Misadventures Incorporated

Misadventures Incorporated

by Spicy Space Squid
Editor: Speedphoenix

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content
The greatest of adventures are never planned, nor do they necessarily start on the best of terms. But that does not mean that every sporadic escapade is sure to be good—a lesson that Claire Augustus, aristocrat, tomboy, and unwilling sacrifice, is forced to learn the hard way. Thrown in a dungeon she failed to anticipate, she has little choice but to kill her way out or fall in the process. All while coming to terms with a certain close contact's betrayal.

Updates every Wednesday and Sunday.

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Spicy Space Squid

Spicy Space Squid

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Table of Contents
188 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1 Art Gallery ago
Chapter 1 - A Mossy Awakening ago
Chapter 2 - A Mossy Awakening II ago
Chapter 3 - A Mossy Awakening III ago
Chapter 4 - A Mossy Awakening IV ago
Chapter 5 - A Mossy Awakening V ago
Chapter 6 - A Mossy Awakening VI ago
Chapter 7 - A Mossy Awakening VII ago
Chapter 8 - First Contact ago
Chapter 9 - First Contact II ago
Chapter 10 - First Contact III ago
Chapter 11 - First Contact IV ago
Chapter 12 - First Contact V ago
Chapter 13 - First Contact VI ago
Chapter 14 - First Contact VII ago
Chapter 15 - First Contact VIII ago
Chapter 16 - The Night's Knell ago
Chapter 17 - The Night's Knell II ago
Chapter 18 - The Night's Knell III ago
Chapter 19 - The Night's Knell IV ago
Chapter 20 - Pests and Poisons ago
Chapter 21 - Pests and Poisons II ago
Chapter 22 - Pests and Poisons III ago
Chapter 23 - Pests and Poisons IV ago
Chapter 24 - Pests and Poisons V ago
Chapter 25 - Pests and Poisons VI ago
Chapter 26 - Pests and Poisons VII ago
Chapter 27 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes ago
Chapter 28 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes II ago
Chapter 29 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes III ago
Chapter 30 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes IV ago
Chapter 31 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes V ago
Chapter 32 - The Secret Lives of Llystletein Foxes VI ago
Chapter 33 - Darkwood Hollow ago
Chapter 34 - Darkwood Hollow II ago
Chapter 35 - Darkwood Hollow III ago
Chapter 36 - Darkwood Hollow IV ago
Chapter 37 - Darkwood Hollow V ago
Chapter 38 - Edge of the Abyss ago
Chapter 39 - Edge of the Abyss II ago
Chapter 40 - Edge of the Abyss III ago
Chapter 41 - Edge of the Abyss IV ago
Chapter 42 - Close Encounters of the Barely Intelligible ago
Chapter 43 - Close Encounters of the Barely Intelligible II ago
Chapter 44 - Close Encounters of the Barely Intelligible III ago
Chapter 45 - Close Encounters of the Barely Intelligible IV ago
Chapter 46 - Close Encounters of the Barely Intelligible V ago
Chapter 47 - The Corruptor’s Realm ago
Chapter 48 - The Corruptor’s Realm II ago
Chapter 49 - The Corruptor’s Realm III ago
Chapter 50 - The Corruptor’s Realm IV ago
Chapter 51 - The Corruptor’s Realm V ago
Chapter 52 - The Corruptor’s Realm VI ago
Chapter 53 - The Corruptor’s Realm VII ago
Chapter 54 - The Corruptor’s Realm VIII ago
Chapter 54.5 - The Librarian, the Pervert, and the Grouch ago
Chapter 55 - The Corruptor’s Realm IX ago
Chapter 56 - The Corruptor’s Realm X ago
Chapter 57 - The Corruptor’s Realm XI ago
Chapter 58 — Gods and Illusions ago
Chapter 59 — Gods and Illusions II ago
Chapter 60 — Gods and Illusions III ago
Chapter 61 — Gods and Illusions IV ago
Chapter 62 — Gods and Illusions V ago
Chapter 63 — Gods and Illusions VI ago
Chapter 64 — Gods and Illusions VII ago
Chapter 65 — A New Quest ago
Chapter 66 — A New Quest II ago
Chapter 67 — A New Quest III ago
Chapter 68/0 - Prologue: The Curse of the Withered Rose ago
Volume 2 Art Gallery ago
Chapter 69 - The Cursed Effigy ago
Chapter 70 - The Cursed Effigy II ago
Chapter 71 - The Cursed Effigy III ago
Chapter 72 - The Cursed Effigy IV ago
Chapter 73 - The Cursed Effigy V ago
Chapter 74 - The Cursed Effigy VI ago
Chapter 75 - The Cursed Effigy VII ago
Chapter 76 - The Cursed Effigy VIII ago
Chapter 77 - The Descent ago
Chapter 78 - The Descent II ago
Chapter 79 - The Descent III ago
Chapter 80 - The Descent IV ago
Chapter 81 - The Weaver's Map ago
Chapter 82 - The Weaver's Map II ago
Chapter 83 - The Weaver's Map III ago
