Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer

Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer

by Arthur-67

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Rohl had always wanted to be an adventurer but having one of the most powerful monsters wipe out his entire village was not how he wanted to get the role.  
With a little bit of godly help, all he can do now is try and become a stronger adventurer in his search for vengeance against the beast that has caused him so much pain. A beast even the stronger adventurers dare not face. 

Fantasy Action-adventure with a little bit of romance and comedy thrown in.
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Updated every week. (Ongoing)

Formerly Adventuring with my unorthodox talent
Copyright @ Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer by Arthur67 2021
No parts of this story may be reproduced or used without permission from the author.

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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Unblessed ago
Chapter 2: The Endless Sleep ago
Chapter 3: Witnesses ago
Chapter 4: The Healers ago
Chapter 5: Journey to Elmon- Part 1 ago
Chapter 6: Journey to Elmon- Part 2 ago
Chapter 7: Journey to Elmon- part 3 ago
Chapter 8: Journey to Elmon- part 4 ago
Chapter 9: Journey to Elmon- part 5 ago
Chapter 10: Awakening- part 1 ago
Chapter 11: Awakening- part 2 ago
Chapter 12: Awakening -part 3 ago
Chapter 13: The party ago
Chapter 14: Elmon ago
Chapter 15: Arrangements ago
Chapter 16: Earnings ago
Chapter 17: The Beginning ago
Chapter 18: Never ending search ago
Chapter 19: Never ending search -part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Elven sense of direction ago
Chapter 21: The Hard Road ago
Chapter 22: Fight or die ago
Chapter 23: The Deep- part 1 ago
Chapter 24: The Deep- part 2 ago
Chapter 25: A Dungeons Dark Heart ago
Chapter 26: Witnesses and Decisions ago
Chapter 27: The Siege of Elmon ago
Chapter 28: The War Council ago
Chapter 29: Petal ago
Chapter 30: Glasshorn Fields ago
Chapter 31: Elmon, an army and blood. -part 1 ago
Chapter 32: Elmon, an army and blood- part 2 ago
Chapter 33: Elmon, an army and a river of blood ago
Chapter 34: A Healing City ago
Chapter 35: A New Dawn ago
Chapter 36: Friends Reunited ago
Chapter 37: The Governor's Ball ago
Chapter 38: The Enclave ago
Chapter 39: The Offan Imperial Guard ago
Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer recap ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 1: Treason ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 2: Fateful farewell's ago
Book two- A Kings Grievance-Chapter 3: A Journeys Beginning ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 4: Death's Brigand's ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 5: Death's Brigand's part 2 ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 6: The Incursion ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 7: A New Day ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 8: Patrol Duty ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 9: Sore and Stiff ago
Book two- A kings Grievance- Chapter 10: Unsafe dreams ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 11: A flash of Light ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 12: Healing Wounds part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 13: Healing Wounds part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 14: A Night's End ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 15: A Haunting Night ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 16: The Night's Aftermath ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 17: Preparing For The Storm ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 18: Veteran Threat ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 19: A Celebration ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 20: A Grim Morning ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 21: A Long Journey ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 22: The Marching of Men ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 23: An Adventure in Outriding ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 24: The Expedition ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 25: Reputation ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 26: Respite ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 27: Subterfuge ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 28: A Scouts Life ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 29: Plans and Plots ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 30: The Eve of Battle ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 31: The Butcher of the 18th ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 32: The Cost of War part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 33: The Cost of War part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 34: A Sweet Reprieve ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 35: A Bard's Life part 1 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 36: A Bard's Life part 2 ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 37: A Return to War ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 38: The Long March ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 39: A Riot ago
Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 40: Bothorn ago

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Absolutely Captivating, although MC is a bit flat

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Journey to Elmon- part 3

I would have read a lot more, but my schedule in real life has captured me and I need to get this review out, so I'll probably update it later.

Reguardless, this honestly has been of the most simple yet captivating stories I've read here, but I'm always harsh with my star ratings on anything, not even just Royal Road reviews, but this has a high praise for me.

I'll start with the grammar to get it out of the way, since the grammar is just perfect and there were only a couple flaws I really saw in the length of the dialogue, but it soon softened out after the first three or so chapters. I commented and the author wasted no time in replying and fixing the mistakes, that's awesome stuff!

