"Uhh, Lia?... why me? Couldn't you have chosen any other person? How about a criminal or thief, someone bad! Why me? I'm a good person! I don't want to go out there with my only goal, to infect everyone"

While half of my body was still on the bed, my other half was on the hard floor. It made for a very uncomfortable position, but regardless, I was too stunned to even bother with that. I was angry at its, or her, decisions. Shouldn't I be one of the survivors, you know, those that live on and defeat the apocalypse. Not someone who would effectively infiltrate humanity and sabotage them internally, but they would do that regardless. I can't really imagine us being calm and civil within a major disaster. Something is bound to happen and destroy humanity somehow, whether it's ourselves or others.

I know your freaking out, Charles. But remain calm. The Assistants were given to people at random, some special people were chosen by specific Assistants, but you weren't. There is about 5 million assistants including those who have sponsored a creature or organism. It was just luck that brought me to you, no one could've done anything.

"So your saying, I was randomly picked to be the bad guy?"

Sadly, yes you are. It wasn't a plant, or animal that got picked, or any other person, but it was you that ended up with the short end of the stick. But you aren't necessarily the bad guy, think about it. What type of virus are you spreading?

"Why are you asking me? I thought you were the assistant, not me. Although on that note, what am I spreading? A disease, the virus itself, zombie germs. Eww, zombie germs sounds gross! It's technically just corpse germs, but that's still disgusting"

Finally getting up from my floor, I sat myself on my disheveled bed. It was creased and messy, due to my unconscious movement whilst in bed.

The type of virus you're spreading, is called the IO virus. It's a practically invisible virus that infects a victim through their blood and spreads throughout their body. Once the process begins, it's very unlikely for the person to have any symptoms before turning. Before turning into a zombie, which are mindless creatures who are attracted to humans and every living thing.

"This isn't helping at all! Stop misleading me, I'm still the bad guy! Why couldn't it be a cure or something else nice, what was ever so wrong with vaccines or medicine?"

Falling into my pillow, I stared up to the ceiling. What is actually happening? I still can't fully grasp my head round the situation, and now I'm suddenly the bad guy. Hopefully this is a simulation, hopefully I'm still in bed, hopefully this isn't real!


Suddenly a massive bang was heard from my window. Bringing myself to the window that gazed out into landscape full of Seoul buildings and lights, I looked for the source of the sound. Turning myself to the side to get a better glimpse, it happened again. A wave of vibrations washed over my apartment room with every bang.



"Lia? Do you know what's happening right now? I thought the apocalypse wasn't happening just yet, it's only been a few minutes. You said I had 2 hours!"

Charles, you aren't the only one with an Assistant. These sounds are just effects of people receiving their Assistants, but for some reason, they're quite early. They usually receive them after the apocalypse starts. Watch out for these people, Charles.

"Why should I stay away? Is it becuase of my assistant, or what I'm going to be doing? Or is it becuase they're special?"

You're correct. They're probably very special and very powerful to have received their Assistants early on. These people will become very influential individuals in the future and will have a better grasp on the situation that's about to happen. Becuase you have me, the infection Assistant, you'll be massively targeted and stopped as soon as possible. But that's only if they know, that's why you should avoid these people to get out of trouble in the future. I don't want my sponser dying on me, you hear!

I groaned, this sounded like a pain in the ass. How do I even recognise these people, it's not like I'm an excellent detective either. Let's just hope I don't accidentally encounter them any time soon. Scratching my back, it was all sweaty from this mornings conversation. I guess I'm a bit too stressed at the moment with all this information. Taking off my sweaty clothes, I went to my closet and grabbed some althletic clothes and went to the bathroom.


Looking over at the floating text, I squirted my eyes at it weirdly. Why could a higher being be so flustered over someone like me taking off my clothes. I'd admit that I have well above average looks, but surely that's not the problem. Is the Assistant a girl? But why is she like... that? Shaking my head, I casually covered my lower body with the clothes in hand.

"Just don't look, I'm sure you can do that. Right?"

I hope this Assistant isn't always on me. I like some friendship here and there, but I do get annoyed easily if I'm stuck with someone for too long. Hopefully she can't watch me the whole time she's my Assistant, or else that's pretty weird. Shivering at the thought, I made my way to the bathroom to shower despite Lia's reprimands and shouting.

Once I had taken a hot shower, it felt suspicious. Although the floating text didn't follow me into the bathroom, or at least I didn't see it, once I got back it was still its crimson colour. Making me fear she could see me the whole time. Talk about awkward, am I right?

W-what's with the- your clothes? Couldn't you have just... W-w-what a great and awesome outfit you are currently wearing! I-I love- I HATE IT!... It looks great?

Is she alright? Did she somehow get sick while I was taking a shower, what happened?

"Please, just stop. Your making this so much worse..."

Hearing a small sorry from Lia, I sighed. I somehow felt sorry, but I didn't voice my concern. Stretching my neck, I went to the kitchen. Since last night, it was still a mess with dishes pilling in the sink. Plates still out, and many drawers remaining open. Maybe I wasn't that sober last night. Note to self, your not a heavy weight!

Opening the rice cooker, I placed some washed rice into the machine. As I waited for my rice, I opened my fridge to grab some leftover fish from yesterday along with some ingredients to cook into a soup. Grabbing some kimchi, I started cooking. My hands didn't over exaggerate, I did things meticulously yet calmly. There wasn't even much to do, so my breakfast was finished very fast.

Grabbing my meal and placing it on the table in front of my television, I switched it on with the remote. Nothing much was on, so I kept it running while I listened with a mouth full of my breakfast.

Umm, Charles? You seem fairly calm knowing the end will some soon. Why? I was told most humans panic at the sight of danger, why aren't you?

"Its because I'm built differ- No, I'm just kidding. I guess I've always been like this, not too sound cool or anything, but I guess I started when I was young I think? It when I was able to consciously see how I'm different from other kids. They had friends and parents, while I had to do chores and work for my orphanage. Not saying they were bad or anything, but it was certainly not that fun for a childhood. I guess I grew up numb, or cold as some would say. I could argue, but I'd get nothing from it. I'm just like that"

Readjusting my sitting, I twisted my body to crack the joins in my back and limbs.

*Craacckk* *Pop*

"Ahhh, that feels better"

Why do you that? I find it disgusting and gross. Just hearing those makes me feel weird.

"Someone like you doesn't like cracking, or the sound of cracking? As someone who is the infection Assistant, I thought you'd be a bit more... aggressive? No, less girlish? No, that's not it either-"

Stop being so rude! That was uncalled for, you hurt my feelings. I'm your Assistant and this is how you treat me? Then, fine!

"Exactly! You don't seem like an infection Assistant! Are you sure your an infection Assistant?"

So you want to see me in action, huh. I guess it can't be helped! Once you finish breakfast, let's go out. I'll show you how it's done! Then I'll make you wish you didn't treat me better! Now hurry up!


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