Chapter 84 - The Weaver's Map IV ago
Chapter 85 - The Weaver's Map V ago
Chapter 86 - The Weaver's Map VI ago
Chapter 87 - The Weaver's Map VII ago
Chapter 88 - The Weaver's Map VIII ago
Chapter 89 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs ago
Chapter 90 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs II ago
Chapter 90.5 Through a Thousand Lenses ago
Chapter 91 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs III ago
Chapter 92 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs IV ago
Chapter 93 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs V ago
Chapter 94 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs VI ago
Chapter 95 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs VII ago
Chapter 96 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs VIII ago
Chapter 97 - Giant Frogs and Wooden Dogs IX ago
Chapter 98 - Dreams and Delusions ago
Chapter 99 - Dreams and Delusions II ago
Chapter 100 - Dreams and Delusions III ago
Chapter 101 - Dreams and Delusions IV ago
Chapter 102 -Dreams And Delusions V ago
Chapter 103 - Dreams and Delusions VI ago
Chapter 104 - Dreams and Delusions VII ago
Chapter 105 - Dreams and Delusions VIII ago
Chapter 106 - Dreams and Delusions IX ago
Chapter 106.5 - A Song of Insult and Injury ago
Chapter 107 - Eel Season ago
Chapter 108 - Eel Season II ago
Chapter 109 - Eel Season III ago
Chapter 110 - Eel Season IV ago
Chapter 111 - Eel Season V ago
Chapter 112 - Eel Season VI ago
Chapter 113 - Eel Season VII ago
Chapter 114 - The One-Legged Kraken ago
Chapter 115 - The One-Legged Kraken II ago
Chapter 116 - The One-Legged Kraken III ago
Chapter 117 - The One-Legged Kraken IV ago
Chapter 118 - The One-Legged Kraken V ago
Chapter 119 - The One-Legged Kraken VI ago
Chapter 120 - Two Blades and a Tail ago
Chapter 121 - Two Blades and a Tail II ago
Chapter 122 - Two Blades and a Tail III ago
Chapter 123 - Two Blades and a Tail IV ago
Chapter 124 - Two Blades and a Tail V ago
Chapter 125 - Two Blades and a Tail VI ago
Chapter 126 - Two Blades and a Tail VII ago
Chapter 127 - Two Blades and a Tail VIII ago
Chapter 128 - Two Blades and a Tail IX ago
Chapter 129 - Two Blades and a Tail X ago
Chapter 130 - Two Blades and a Tail XI ago
Chapter 131 - Two Blades and a Tail XII ago
Chapter 132 - Two Blades and a Tail XIII ago
Chapter 133 - Willow in the Western Wind ago
Chapter 134 - Willow in the Western Wind II ago
Chapter 135 - Willow in the Western Wind III ago
Chapter 136 - Willow in the Western Wind IV ago
Chapter 137 - Willow in the Western Wind V ago
Chapter 138 - To the Ryllian Sea ago
Chapter 139 - Epilogue - One Final Memory ago
Volume 3 Art Gallery ago
Chapter 140 - Prologue - The Lady of House Augustus and the Battle of Meerfog Gorge ago
Chapter 141 - A Day in Vel’khan ago
Chapter 142 - A Day in Vel’khan II ago
Chapter 143 - A Day in Vel’khan III ago
Chapter 144 - A Day in Vel’khan IV ago
Chapter 145 - A Day in Vel’khan V ago
Chapter 146 - The Thunder God’s Temple ago
Chapter 147 - The Thunder God’s Temple II ago
Chapter 148 - The Thunder God’s Temple III ago
Chapter 149 - The Thunder God’s Temple IV ago
Chapter 150 - The Thunder God’s Temple V ago
Chapter 151 - Farenlight’s Den ago
Chapter 152 - Farenlight’s Den II ago
Chapter 153 - Farenlight’s Den III ago
Chapter 154 - Farenlight’s Den IV ago
Chapter 155 - Farenlight’s Den V ago
Chapter 156 - Farenlight’s Den VI ago
Chapter 157 - Farenlight’s Den VII ago
Chapter 158 - Farenlight’s Den VIII ago
Chapter 159 - Farenlight’s Den IX ago
Chapter 160 - Headhydra ago
Chapter 161 - Headhydra II ago
Chapter 162 - Headhydra III ago
Chapter 163 - Headhydra IV ago
Chapter 164 - Headhydra V ago
Chapter 165 - Headhydra VI ago
Chapter 166 - Headhydra VII ago
Chapter 167 - Forgotten Blood ago
Chapter 168 - Forgotten Blood II ago
Chapter 169 - Forgotten Blood III ago
Chapter 170 - Forgotten Blood IV ago
Chapter 171 - Forgotten Blood V ago
Chapter 171.5 - The Fox, the Turtle, and the Cowardly Duck ago
Chapter 172 - Forgotten Blood VI ago
Chapter 173 - Forgotten Blood VII ago
Chapter 174 - Forgotten Blood VIII ago
Chapter 175 - Beneath the Fractured Moon ago
Chapter 176 - Beneath the Fractured Moon II ago
Chapter 177 - Beneath the Fractured Moon III ago
Chapter 178 - Beneath the Fractured Moon IV ago
Chapter 179 - The Bloodsucker and the Emissary ago
Chapter 179.5 - Prelude of Storm ago
Chapter 180 - The Castle in the Sea ago

