The Prince of the Sand

The Prince of the Sand

by Kaoseto

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

“Today you have to be the strongest man of all, son. After we deliver you, you will survive, and we will die.”

When the Xalya Dungeon is about to fall under the attack of an alliance of savages, the last lord of the steppe entrusts his firstborn with a painful mission: Dashvara has to pass himself off as a member of an enemy clan, as a Shalussi, to exact revenge in a shameful way. Forced to see his people killed or enslaved, this heartbroken but still proud and humorous steppe man will soon be dragged in a surprising adventure that will shake his will and beliefs.

This story follows Dashvara as he struggles through foreign lands and discovers that the world is not only made of deserts and horses but also of “civilized” societies with strong bureaucracy and slave-based systems.

Author's note: The fantasy setting has some ancient Roman influences. Also, expect a bit of slice-of-life and comedy along Dashvara's philosophical journey. Despite the “gore” tag, violence is not the focus of this story and descriptions are not particularly gruesome.

Updates Mondays and Fridays.

This is a Creative Commons By work. It is a reworked and continued translation of a trilogy I wrote in Spanish between 2016 and 2018.

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Life reaper

Word Count (14)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A knight of the Dahars ago
2. The caravan of death ago
3. The White Hand ago
4. The chain link ago
5. Bashak ago
6. Shalussi life ago
7. Training ago
8. The Dahars ago
9. When a hand trembles ago
10. A tear of gratitude ago
11. A son's duty ago
12. The Tunnels of Aïgstia ago
13. The combat of the feather ago
14. The Faerecio ago
15. Rescue ago
16. The Pearl Brotherhood ago
17. The patron's house ago
18. The Rain Path ago
19. The Most Illustrious Republic ago
20. In the canal ago
21. The Supreme ago
22. The Poisoned-woman ago
23. The fury ago
24. Will ago
25. At Kroon’s table ago
26. Freedom ago
(Book 2) 27. The swamps of Ariltuan ago
28. Compassion ago
29. Green cloud ago
30. A rhyme ago
31. The Doomed ago
32. The Tower of Sympathy ago
33. The Eye of Death ago
34. A captain's pride ago
35. The Eternal Bird ago
36. A choice ago
37. Farewell, flies and swamps ago
38. The Red Dragon ago
39. The Journey of Peace ago
40. A diner among brothers ago
41. A slave contract ago
42. Arrival: Atasiag’s villa ago
43. Twenty-three princes from the Border ago
44. The Lord of the Slaves ago
45. Legitimates and workers ago
46. Tasks ago
47. Xalya crisis ago
48. Punishments ago
49. Citizen Life ago
50. The most hated enemy ago
51. Enraged truce ago
52. A critical encounter ago
53. Banishment ago

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