Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer

Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer

by Arthur-67

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Rohl had always wanted to be an adventurer but having one of the most powerful monsters wipe out his entire village was not how he wanted to get the role.  
With a little bit of godly help, all he can do now is try and become a stronger adventurer in his search for vengeance against the beast that has caused him so much pain. A beast even the stronger adventurers dare not face. 

Fantasy Action-adventure with a little bit of romance and comedy thrown in.
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Formerly Adventuring with my unorthodox talent
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Table of Contents
80 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Unblessed ago
Chapter 2: The Endless Sleep ago
Chapter 3: Witnesses ago
Chapter 4: The Healers ago
Chapter 5: Journey to Elmon- Part 1 ago
Chapter 6: Journey to Elmon- Part 2 ago
Chapter 7: Journey to Elmon- part 3 ago
Chapter 8: Journey to Elmon- part 4 ago
Chapter 9: Journey to Elmon- part 5 ago
Chapter 10: Awakening- part 1 ago
Chapter 11: Awakening- part 2 ago
Chapter 12: Awakening -part 3 ago
Chapter 13: The party ago
Chapter 14: Elmon ago
Chapter 15: Arrangements ago
Chapter 16: Earnings ago
Chapter 17: The Beginning ago
Chapter 18: Never ending search ago
Chapter 19: Never ending search -part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Elven sense of direction ago
Chapter 21: The Hard Road ago
Chapter 22: Fight or die ago
Chapter 23: The Deep- part 1 ago
Chapter 24: The Deep- part 2 ago
Chapter 25: A Dungeons Dark Heart ago
Chapter 26: Witnesses and Decisions ago
Chapter 27: The Siege of Elmon ago
Chapter 28: The War Council ago
Chapter 29: Petal ago
Chapter 30: Glasshorn Fields ago
Chapter 31: Elmon, an army and blood. -part 1 ago
Chapter 32: Elmon, an army and blood- part 2 ago
Chapter 33: Elmon, an army and a river of blood ago
Chapter 34: A Healing City ago
Chapter 35: A New Dawn ago
Chapter 36: Friends Reunited ago
Chapter 37: The Governor's Ball ago
Chapter 38: The Enclave ago
Chapter 39: The Offan Imperial Guard ago
Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer recap ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 1: Treason ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 2: Fateful farewell's ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 3: A Journeys Beginning ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 4: Death's Brigand's ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 5: Death's Brigand's part 2 ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 6: The Incursion ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 7: A New Day ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 8: Patrol Duty ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 9: Sore and Stiff ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 10: Unsafe dreams ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 11: A flash of Light ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 12: Healing Wounds part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 13: Healing Wounds part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 14: A Night's End ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 15: A Haunting Night ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 16: The Night's Aftermath ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 17: Preparing For The Storm ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 18: Veteran Threat ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 19: A Celebration ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 20: A Grim Morning ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 21: A Long Journey ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 22: The Marching of Men ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 23: An Adventure in Outriding ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 24: The Expedition ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 25: Reputation ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 26: Respite ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 27: Subterfuge ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 28: A Scouts Life ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 29: Plans and Plots ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 30: The Eve of Battle ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 31: The Butcher of the 18th ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 32: The Cost of War part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 33: The Cost of War part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 34: A Sweet Reprieve ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 35: A Bard's Life part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 36: A Bard's Life part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 37: A Return to War ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 38: The Long March ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 39: A Riot ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 40: Bothorn ago

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Read if you pray to Gods, Goddesses, and Demigods!

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Elmon

Disclaimer - I have only read the story till Chapter 14.

As of Chapter 14, I found the book to be quite engaging and to be honest, While not coming across as a book that you can't put down, I found myself reading more and more.

Part of it is because of the longer chapters interspersed by the shorter ones, and part of it is because the story does not stop for even a minute but it is so well-paced that it feels natural.