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Misadventures Incorporated is a slow-burning classic dungeon-runner following a halfbreed whose cosy life is upheaved as she finds herself without her class, her weapons, and even her clothes at times.

Style: The story follows a third-person perspective with an inner-monologue from the protagonist, Claire, with some view swapping when she encounters other humanoids. With an almost over-explained way of descriptive text, the work is set up to paint a massive picture to then desecrate with blood, gore, and action-packed fights. It takes 7 chapters to finish a day, and that slow approach carries on throughout. The way the author describes some locations or events is startlingly well done. It can feel over-explained at times but this story has some of the best writing I've seen.

Story: Starting off with a jump from her world into a dungeon, the backstory is pushed aside in preference of flashbacks or thoughts that reveal Claire's past life. Most of the beginning segments are around her improvements from being reset, crafting makeshift gear, and understanding the way everything works. There are smatterings of humour about, though at times it does get overwhelming to the point that it certainly fits the bill of its comedy genre. The system that Claire has also gives her backhanded compliments alongside straight-up insults which is refreshing to see, though the overuse of the catgirl meme does grate on me personally as I hate that.

Grammar: There was very little wrong in the way of spelling or grammar, though a few fixes have been made before I started reading. I loved that the author uses the UK spelling for words, though it is odd that they use US styling for punctuations but that isn't an issue as it is still a correct style to use.

