Hello, I'm your virtual assistant, Lia!

Not the greatest sight to wake up to, but at least it was a tame one compared to other illusions I woke up to before. Brushing back my hair, I groaned and tried grabbing a glass of water to clear my head. Once I downed the half empty glass, I rubbed my forehead and tried thinking straight. What's my name? Charles, no last name because I'm an orphan. Where do I live? In a shitty apartment in Korea surrounded by very suspicious alleyways and  neighbours. What's my occupation? I work at a local restaurant as a waiter and get paid an average amount, I'm no rich guy. Why am I in bed, sweating buckets? I... don't know.

The last thing I remembered, was going out with some friends and then getting some drinks with them. Nothing too much, I was pretty good at not drinking too much. You never know when they needed a ride home, or something like that. After that mess, I went home and ate some ice cream. My stomach was still grumbling for some food and I wasn't opposing it.

Once I was getting tired from the television and my eyes hurt, I went to bed and set my alarm. That was it! But, what happened? Why is there a floating red screen in my face? Am I in virtual reality? When did we get this good at replicating reality? But I don't remember there being technology this advanced, nor did I remember putting on a VR headset of any kind before sleeping. Did I get kidnapped? Hello!?

Hello there, Charles! My name is Lia!


Falling from my bed, I feel onto the cold wooden floor of my apartment. Did that screen just talk back at me?

Yes I did! My name is Lia!

Ok, now I'm freaked out. WHAT IS HAPPENING!? But before I could even calm myself, I heard a response from the text. Yes, heard. It apparently had a voice, but it didn't talk before. I wonder.

Charles, I know your freaking out, but remain calm. Right now... the apocalypse is coming. You have 2 hours to prepare, and I'm here to help! Also, my name is Lia!

Apocalypse, hmm. Like, zombies and all that? Groaning whilst still on the floor, I thought about it all. It was way too sudden for me to react in a more proper and logical way. There's no such thing as zombies and monsters... but there is such thing as a nuclear apocalypse. What if it's not zombies! But war!

"Hey, L-Lia?"

Yup? What's up~ You called my name? Which is Lia!

Let's try and be careful with my words. I don't know what it is or how it's even appearing in front of me. For all I know, this could be a trap!

"What are you exactly and what is this apocalypse?"

What's coming in 2 hours, is a zombie apocalypse. The thing you humans always fake in your movies. You know, the typical zombies, mindless flesh-eating monsters. I'm called Lia!

Good, so it's not something like that. But bad news, it worse. At least nukes can be called off or something like that, I don't really know. But, zombies? We're all dead if they last forever. But as I went over my thoughts, something was pulling at me.

"Lia? So, what are you, besides being named Lia. Is there anything else about you, are you an A.I, robot, test?

Good question, Charles. No, I'm not some pathetic A.I or robot or some dumb test. To be exact, I am an Assistant. A higher being sponsoring a chosen being in your world. You'll find people like me everywhere from now on! My specific identity, which sets me apart from everyone else, is my name. It's Lia!

"Then why have you sponsered me then? Why is your kind, sponsoring us? You said beings, so does that mean creatures and other living organisms have assistants? What is your purpose anyway? What are you really, and what's with these weird texts?"

Catcing my own breath, I felt myself relax. My shoulders were surprisingly tense despite me not believing a word from this voice. This is probably a simulation, maybe someone is testing how people react to certain scenarios. I'm just one of those people selected at random! Yeah...

You asked what am I? Let's redo our introductions, shall we?

Hello! I'm your virtual Assistant, Lia! The infection assistant. Nice to meet you too, Charles. My one and only goal on Earth, is for the world to be infected and for everyone to be mindless zombies.

Great.... just great....


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