Now moving on to the rest,

Style score: 4/5 - the style is quite good in certain places. In other's it lets the story down by sticking to the same style despite the situation - something which other people have pointed out. However, I do argue that Rohl has not experienced the things that an adventurer would have and thus the initial perspective might evolve into something truly incredible.

Story: 4.5/5 - No other ways around it. I see the author has mixed in all the mythologies in the world along with all the characters involved perfectly in his pantheon. (Thalia? Calliope? Euterpe? Hestia? Vishnu? Hephaestus?)

Truly incredible if the story can bring everything together and as such, something to look forward to.

Grammar: 3.5/5 - As a reviewer, this is my Achilles heel since my grasp of grammar is not very good. I usually leave this as 4/5 should readability be maintained, but however, in this case - the readability has been let down by issues such as repetition of thoughts in different ways in the same paragraph and a small smattering of incorrect punctuations. As such, half a star has been knocked off.

Character Score: 4/5 - I like the characters and I like how they have been portrayed in the book. I knocked off one star because some of the interactions seem forced and unnatural. Dialogue has to be improved to truly bring them to life. But, in my opinion, the author has improved the dialogue quite significantly as the book went on.

Overall score: 4/5 - It's a work in progress and it is a work that is delightful to peruse while the author perfects his craft. The story is immense in its ambitions and though it might draw upon a lot of foundational tropes, it nonetheless has its own unique spin on them that makes it different. It also has characters that support the weight of the story and dispensation of powers that is rational and doesn't lead to ridiculously overpowered people running around everywhere.

To whoever is reading this, go ahead and don't look back!




Style Score - The story is written in a third-person narrative, in a way the vividly describes the surroundings and really creates some good word building. I like the idea of Gods watching hero's as if they were just a form of entertainment. 

Story Score - Everything about the story is well-planned. There weren't any fast jumps to different sections of the story, or any abrupt decisions that didn't make sense. Each section does a good job of describing what is going on. 

Grammar Score - I found no grammatical mistakes while reading, or at the very least didn't notice any mistakes. The prose was clear, and I never got confused about what was going on in the story. The sentence structure was varied enough and didn't seem to be too repetitive. 

Character Score- I found that Rohl was a character I rooted for because of how hard-working he was portrayed in the story. Each character has their own unique voice and feels like different people, rather than the same. 

Overall - This seems like a well-built fantasy story that had a lot of thought put into it.  I enjoyed this story and will likely continue reading it. I'm curious to see where the author takes the story. 


It's... actually pretty good!

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Awakening- part 2

Well, I'm happy to say that I thorougly enjoyed my reading experience, and will no doubt keep reading on. Before I get to the main points, let's summarise the book. It follows young Rohl, who's a teenager/young adult. When his entire family and town gets wiped out in a disastorous attack, he is desperate to find a way to save them and the reason why he was blessed.

So, seeing as I'm already on the topic of the story, here are the reasons why I'm giving it a 5/5.

- It's relatively original, although a tragic backstory/awakening is kind of common

- Regardless of this tragic backstory, Rohl isn't immediately given overpowered powers, which I suppose will make for interesting character development.

- The gods actually have personalities.

- The power of music? Haven't seen that one around.

- Meets a party and hangs out with them... would be a little cliche, but the author does it very well.

- Also, the whole concept of 'blessed' people is very interesting but, when done improperly, can be very clunky and bad. Thankfully, this isn't the case here as the setup of the world and 'you may not who you were blessed by and your powers' makes a lot of sense.

Alright, now let's move on to the style. Unfortunately, here is where things start to go downhill. I'll combine this paragraph with the grammar, as I feel the two relate a lot. Here is why I gave it a 3 and a 3 1/2.

- As other reviews on this fiction have said, it's plain. The author has a very traditional narrative voice that's great and all, but when contrasted to an action scene or scenes of loss, it feels just a little bland.

- The style in the sense of sentence structure is very immersion-breaking for me. The author chooses to write long, winding sentences- which, don't get me wrong- is great at times, but sometimes is just very hard for me to read. Lack of commas and innapropriate grammar just makes this even worse.