Character: Claire is described incredibly slowly, you won't even get the whole shebang in the current 14 chapters, at least not enough to fully picture her body. The cover art seems like a close approximation but is often off-putting against her own explanations of her aesthetic. She has a funny personality that plays off of a slightly spoilt brat lady at times and an annoyed ex-caster at others. She often spends 3 paragraphs evaluating her options which adds to the slow pace of the story, though this is a good look into her analytical and noble-spellcaster upbringing.


From the cover featuring a meek and almost ethereal looking creature named Claire, and the opening chapters, my initial impression of what I was getting into was: poor innocent waif struggles to survive in a dangerous alien dungeon. Only to have that notion quickly and wonderfully eviscerated, as Claire turns out to be a vicious little creature who is willing to take risks and plow through anything in her way. Carrying out acts not merely for the sake of survival, but for the sake of gaining power. 

Style: It works. Solid and colorful visualization of fantastical environments and creatures. The slow reveal and mystery of Claire's history and parentage was rather cleverly handled - there's no world shattering revelations, it's more that Claire didn't seem entirely happy with half of who she is and where she came from... that, and she seemed to just find it amusing to withhold the information.

Also, referencing the outright destruction and slaughter of a city of monsters as the equivalent of a stress-relieving squeeze toy... is both fantastic and disturbing.

Grammar: Solid. Little hiccups here and there, but nothing glaring. 

Character: Claire is endlessly entertaining. We do get a few different perspectives, but they tend to be brief. This is very much Claire's story, which is a good thing because the few other characters she has come across or interacted with have been maddening. This is really my only gripe, virtually every character Claire has come across has been utterly irritating in their own unique way.

We have an energetic prankster fox, a weeb squirrel who needs to be drop kicked more, 3 individuals who are the extreme caricature of high school jocks out of a Harold & Kumar movie, and two cosmic beings that seem to smirk with little, 'I know something you don't know,' smiles whilst winking.

I'm fine with characters being quirky, or annoyingly quirky, the variety is frankly refreshing, but for nearly every single character to have their own brand of agonizing? That feels like we're getting close to Alice in Wonderland levels of nonsense. Thankfully Claire shares my pain and finds these individuals to be vexing as well, but if she is meant to be the 'normal one'... that's terrifying. 

Although it would be appropriate to think that this place is driving everyone mad.

Also, it would be a complete disservice to the author and the story to not include the monsters here as well. Honestly it's because of the inventive, disturbing, and (at times) fun creatures that I'm rating the character score as high as I am. While they all tend to meet gory ends, each encounter has been unique, fights have been clever, and it's intriguing how some monsters attempt their own interpretation of civilization.

Story: Go read it. If you've read this far; stop listening to me and go read it, and come to your own conclusions. But I suppose one final point would be that this isn't just a simple level-up romp through a dungeon. The world, it's characters, and Claire are remarkably layered...

... one such layer would be Claire's dreams. Where she is coming across technology that she has no understanding of, and has difficulty articulating what it is she is even looking at. It begs the question the type of worlds or people that can access this place she has entered, and the type of people she might meet.



Reviewing at 5 chapters so there isn't a large amount to base a review on. What is here is quite good so far. Grammer is excellent and the writing isn't awkward of monotonous which is very rare for this type of story.

The story so far is exactly what it says on the tin. A girl from a fantasy world finding her way in a mysterious dungeon full of monsters. If you're a fan of these kind of stories then this already has a few strong points setting it ahead of the pack appart from the proficiency of the writing.

TL:DR give it a read if you like dungeons crawls


Lots of flash and declarations but still no substance.

I wonder, at chapter 45, if perhaps the author is a nom de plume for Pierre de Fermat's ghost

Famous for asserting "I have discovered a truly remarkable proof of this theorem which this margin is too small to contain."