The style is generic medieval fantasy fare, and I think the first chapter drags a little, but all of the stuff mentioned IS important to the the immeadiate future, so I'll give it a pass, but if I were the author, I would have written the first chapter much differently. Personally I would have skipped the prologue and just went for the dripfeeding info approach, which is silly, since the prologue's info IS in the story and we just rehear most of the same stuff! If you are reader, just skip over the prologue, and if you are the writer, either delete or fix it, it nearly made me lose interest in the otherwise great book.

So, story! The story is nothing unique for the genre I'd say, it's the generic "Dude wants to be a hero, gets gifted with magical powers, has to learn to use them on an epic quest." that we're all used to. But, the quirks to it are that it seems to be a monster hunting type of deal. And, he's a bard!

So far, he's not fought anything just yet besides a short little thing in the first chapter that I wouldn't call fighting persay. He has "fought" something, but I wont spoil what, since it's pretty interesting how the writer handled it. I love when we get these scary ass mentions of these beasts that no adventurer can take down, but Rohl is probably going to end up fighting them. 

The monster design is top notch, by the way. So far, the monsters I've seen have been either an interesting spin on an existing archetype or a scary af idea that really imporves the minor theming.

And as for characters, Rohl is the one the most development, and nobody else besides his rival and maybe one or two other people that are slipping me have near the level of stuff going on as Rohl, which isn't bad, mind you. 

Rohl is likeable enough I'd say, I feel he doesn't really have any flaws though. He's afraid I guess, but it's not really shown. Right now Rohl could be basically anyone in the sotry and they'd handle it about the same as he does. He's just a guy Vs a bunch of obsticles, which isn't terrible, but even lighthearted stories have characters with flaws, and this isn't even really lighthearted persay. It's jsut on the lighter side of things.

Despite all of that, that's basically every flaw I could find that isn't a nitpick, and I really think this is a great story, it's simple yet captivating. I just wish Rohl had a bit more in the character department, if I could change one thing, that'd be it.

I'll be sure to read more and update this when I do, since I want to read more, but I have my own books to worry about currently.

READ THIS, 4.5/5, definitely near must read level, with a couple changes, this would be five stars depending on how the rest pans out.


Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer Review

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: The Deep- part 1

Praise be to the Bluedawn boy, the bard, the song-sword!

Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer is, in a lot of ways, a very orthodox Campbellian tale; a young man with dreams of a world "out there," but through circumstance, he is freed of his obligations through misery. After something strange attacks his family and his home, Rohl Bluedawn finds both opportunity and purpose. However, there's a bit of a twist: he's a bard.

The story is still nascent, but Rohl's tale is one fundamentally focused on the journey. As he leaves the boroughs and grapples with vast expanses, his awkward and sometimes stumbling social skills endear him to a lot of his companions. He makes awkward gaffes that, more often than not, open up the hearts of those who talk to him. Yet despite his ability and willingness to craft these friendships, he (or perhaps, the story) doesn't seem too interested in nurturing them. They never hang around for long.

This is important because he also has something else: a blessing was given to him by a deity, and through his utterances, he can affect those around him. There's a crucial analogue here: bards, in RPGs, are pretty normal classes - they can buff and debuff, and it seems Rohl's ability is pretty similar. However, the story plays that ability quite straight: the buffing and debuffing is strong, useful, and can easily turn the tide of (at least one so far) battles, assuming it's used properly.

This brings up an interesting conundrum: for a man who is exceedingly valuable as a party-goer, why is he so flighty with the people he meets? On one hand, I think some of it can be because his members come and go, but on another, a deeper tension. The drive to witness a new world might not necessarily be found in the comfort of people you're already comfortable with, that to find new places you might, invariably, need to find new people. In this sense, "chronicles" are taken literally: the unveiling of events of some person or thing, and it seems in this case to be Rohl's. His life and character are unfurling.

As of writing this review, I'm at the 23rd chapter, and at this time, the characters are fairly different, but it's also important to note that the narrative is quite sympathetic to Rohl. As a result, there's another kind of tension that might emerge. See, a lot of girls in Chronicles of Blessed Adventurer are pretty enamoured with him, either because of his country farmboy blustering, his skillful musical ability, or because of his unrelenting and honest naivety and empathy. Yet his role as a bard, problematizes this: does the power of his voice, welled inside of him, play a role? Is his small-country charm the thing that charms them, or is it something else?