Character score:

Now, back onto the good part. If you can get past the author's writing style and grammatical mistakes, you'll find yourself with a great cast. The author's done a great job in characterization and most importantly, everyone has a personality. 5/5 from me.

Overall, I think this definitely has potential and the main way to improve would be to go back and edit/rewrite. Turning on edit suggestions so that others can help with the edits would also be really good for the book too. My final statement. Story itself is great. Writing is solid, but definitely room for improvement. Once it's improved, it could be one of the best.


Going into reading this, my thoughts were pretty clear. 

1. The world set-up was pretty great and there seems to be a LOT of different gods, which makes sense. 

2. Rohl had big dreams for such a humble beginning. 

3. The world-building is pretty fantastic.

4. Sami seems like a pretty cool sister and character in comparison to her brother. 

5. The creatures of this world are actually creepy and come off as very threatening and dangerous. 

Overall, I liked it quite a bit. It's a slow roll of a story, but it also feels alive. I was surprised to see this was not tagged as Slice of Life because this is definitely what it feels like it is. About Rohl's life and his tenacity and bravery in a single moment that grants him a gift that will help him reach his most ambitious goal. Rohl will have to put in the work and effort to learn exactly what this gift is and how to use it, but there is little doubt he is determined to do exactly that.



Great Read but Needs Some Enhancements.

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: The party

So I've only read up to chapter 13 so everything I read will be up to that point.  I enjoyed what I read and I have high hopes for the story, but that doesn't mean there aren't issues.  I can see this becoming a 5-star story if the author can improve what he has and expand upon what I think makes it good.

Style - The perspective of the story is through third person omniscient and it keeps to that with no weird changes out of nowhere.  Overall, I got nothing to say about style cause it's probably the most consistent style I've seen.  Therefore this gets a good 5-star from me.  Let me preface this though, I'm not the biggest expert on the style subject, so I wouldn't look at this and expect me to be an expert.  I'm more o fan of other parts which we will get to in a second.

Grammar - The Grammar started out strong with powerful verbs and the sentences were layers pretty well and there were very little misspellings.  However, as I kept on reading, I noticed that the grammar came to a screeching halt in quality.  All of a sudden I had to begin reading sentences more than once just to understand what was even being said.  Now this has nothing to do with Terrance who's manner of speaking is meant to be weird and riddle like, but the actual sentences were somewhat of a mess.  I can only think of two reasons for this.  Either the grammar started out bad and the author decided to fix the mistakes later, or the author is not paying as much attention in their proofreads as they used to.  Either way the grammar needs real big fixing for the future.  Again let me preface this by saying I'm no grammar expert either.  My own story has awful grammar as well, but that doesn't mean I can't criticise grammar when it is obvious there's a problem.  

Story - The story so far has shown some promise with how it's set up.  There's not too much happening, but what is going on has been pretty interesting to read.  I'd say the story only truly begins once Rohl leaves the Panacea and begins traveling to Elmon.  However, there were some interesting tid bits I picked up on at the end of chapter 13.  For one thing, how did 5 people manage to take on an entire monster stampede by themselves, and from the way the whole fight scene was described the horde was nearly endless.  As Mimi is burying her sword in a wolves hide, how was she not knocked unconscious on spot.  She had to have been wide open for the entire time she was removing her sword from it's corpse, but it just seemed like the other monsters were standing around waiting for her to get ready to stick her skull in a goblin's skull.  Not to mention how could she move so freely in a horde of monsters.  They should have gotten surrounded and killed right off the bat.  I'd say that's the main issue with early mob fight's; they're really unbelievable if someone thinks too much about it.  Beyond that final fight, I'd say the story has a ton of potential as it goes forward.