    "Here is a character with a tremendously interesting purpose/goal/story which we will explore later.

    "Here is an glimpse of an event that would shock you to the core should you ever understand what's actually happening, which we will allow to unfold gracefully in the future..."

    "Here is a single tantalizing fact about this characters backstory which demonstrates how delightfully intriguing you will find if should I ever get around to clarifying absolutely anything at all!"


The story itself is enjoyable, although the amount of things teased but unexplained drags more and more.

It really hits the ground running, a clever character in a tight spot making some risky moves because there aren't any good choices. Lots of juicy murder and mayhem with plenty of crunchy gainz to keep things moving.

Eventually though as more and more opportunities pass to explain something, anything at all, pass with either nothing or more hinting about new 'mysteries' rather than actually building anything concrete or weaving the scatter shot nonsense in to a tale, that starts to wear thin.

The addition of the fox girl as a "permanent" cast member just bloats the story with 'banter' and 'antics' and oh yes and lets not forget more hints about more mysteries that you are sure to be amazed by, eventually.

Well I'm 45 chapters in and still don't know who shoved a knife in her belly before chapter one, or anything else that's been rather blatantly hinted at.

I don't know how the massive, and growing, list of unexplained issues and characters tie together, if they do.

I don't even know what the MC *wants* much less any of the other cast members.

Here's the thing.  It's really really REALLY good for every character to have their own "plan" and backstory and goals.

But they aren't my problem and i don't need to be TOLD that I don't know them.

They can and should impact the story, but until that happens don't clutter up the narrative shoving them front and center. 

Casual or subtle hints are fine, but the 5'th character to turn and face the audience and announce "I have a truly remarkable secret which this chapter is too small to contain." is three too many.


Enjoyable and very well-written

Reviewed at: Chapter 67 — A New Quest III

I thorughly enjoyed the writing. It is not a typical fast-paced action-packed ranobe, but rather a good story of changes, both on the surface and in the character's psyche as she grows towards better tomorrow.

The chemistry between key players, each of their own quirks, also makes this a fun reading. Claire and Sylvia duo is just brilliant.

Slow Learner

The protagonist has a policy of kill first, ask questions never. This story has a rough start but constantly gets better. I'd say it's worth investing time into for an entertaining read. If you like an MC that murders people for that sweet EXP this is the story for you.


I think Misadventures Incorporated definitely has what it takes to become a very popular story on the site. So long as you remember the title of the series, you will have a fun time reading it.

I enjoy comedy stories, so I am obviously biased, but I really liked the style and flow of the story. I particularly liked how Claire's moments of moral crisis cause her to imagine a proverbial shoulder demon for advice. The layout for the level ups and skills is very well done as well, making everything clear and concise.

I don't think I saw a asingle grammatical error in the fifteen currently released chapters, so good job :) Reads very well with TTS too.

The story is lacking a little in focus at the moment, but I think that will change soon. I am more than willing to come back and adjust my assessment down the line. The reason for this is largely because not a whole lot of time has passed in the story thus far, so establishing a central plot is obviously going to be difficult.

Claire herself is  quite entertaining, so far as solo running protagonists go, and I think the author has done a really good job with her considering the solo party dynamic. The comedic nature of the story makes it tricky to pin down the few other characters that have appeared in the story thus far. All the more so, since Claire dictates and determines the potential dialogues and interactions. With that in mind, I think the other characters are pretty good from what I was able to tell from the limited interactions.

So on the whole, I would deinitely recomend the story for anyone looking for a semi-serious sungeon adventure story. I have certainly had fun reading it, and I am looking forward to reading more in the future :)


It got me reading. That's it. I started and wanted to continue to read.


Style: The dialogues are nice, although not that many showed up in the beginning, they feel like they happen at the right time and with the right motivations. I also like the descriptive part. It's detailed without being over-detailed. It gives something concrete of the scenario but allows you to picture a nice part of the situation. I consider this to be slow-paced, but you could also give it a fast pace because everything happens so fast in a way, but slow and sure in others.

