Misadventures Incorporated

Misadventures Incorporated

by Spicy Space Squid

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
The greatest of adventures are never planned, nor do they necessarily start on the best of terms. But that does not mean that every sporadic escapade is sure to be good—a lesson that Claire Augustus, aristocrat, tomboy, and unwilling sacrifice, is forced to learn the hard way. Thrown in a dungeon she failed to anticipate, she has little choice but to kill her way out or fall in the process. All while coming to terms with a certain close contact's betrayal.

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Cover is WIP and by Shiuwo.
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Spicy Space Squid

Spicy Space Squid

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Reviewing at 5 chapters so there isn't a large amount to base a review on. What is here is quite good so far. Grammer is excellent and the writing isn't awkward of monotonous which is very rare for this type of story.

The story so far is exactly what it says on the tin. A girl from a fantasy world finding her way in a mysterious dungeon full of monsters. If you're a fan of these kind of stories then this already has a few strong points setting it ahead of the pack appart from the proficiency of the writing.

TL:DR give it a read if you like dungeons crawls


Misadventures Incorporated is a slow-burning classic dungeon-runner following a halfbreed whose cosy life is upheaved as she finds herself without her class, her weapons, and even her clothes at times.

Style: The story follows a third-person perspective with an inner-monologue from the protagonist, Claire, with some view swapping when she encounters other humanoids. With an almost over-explained way of descriptive text, the work is set up to paint a massive picture to then desecrate with blood, gore, and action-packed fights. It takes 7 chapters to finish a day, and that slow approach carries on throughout. The way the author describes some locations or events is startlingly well done. It can feel over-explained at times but this story has some of the best writing I've seen.

Story: Starting off with a jump from her world into a dungeon, the backstory is pushed aside in preference of flashbacks or thoughts that reveal Claire's past life. Most of the beginning segments are around her improvements from being reset, crafting makeshift gear, and understanding the way everything works. There are smatterings of humour about, though at times it does get overwhelming to the point that it certainly fits the bill of its comedy genre. The system that Claire has also gives her backhanded compliments alongside straight-up insults which is refreshing to see, though the overuse of the catgirl meme does grate on me personally as I hate that.

Grammar: There was very little wrong in the way of spelling or grammar, though a few fixes have been made before I started reading. I loved that the author uses the UK spelling for words, though it is odd that they use US styling for punctuations but that isn't an issue as it is still a correct style to use.

Character: Claire is described incredibly slowly, you won't even get the whole shebang in the current 14 chapters, at least not enough to fully picture her body. The cover art seems like a close approximation but is often off-putting against her own explanations of her aesthetic. She has a funny personality that plays off of a slightly spoilt brat lady at times and an annoyed ex-caster at others. She often spends 3 paragraphs evaluating her options which adds to the slow pace of the story, though this is a good look into her analytical and noble-spellcaster upbringing.

Uncle Ret

The style is decent.  It could lean more towards showing than telling, but it is engaging to me overall.  A decent mix of sentence and paragraph length and structure give the story a dynamic rather than monotonous feel.

The grammar is a rare treat from my experience on Royal Road.   I haven't had any of the usual misspellings, miss-used words, nor any incomplete or repeated thoughts jump out at me in so many other works published or here on RR.

I am finding the story thus far interesting.  There is a large mystery regarding the main character's origins before the story's start and where it might lead her when she completes the immediate challenges.  What kind of family and social environment led her to make such a huge sacrifice?  If she survives, what kind of situation will she be returning to?   Apart from just staying alive, what is going to be her motivation?

So far, only the main character has had meaningful content provided in the narrative.  She is likable and clever.  I'm looking forward to seeing how her development progresses in future chapters.  Having been stripped of her original classes and skills, and placed into a dangerous environment, she actively looks for creative ways to use the resources available to her to thrive.

My overall opinion is that the story is generally well written and has promising potential.  I wouldn't say that I find it compelling at this stage, as I am not currently invested in the MC or story.  I am curious enough to continue reading the next chapters once they are posted, however.


Overall: 4.5


Style 3.5: Starting with the weakest element first, one thing that I might "accuse" this story of is doing is a lot of telling and not enough showing. Personally, I love when ideas are communicated naturally instead of the author expecting that we simply take their word for it. This author's tendency to tell rather than show creates wordy descriptions and excessively long paragraphs which can be daunting to some readers. Subsequently, it also creates a very contained and internal feeling. Though this could be a matter of preference, I think the author could benefit from adding a little more dialogue and shorter paragraphs to dispel the deeply internal feel of it all.