Character - The character's are a mixed bag for me.  On one hand I enjoy them, but on the other they're pretty one note.  Rohl is the unprepared hero, Quill is the snarky and funny leader, I don't know much about Terrance except for the fact that he talks weirdly due to being surrounded by nature, Thaddeus is the badass, silent warrior.  The most egregious of them all though is Mimi. She is the main love interest and falls for Rohl immediately.  This is an example of insta love, which is a trope I despise with all my being.  Any time I see insta love in anything I just wince with pain at the forced chemistry.  I always wonder why not just make them a couple from the beginning, or at least add in a bit of believable leeway into Rohl and Mimi crushing on one another.  Then there's her personality.  That is it's hard to find it.  The characters point out that she's got a fierce and angry side to her, but she never shows it.  It's a classic example of telling instead of showing.  She killed a bunch of monsters, but so did the others.  The most likely idea of the author letting Mimi show us her rough peronality is with how the group got together and how she beat Terrance and Thaddeus single-handedly, but that doesn't say that she get's angry often, it just tells that she's strong.  Who knows, maybe the author actually showed the angry side to her later on and I'm just not there yet.  It's sad to cause I enjoy the hell out of amazing characters.  It could be this story just isn't for me cause it's plot heavily plot driven instead of having amazing characters.  There isn't anything wrong with that, but I do think that the characters should be much more memorable than they are right now.

I think the story has a lot of potential and there is some advice I would like to give.  

1: Improve the character writing.  This can be done by either letting the plot rest for a bit to give the characters a bit more personality, or by showing how each character acts or thinks during a certain event.  During the stampede fight, it would've been great to be in more than just Rohl and Quill's perspective.  As of right now, Quill is probably the most complex of the characters due to his behavior during the stampede fight.

2: Spend more time during the proof reading.  Keep a lookout of words you misspelled and sentences that sound weird.  What I've been doing recently is when I get to the proof reading part of writing, I copy paste my story to google docs.  Once I do that, I'd scan the story for any misspelled words and certain sentance issues.  Then once the issues have ironed out, I copy paste it back from google docs into Royal Road.  I hope the author gives that a try since by doing that, my story has been coming out better in the later chapters.

This is as much advice as I feel like I'm qualified to give out.  I do plan on reading more, and if any of my opinions ever change drastically throughout the story, I may edit my review and keep my thoughts up to date.  I may come off as a bit harsh, but thats because I can see the potential that this story has, and I want to see it shine brighter than ever.  


To start with the bare minimum: Grammar. Nothing I noticed as I read. At worst was some word choices or sentence structures I'd have done differently. So nothing to complain about. 


Characters were great. This story is a masterful example of trope use without becoming cliche. The pantheon in particular was done very well. I appreciated that the gods were unique and distinct without turning goofy. Having the MC be a character I enjoyed reading was nice too. 


Style: The only negative thing I can say is that the writing depends on repetition. Sometimes this can blur action sequences as the pacing gets too even, but personally I don't think that repetition is a bad thing. I also appreciate the subtle shifts between a casual and formal, almost poetic tone. It makes the whole story feel more, well, bardic. 


Story is fun. The worldbuilding feels comprehensive, but not overpowering either. Even better, the worldbuilding is explored through the story, rather than the other way around. My biggest issue here is almost a character thing, but I felt like it fits better here: the MC's motivation comes online way to late. I just feel like he's a bit to reactive, responding to the plot rather than driving the plot. Sometimes the dialogue feels a bit akward and forced, and I think it's because the characters are as reactive as they are. Fortunately the writing and character development is more than good enough to overcome that niggling detail.  


Cute first story, feels rushed though

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: The Beginning

Cute story overall,  likeable lead, interesting world building.   However,  feels very rushed,  blurring from scene to scene.  Lots of spelling and grammar errors.  And many characters feel pretty 2 dimensional.  Also seems to have a lot of harem elements going on,  with the absolute weakest justification.

Dropped at ch 17, after lead is accosted by absolutely cliche tsundere who attacks,  threatens, and makes demands.

It's a really good first novel, and the author has a lot of potential.  The sketch of a really good novel is there,  but in the details it's not there yet.   Focus on fleshing out the details and giving characters beyond the lead more of a concrete presence,  as well as moving away from cliches, and learning how to write a female character, would serve them well. 