There's one scene that comes to mind: when Nia pulls up the chair to listen to his playing and the tavern is raucous and fettered with applause, how good is Rohl, exactly? Even Rohl seems uncertain about his own ability:

There were many bards with lovelier voices and musicians with more practised hands but Rohl was decent enough, the villagers had always said so anyway. With a bit of luck, he’d be able to find an inn or tavern willing to give him a room in exchange for performing as a bard. Nothing made a drinking atmosphere better than live music. Surely the cost of giving Rohl a room was equal to the money and customers he would bring in. 

Does Rohl's blessing play a role? Or is he underplaying his own ability? It's never really clear, and he never really tests it out, nor does he get the opportunity to do so. After all, he admits, it's hard to understand the limits of your personal ability when you don't really have one to test it with. In this sense, for a man who is so vital in a group setting, he is oftentimes alone.

In this sense, the story, though I might've described it as an orthodox Campbellian tale, also has a tinge of Greek drama. In those stories, gods would have champions and bless them, but exactly how far and to what extent is unclear. Was this champion a champion because of a god's blessing? Or did they earn it themselves and then the god found them worthy? It's no surprise that Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer begins with a discussion about gods, and more specifically, Greek gods. However, whether it'll unfurl like a Greek comedy or tragedy, I'm not entirely sure; there's just not enough info yet.

I'm not a fan of the SSGC system on RR, but I also understand that I need to somewhat explain why I give the ratings I do, so here's a brief overview:

Style: I think the style somewhat works. There are a few moments where action scenes have the same pace as every other scene, so it can feel like it all melds together and fast things aren't as fast as I'd prefer them to be. It isn't an issue elsewhere, but when things need to be fast sometimes it doesn't feel fast. I think shorter sentences and fewer descriptions during actions might help.

Story: Story is pretty short right now. A lot of it is somewhat at that early wandering stage, where much is moreso on worldbuilding than anything else. That's not a bad thing, though, it's just where it is.

Grammar: There are a few spelling and grammatical errors, especially in the later chapters, but nothing egregious. I always place less emphasis on grammar; it can be easily fixed over time, so pointing stuff out in a review, which is more concrete, feels somewhat pointless.

Character: They're quite different and varied, and while Rohl is a somewhat reactive character who often acts as a nervous foil for some of the more lively characters, he has his moments. I do wish there was a bit more on Quinn other than "matchmaker guy," which seems to be his big defining characteristic.

My favourite passage:

Unwilling to question her on it, Rohl remained silent as he slowly approached the angry elf and just hugged her, providing whatever comfort he could to the crying elf, who beat down angrily on his chest yet did not pull away. It was something he wished had been done for him when wept for his family, for his home. No one had been around to do it for him but at least he could do it for Ell. 


The MC is a naive ,quite annoying, trusting guy. Some dialogues sound a bit artificial and one character in particular was very stereotyped. Some description,like a detailed series of indications to reach a place in a city, are really needed and some are redounding,like the blessed *** was faster than normal thanks to the blessing of ***,moreover  this character has been present from only a few hours and it's the first fight... The feeling that this story gives is that of a naive,young protagonist with a easy Happy early romance, difficulties  and challenges resolved without any tragedies and those types of clichés.

Consistent Milk

This is a progressive review from a forum thread.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: The Healers

Absolutely captivating beginning. The first chapter was a bit exposition heavy but the second chapter was truly mesmerizing. A fantasy novel concentrating on gods and goddesses as a main plot device is nothing new, even the writing style of the author didn't feel very special, but I can already feel that there is a strong story here. Will update after reading more.

Spicy Space Squid

Surprisingly good if you can get past the style

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: Journey to Elmon- part 4

Overall 4/5
The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw this fic was its title, and not necessarily for a good reason. I was immediately concerned for the story's grammar because of a lack of capitalization and because it was reminiscent of the style of title one would commonly associated with a poorly translated light novel. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself engaged and continuing to read it even after a few chapters.

Style - 3/5
I'm not a huge fan of the excessive repetition. It breaks me out of the flow, which is otherwise quite nice. For example, Felldom is used five times between paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 in the prologue, and threat is used four over a slightly longer timespan. This persists into the later chapters, with names repeated incessantly and few descriptions used in their places. I also think some of the phrasing could be a lot better with another pass, potentially from an editor.

Story - 5/5
I'm a fan of the concept. Gods watching mortals fight back against their failures is always fun, and I love how this feels inspired by myth. The obvious setup for weak to strong pulls my heartstrings as well.