Grammar 5.0: the grammar is flawless. I could find nothing wrong, and the author clearly has a strong background in writing fundamentals. The grammar was pristine, and it was so refreshing to find a story on this site with consistent tensing. Really, really impressed with the author's ability to write.


Story 4.5: In terms of story, it is a classic LitRPG with system mechanics and a dungeon narrative. I have seen this done a thousand times on this site, but I enjoyed this author's approach more than I have enjoyed any other LitRPG I’ve read. This certainly speaks to the author's ability as a writer. The creatures are interesting and described organically, and the author's narrative structure flows nicely. I feel I can’t really comment any further on the story itself as it is simply following a pre-prescribed blue print. Despite that, however, it still manages to be really nicely done.


Character: the main character, Claire, is interesting, for the most part. She seems, at times, sort of reckless with a thoughtlessness nearly verging on dumb, but this actually brings an interesting duality with her background as a noble. In terms of her background as a noble, we still don't know much which creates an enticing promise of things to come. I wish, however, that there were more characters. Basically, she’s sassy and clever, which is largely to be expected.


Additionally, Some might find the slow pacing to be a drag, but I really enjoy the slow pace -- especially since most of my interactions with LitRPG's have seen extremely fast-paced, rushed narratives with little purpose other than to arrive at power-ups and other gratifications as fast as possible. This LitRPG gives more careful attention to the substance of its narrative instead of just creating a literary theme-park.


All in all, I recommend this story due to its wonderful grammar and attention to narrative.



The story is of high quality and written well with so far some interesting plot descriptions and fight scenes. With the popularity of Lit RPG I cannot speak to its uniqueness but for the genre, it is definitely worth a read.

The balance between lit RPG and story is good throughout the story, there was only one chapter where I felt quite overtaken by the bold text, however, it is written in a humorous way so that adds some balance to it. I often skip stories where half the text is stats and that mumbo jumbo, fortunately, this story is not one of them.
There are quite a few moments with a statement followed by a phrase like ‘she was wrong’ or ‘And go wrong they did’ maybe replacing one or two with something else e.g. description if it going wrong would just make it less apparent.
Some great description and imagery especially e.g. when you introduced the library, hellhog etc.

From what I’ve read so far, the story looks promising. However, most of what I’ve read has only encompassed a short span of time and fights. So I cannot give a final view on the story. So far what I have read has definitely piqued my interest as the author has given just the right amount of information to leave me curious about how the MC got there and what the future might hold.
There was one cliché in the old man giving vague hints just as the mc left earshot but how else do you give the reader that kind of info without it feeling too forced.

Didn’t notice any issues at all so I have little to say on the matter.

I have only met two characters so far so I cannot give much thought to the characters relations. However, Claire so far seems to be a likeable, and believable character in all but one aspect I thought. She is well written and shown to be believable smart and resourceful e.g. fighting the hell hog after it was injured/ not fight head-on. However, there was one part that I felt was like Sherlock Holmes level of deductive which may have been more believable with another line or two giving the character more time to think on it.
This was the section about her saying she wasn’t going to get any real answers and this was because of the survival rate. I just felt like she reached this conclusion extremely quickly, linking the man she just met to how every expedition must have met him and he must have given poor answers or more would have survived. Maybe he had given perfect explanations but the dungeon was so difficult they perished anyway.


It got me reading. That's it. I started and wanted to continue to read.


Style: The dialogues are nice, although not that many showed up in the beginning, they feel like they happen at the right time and with the right motivations. I also like the descriptive part. It's detailed without being over-detailed. It gives something concrete of the scenario but allows you to picture a nice part of the situation. I consider this to be slow-paced, but you could also give it a fast pace because everything happens so fast in a way, but slow and sure in others.

Story: It has a nice plotline. A girl that was being sacrificed decided she rather go to a dungeon with a low survivability rate than just die without doing anything. It's rather lacking on how everything works at the beginning, but everything gets eventually explained throughout the story. The action scenes are detailed and well made without being an overwhelming part of the story, which is nice.

Grammar: By no means am I a professional in this area. As such, I couldn't really identify any typos that the author made, and it flowed nicely, so I guess no switched tenses or something like that.

Characters: Not that many characters appeared until the part that I read, but they seemed natural. Not robotic like they are there to develop the MC's personality, but there to give a way to the story, and to give substance to it.

Overall, it's a nice story that will only continue to grow since it has lots of potentials, but it's rather bland at the moment. I like to read it, but not in one sitting as I do with most fiction. It's perfect for a casual read, and you should definitely give it a try if you have read the description until now.



