavern || 49: What must be done ago
50: Rinse and repeat || 51: The old rising ago
52: Stop for no man || 53: Punishment ago
54: Unto Autumn ago
55: The greater good ago
56: Higher ago
Chapter 57: THE END ago

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Tremendous Horror Mystery...Also Terrifying

Reviewed at: 10: Thump in the night

This is an absolute tour de force of the horror mystery subgenre, with a strong nod to Pan's Labyrinth.  There's something dark and creeping for you, but you don't know what it is.  That's what this is. Esper lives on a (literal and metaphorical) bottom-rung of a society built into the cliff-faces of a grand chasm. She desperately begins her journey up-cliff, only to be followed by the grim horror of (let's call them) the undead. This is so well done that I can easily imagine it being filmed on a budget with some clever shot composition rather than dealing with the insanity of a cliff-side society.

That said, I will admit I didn't finish it, but that's a personal thing. I read the first ten chapters, then skimmed 54-57, and the ending is really quite a trip.