Grammar 4/5
I spot a lot of minor mistakes here and there, both with regards to tense and otherwise, but nothing an editor wouldn't be able to fix rather quickly. I have some other nitpicks about the structure,

Character 4.5/5
The main character is fairly entertaining and the sibling relationship is believable, and I can see why the characters behave the way that they do. I like how the main character actually feels human. The incident with the wolf was the sort that some readers might've been frustrated with, as it's a clear poor choice, but it seems like the sort that a real person could make.


Okay, so I'll share my impressions and then I'll explain my ratings: I adore the sister; please not again; wow, a fresh idea, loved it; god no, I hate gods; author, you did the impossible, I loved the goddesses and want to know more about them; all the characters are so amazing and unique!; the narration is too descriptive for me and feels plain.


The narration is the same in all circumstances, be it a battle, a stroll, meeting new people, and so on. This made me feel that it lacked emotion. In the parts where the character is in a hurry, it's so descriptive I lose the sense of urgency.

I find that interesting when compared to the characters. The narration is an immense contrast with the characters. However, there's people who loves descriptions. In that case, this novel is for you. There's no repetition or useless information, so it'll be a great read.

Though there are times when it fits perfectly. The author even made me want to try a soup.


Too early to know how the plot will develop, but there's already things happening on the background. And the best is that the world is alive! There's things happening even when the protagonist is doing nothing. If everything comes together at one point, it'll be amazing. I don't think it'll be a plot that'll left you with your mouth open, but it'll be the best for the story.

Now onto the world-building. If you consume this type of novel like chips, it'll probably be just another world with the same things; but if you don't, this one is really strong. As of now, it's very consistent.


I only saw two mistakes. A missing comma and a missing word. Everything else is excellent and there's a lot of variety. Even the dialogues are so well done, I was surprised.


Wonderful job. All the characters are unique and their voices are so well done that you could read a whole chapter with only dialogue and still know who's talking. I think this is intentional, but the protagonist is the least interesting character so far. I believe this is done so he'll shine later in the story. And seeing all the amazing characters so far, I have no doubt the protagonist will grow into something special.

Speaking of characters, the author did the impossible in just a few sentences, make me love the godesses. When I saw the chapter with the gods, I was screaming internally; I was about to give up on this story and just analyze it without emotion. But I loved it, and I loved the few lines and dialogue with the goddesses. Many years of disappointments with hundreds of stories ruined when gods appeared made me hate all stories involving gods. Could this also become a disappointment? Who knows. But what's true is that this is the best I've ever seen someone present gods in their story.

SR Fauth

A Good Read, Interesting Characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Awakening- part 1

Let me preface this review by saying that I really enjoyed reading it. Ir ead up to chapter 10 so far, and will update this review as I read more.

With that being said ... let us being:

STYLE SCORE: The style of your writing is clear, detailed and concise. You use powerful descriptors that bring me into your world and make me feel like I am sitting at the fire with your characters. Your vibrancy and attention to detail give your medieval fantasy setting excellent foundations.

STORY SCORE: I did not detract any stars from my review for the story. I did only rate 4.5 because I felt that the multiple chapters with the same anmes, i.e. Journey to Elmon Parts 1 thru 5, felt a bit too broken up. But that is personal preference. There was no issues in being able to follow the story and it didnt affect my immersion much. It was just a tad frustrating to have to change screens 5 times to read what I thought would make a good couple chapters.

GRAMMAR SCORE: There were some grammatical errors inside the writing. From pronouns and verbs using the incorrect tenses to minor spelling errors. It was a little bothersome, but overall did not detract from the story. None of the errors impeded my ability to read, understand, or enjoy your writing.

CHARACTER SCORE: I love your detailed characters. The background you give each one makes me want to meet them in person and ask them about their adventures. I am emotionally invested in them, and that is not an easy thing to get me to do.

OVERALL SCORE: 4.5 stars, but only because of the grammar issues. So far nothing has hugely detracted from your story and I have loved it! I will be favoriting it and following it so that I can continue to read.

Keep up the awesome writing!


 “Chronicles of a blessed adventurer,” is a fantasy adventure/action story that follows a young man by the name of Rohl, who stems from the village of Shrewsborough. Rohl comes from a poor background and is a rather ungifted fellow, all things considered. Especially in regards to ‘blessings’ which are divine powers bestowed by the gods of the world to particular people who are suited to become adventurers from birth. Despite not being one of them, Rohl does his best (despite the unsuccessfulness of it) to follow his dream of becoming an adventurer anyways.

[Things] happen and Rohl is called out onto his adventure, despite perhaps not being quite ready to face the challenges that lie ahead of him.