The story is well done, the characters are interesting and feel alive and the style is good. If you enjoyed the story description this is the story for you.

We begin this story in a town of farmers with our protagonist stuck in a tree hiding from a weak monster. This immediately sets up what kind of protagonist we have. Someone not so great at fights but wanting to be an adventurer anyway. We are also quickly introduced to his sister, an annoying bully and his magical instrument. If it isn't clear yet, our protagonist will likely be a bard. This becomes even clearer when he rescues the WHOLE TOWN from the endless slumber with his hope and song and is then blessed by the goddess of music. The story is an excellent start and relatively normal for a bard. It isn't unique but it is well executed.

The style is well done. It isn't extremely descriptive or heavy on dialogue. It's well written and the style is easy to read. My only gripe is a small one and is the small amount of exposition. Our protagonist has lived in this world his whole life so little explanation is needed for him, but this is a careful balance. Too little exposition and the reader could get lost. It hasn't happened here yet, but for this review I read until chapter 6.

The grammar is perfect here. Either the author is a native english speaker with an excellent command of the language or has learned it well enough for me to not be able to tell the difference.

There are few characters introduced but I'll start with the protagonist and his family as well as a probable antagonist. Rohl is a good protagonist and interesting to read. He isn't stupid but also not unnaturally smart. His family is logical feel like real people. This is important as these are often less fleshed out if the character is likely to travel. The introduced antagonist is likely the other blessed in the village but that is pure speculation. Since no one could identify his blessing before I would assume it's rather underwhelming and he is hiding and becoming resentful. But that would make sense for this character. They are well written though and seem interesting. 

Overall the story might not be perfect but it's definitely well written. The characters are interesting and the style is easy to read. Overall this is an excellent read and if you're a fan of this genre then this is definitely for you.


First of all, the characters? They are great. They are 'normal', they are not overly weird, special, perfect. They are done in a way that does not sound like some are favored immensely. I became a big fan of Rohl, since he was, with all honesty, a perfectly normal initial character that managed to surpass the initial hurdle and then proceeded to try and continue normally with his life. Special mention to: try.

The Story is also nice, I got hooked and had the need to read the first chapters as soon as possible because I wanted to know what was happening next, it kept me interested right from the get-go, and that for me is what matters.

The Style could be improved, it kind of affects the story a little bit and makes quite the space for distractions in some moments, but it is simple and easy to read, so it kind of balances things out.

I only noticed a few typos here and there, but I am not really proficient in that area so I can't tell if everything is right or not, although I did notice a few weirdly phrased sentences from time to time.

Overall, great story with a decently explained magical system right at the beginning, and an interesting start for basically anything to happen in the future. If you like a nice story with good character development, I advise you to read this.


An enjoyable frolic through a dangerous world.

Style - Very relaxed and laid back adventure story. I'm enjoying the pace. Sometimes it gets overly descriptive for my tastes. This is noticeable in Ch6 Part 2, where it feels like someone is telling you what happened instead of it just happening. Fast forwarding like this works for small paragraphs but when its the bulk of the chapter it's grating. I'd like more scenes like Ch2 where it feels like we're with the characters and not observing them from afar.

Story - The prologue indicates that it might be a dungeon crawler but in Ch1 you'll realise it's a bit more slice of life. I think the prologue harms the story as it sets the wrong expectation. If you're struggling with the prologue, I recommend skipping to Ch1 as its more indicative of what the author is trying to do.

Character - Rohl is your standard weak-but-eager protagonist. I suspect he's going to steadily grow more powerful as the story continues. Having him be a bard is a fun twist, but it's challenging to make music come across in text. His sister seems an interesting character and I hope we see more of her. Overall the characterisation is fun and it's probably my favourite part of the story.

Grammer - Very good for the most part. I found a few errors which I pointed out and hopefully will be resolved. A few situations where I felt a comma would benefit but that might be a style choice. 


A fun adventure story that I can see myself chipping away at. Give it a try.