I think Misadventures Incorporated definitely has what it takes to become a very popular story on the site. So long as you remember the title of the series, you will have a fun time reading it.

I enjoy comedy stories, so I am obviously biased, but I really liked the style and flow of the story. I particularly liked how Claire's moments of moral crisis cause her to imagine a proverbial shoulder demon for advice. The layout for the level ups and skills is very well done as well, making everything clear and concise.

I don't think I saw a asingle grammatical error in the fifteen currently released chapters, so good job :) Reads very well with TTS too.

The story is lacking a little in focus at the moment, but I think that will change soon. I am more than willing to come back and adjust my assessment down the line. The reason for this is largely because not a whole lot of time has passed in the story thus far, so establishing a central plot is obviously going to be difficult.

Claire herself is  quite entertaining, so far as solo running protagonists go, and I think the author has done a really good job with her considering the solo party dynamic. The comedic nature of the story makes it tricky to pin down the few other characters that have appeared in the story thus far. All the more so, since Claire dictates and determines the potential dialogues and interactions. With that in mind, I think the other characters are pretty good from what I was able to tell from the limited interactions.

So on the whole, I would deinitely recomend the story for anyone looking for a semi-serious sungeon adventure story. I have certainly had fun reading it, and I am looking forward to reading more in the future :)


Not Impressed So Far; Slow Pace, Little Awkward

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - First Contact V

(Update through ch. 12).

The writing is decent and I think there's definitely an audience for this story.  That said, there are a number of features that may turn off some readers. 

First, it's very slow.  The first 7 chapters cover a single day, and the next 5 don't fare much better.  Given the general shape of the plot (which is a bit of a fool's errand to begin with), I'd estimate it would take a thousand chapters to finish the story (+/- 300).  Overall, it's very slice-of-life-y. That said, there are a lot of descriptions of what the protagonist encounters, including the environment, that are quite nice and descriptive.  This is however perhaps a little too focused on the diorama of the mind created by the fiction.  Further, the fight scenes really drag on, with bushels of the protagonist's inner thoughts intruding on the action.

Second, despite the high level of detail expressed, and the deep worldbuilding that must be going on behind the scenes, we are left with oodles and oodles of questions.  This is a little frustrating because what is and isn't revealed to the reader is a bit haphazard and doesn't feel well put together.

For example, the question why the protagonist's racial class is Halfbreed takes nearly ten chapters to answer.  It's a small point, but because it's so small, it should have been answered in passing much earlier on, especially as it seems relevant to her background as a character, and while some answer is provided, we are still left with little regarding who she is/was. 

Third, I think the synopsis is misleading. Yes, Claire is stuck in a dungeon and must now fight to survive.  That's the basics.  But,

"The greatest of adventures are never planned, nor do they necessarily start on the best of terms." >> There is no indication this is right.  Rather, it does seem like she planned to get involved with the Library. 

"But that does not mean that every sporadic escapade is sure to be good—a lesson that Claire Augustus, aristocrat, tomboy, and unwilling sacrifice, is forced to learn the hard way."  >> Claire loses her last name almost immediately, there's no indication she is a tomboy (to the contrary, she is portrayed as a useless noble), and there's no indication she's a sacrifice, let alone unwilling.  Instead, it seems like she planned to get involved with the Library. 

"Thrown in a dungeon she failed to anticipate, she has little choice but to kill her way out or fall in the process." >> Again, it seems like she planned to get involved with the Library, which likely would involve a dungeon. Hardly unanticipated. 

"All while coming to terms with a certain close contact's betrayal." >> Nothing really mentioned here.  She's upset with her father in some way, but that can't be a "close contact." 

All in all, I would not recommend this to a general audience, though I would recommend it to someone specifically looking for an aesthetic, slice-of-life LitRPG involving exploring a dungeon.

Mister J.

Wil update this after i read the rest.


But the first chapter was a sluggish experience.

Too much info dump. To little actual story.

With too little that actually matters xD.


Still giving it a try. But i need somethin sweet first, for my brain.

So i can focus on this fully.





Well it's not my beer.

To forced and quickened pace. Maybe it gets better later on?

But 153 Wisdom or something + periodic high fetched words. That don't make a difference. The character seems forced to be smart, but acts rather dumb. Which is cringeworthy. The same as characters who were once assasin masters and swear like 5 year olds ... and similar characteristics. When they don't match, it just feels wrong.

Like she could have killed the hellhog quite in an easy fashion. By simply following her first plan and then running away, waiting for it to succumb to its newest injury.


I couldn't go trough all chapters. Just too much that doesn't match and too much forced plot stuff.