The writing in this story is pretty strong and it holds up, I never had to reread any paragraphs and I didn’t find any spelling or grammar mistakes. The prose is fluid enough and not overburdened with too heavy details.

The characters are all varied. Most of our time is spent with the MC, so we never get too deep into the others, but the chapters we do spend with them are always enough to establish a connection before Rohl parts ways with any of them, at least for the time being.

All in all, I enjoyed this story. If you’re looking for an ‘adventurer’s guild fantasy’ story that is a bit darker than the usual fanfare, or for an MC with unusual abilities, then this might be exactly the story for you. Please give it a fair shot! =)


I feel that titles aren't really needed

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Journey to Elmon- Part 1

Standard warning of not having read the entire story, aspects perhaps changing over time, yadda yadda, you get the deal, right?

This is a basic review, so I'll just give a brief cut of everything. Style? Absolutely phenomenal. I was actually surprised by this one. The first chapter was a bit clanky when reading at the start, but the second chapter and onwards really got its flow together. Actually felt a small bit immersed. Kudos to the author for that.

Not that I was ever completely immersed, though. There are a few... dumb mistakes. Missing spaces, a few commas too many, and a few words that weren't meant to be there. It's not enough to actually warrant a degrade in the overall score, but I felt the need to mention it. It is still better than average in this aspect, but not in the top leagues of grammar.

Characters. If this was an advanced review, it would deserve a 5/5 on this one. Don't get what everybody's complaining about. I love this part of the story, and it needs more attention.

That should be enough. 5/5. Read it.



There's more to it than meets the eye.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Earnings

If you want a fantasy novel? This is it.

If you want a fantasy adventure novel? This is it.

If you want a novel riddled with a world that's structured by the mythos of old? This is it.

However, if you find most of these a negative, don't let that discourage you from reading, for there's more to it novel than meets the eyes.


The writing and narration start out strong but it comes to a point where it sort of loses its depth or weight, mainly due to the introductions being done with. For action or adventure novels, narrations tend to vary depending on the various scenes it has, be it a purely slow-paced conversational one or a fast-paced action-packed battle, this is where the novel loses that point. But again, when the scene is right for the narration, it works, especially in the earlier chapters as mentioned before. However, that doesn't mean the writing isn't enjoyable, far from it actually, you can still read it and have fun. It just simply lacks things that would enhance the reading experience and it is very clear when the author manages to get it at times.

Furthermore, the writing is a nice blend of character dialogue and descriptions. It does not heavily rely on descriptions, neither does it rely on character dialogue, and the author seems to know when to change from this to that. It is a nice change of pace for when you might get a moment and feel a little bit dull. That being said, the descriptions are the better part of the novel when it works (and that's often.) The dialogue is good, and rarely falters (in the case of an exposition without a break.)

One last thing that the novel excels in is the cliffhangers. Just when you reach the end of a chapter, even if it's a normal uneventful chapter, and think it's over, it manages to throw in perfect cliffhanger lines to keep you wanting for more.


The story is good. It keeps you wanting to read more. But it's still early to determine what type of story it will or how the plot will go.

The story coats itself in the surface of a simple fantasy world; a world that, most importantly, is alive and seems like a character of its own. It tells you of certain common things in a fantasy world. You'd expect to go the way it usually does, but then it heads into a completely different path, one that's much better than expected. 

On the surface, it's a story about a boy longing to be an adventurer only for when he gets to be one, he's not particularly fond for it (as he has other much more important matters.) Nevertheless, there are the common party and class for adventures, but the importance of these classes are quickly overshadowed but the darker undertones of the world, which is much more interesting, and for that, the story is done well.


When it comes to grammar, there are a few mistakes here and there, and most of the time seems like a mistake that went past the author. It does not hinder the reading experience as it rarely happens.

For that, the grammar is pretty solid in the novel.


Now while the descriptions are slightly better than the dialogue, there's a ton of character within the writing. You don't need several ten thousand words to get used to a character or to connect with them, just simple lines that are done well are enough to give you a sense of characterization within the characters and the writing itself.

Just like the world of the story itself, the characters are interesting, but there are some that are formulaic, which is understandable since this is an adventure novel and there are certain rules to follow. The characters are genuinely nice and fun to read. Even if the story mainly follows one point of perspective, you want to read more interactions about some characters with one another or see how a certain character would interact or react with another.


At the end of it all, this novel definitely deserves your read. Depending on what path it takes, there's something unique here and I believe everyone should give it a chance.