Story: It has a nice plotline. A girl that was being sacrificed decided she rather go to a dungeon with a low survivability rate than just die without doing anything. It's rather lacking on how everything works at the beginning, but everything gets eventually explained throughout the story. The action scenes are detailed and well made without being an overwhelming part of the story, which is nice.

Grammar: By no means am I a professional in this area. As such, I couldn't really identify any typos that the author made, and it flowed nicely, so I guess no switched tenses or something like that.

Characters: Not that many characters appeared until the part that I read, but they seemed natural. Not robotic like they are there to develop the MC's personality, but there to give a way to the story, and to give substance to it.

Overall, it's a nice story that will only continue to grow since it has lots of potentials, but it's rather bland at the moment. I like to read it, but not in one sitting as I do with most fiction. It's perfect for a casual read, and you should definitely give it a try if you have read the description until now.


Uncle Ret

The style is decent.  It could lean more towards showing than telling, but it is engaging to me overall.  A decent mix of sentence and paragraph length and structure give the story a dynamic rather than monotonous feel.

The grammar is a rare treat from my experience on Royal Road.   I haven't had any of the usual misspellings, miss-used words, nor any incomplete or repeated thoughts jump out at me in so many other works published or here on RR.

I am finding the story thus far interesting.  There is a large mystery regarding the main character's origins before the story's start and where it might lead her when she completes the immediate challenges.  What kind of family and social environment led her to make such a huge sacrifice?  If she survives, what kind of situation will she be returning to?   Apart from just staying alive, what is going to be her motivation?

So far, only the main character has had meaningful content provided in the narrative.  She is likable and clever.  I'm looking forward to seeing how her development progresses in future chapters.  Having been stripped of her original classes and skills, and placed into a dangerous environment, she actively looks for creative ways to use the resources available to her to thrive.

My overall opinion is that the story is generally well written and has promising potential.  I wouldn't say that I find it compelling at this stage, as I am not currently invested in the MC or story.  I am curious enough to continue reading the next chapters once they are posted, however.

Plain Sight

I wrote a full essay of a review an went ahead and presed ctrl + w so I'll keep this short:

Overall: A good read, if this squid becomes the next J.K. Rolling or Tolkien I would not be surpriced. I ended up here coming from lightnovel sites and this is definitly not light, It took me back to the time when I first read Farenheit 451 and a new world was introduced to me. There are 2 movies of this book and I saw them after reading, and as any book lover would say they don't do the book justice. So think of any book with a movie adaptation you know of. If you liked the book more than the movie, give this a read, it should be worth your time. If it's the other way around, you should keep looking for light novels pal, couse this is not.

Style: Interesting, descriptive, wide yet accesible lexic. The prologue of the first volume can be read at the beguining or at the end providing 2 juicy sets of emotions of wich you can only pick one. If you are patient enough, wait till the end of the first volume to read it, if you know you want be able to then read it first. As a volume, it has a beginning a development and a closure, cliffhangers be damned and thats a plus to me.

Story: This is a dungeon crawler story, it is expected to be slow and yet the first volume (dungeon levels aside) provides a milestone already, so the pacing is good. The interactions that develop the story aren't as predictable as usual, at least for me, since I found myself surpriced more than once.

Grammar: As non-native english reader I can't say much about it, the author isn't a native either and surely has made a few mistakes here and there (mostly pointed out by kind readers) and even those don't seem very grave to me and are quickly corrected so it should be good in this area.

Character: Though phisicaly unique, mentaly some of them are common troupes or are repited yet I find them true. The relator angles and the character decision making gives them the aura of real people. None of 'em apears to be the guy at the beggining village that always returns the same dialogue (If you know what I mean). They have thoughs, needs, interests and values, should you set one inside someone's mind you'll have a hard time noticing it's a made up character.