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The mind is a fragile thing. One slip and the shattered pieces are so innumerable that reconstruction is impossible.

One such Theodore Chatwood is unfortunately very familiar with that sentiment. From a young age, frequent visions of horrid, incomprehensible beings plagued his mind, and it only became worse with time.

They speak in colors, whispering in ageless language... They wait in corners, watching intently. The world harbors much more than meets the blind eye.

Do not fret, though. Simply take the syringe. Hold your breath. Close your eyes. It will all be finished soon...

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I hesitated on every chapter

Reviewed at: Deep dive

I'm going to be honest, I'm loving Witness. The whole story is so Eire and draining, that the 'hallucinations' themselves are starting to feel warm and cozy. Enough gushing, lets get this review in gear!

Style: The style is incredible, with effective and insidious tone setting working into every word. The environment, the people, a seemingly innocent coat, everything sends slow tendrils down your spine. I had trouble clicking the button to go to the next chapter, the mood and theme are so well integrated.

Story: Set in the days before humanity cast its scientific light onto the unknown, set in the dreariest and historically grim London with a diagnosed Schizophrenic narrator, you are in for a ride. The action is seamless, with carefully built tension rising and falling organically to keep you on the edge of your seat. While we haven't yet hit the meat of the tale I'm sure, steady progression and smooth transitions keep you interested and immersed. I am eager to see what happens next.

Grammar: I was introduced to Witness from Headcase, which AdmiralMonkeyMan beta reads. Given the excellent grammar there, I was not surprised to see that Witness maintains a similar level of writing.

Character: All of the characters are unique, consistent, and feel well rounded and believable within the context of the story. I even like a few.