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Book two: A kings Grievance- Chapter 12: Healing Wounds part 1


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A/N Second chapter of the two for today.
These past few have been a little more serious but I promise the next one I have planned will be a large chapter with a much nicer lighter tone.

In other news, I have published the first chapter of my new series. It's a dark fantasy series called- Humans Are Delicious.
It will be dark and will make this one seem like a child's bedtime story in comparison so if that's your thing feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. 


To Rohl’s relief Disko and the soon to arrive Calco were able to get him to the mercenaries healer extremely quickly. The adventurers were no novices to battle wounds and were able to wrap him up and carry him there easily without worsening his situation, Rose’s quick work had done a wonderful job of stabilising his wounds.

The resident healer wasted no time in treating the burnt and scarred Rohl’s wounds. He had the adventurers hold him down on the bed as he forced a small pain relief potion down his throat.

“Hold him steady,” the healer commander urgently. The adventurers did so as Rohl felt himself becoming increasing lightheaded, the previous situation he had been in no longer concerned him, nor did the knife that floated steadily above his burnt wounds.

Rohl watched unconcerned as the healer reopened his burnt wounds one after the other and filled them with a soothing gel-like substance.

“What is that?” Disko asked in a mix of disgust and fascination at the healer's work.

“Iffledoms Sealant, a new remedy from the fae lands. It will force the body to close any open wounds. He’ll have barely a scar,” the healer answered as he finished applying the gel.

“Keep a hold, I don’t want him to spill any,” the healer commanded as Rohl began to shake slightly as he tried to get a better view of his wounds sealing themselves.

“My job is done, he is free to leave when he likes.” With that the healer left having successfully treated his patients, the man soon moved to the far corner of the room and began to study a few charts he had hung on the wall.

As Rohl watched the man do this, he found his lightheadedness slowly fading away and the fog that had clouded him slowly disappearing. His fingers slowly traced his wounds and he could barely see a trace of them. It was quite a miraculous recovery Rohl thought but then again, renowned mercenaries could probably afford amazing healers. It also explained how Calco had gotten back on his feet so quickly after the bite wound.

The other adventurers were still standing just to his left, making sure he was okay. After a gracious thank you and a few reassurances that he was fine, the pair left to go inform the captain of the event. Within the hour, he also left, with a new pair of panacea clothes, he couldn't go out wearing the blood-soaked towel after all. Without the need to fill the captain in himself, he decided to make his way to his room, he needed somewhere he could think. He had almost died again, it had been too close for comfort and it couldn't happen again. If he’d died then what would have happened to those he had relying on him. He had been lax, hadn't trained enough, he’d barely explored his blessing. The creature had almost killed him, he would need to be a lot stronger if he was ever to kill the Endless sleep, he couldn’t always rely on others like today or with the Mimic of Buriehal.

With this internal chastisement going on, he soon found himself back at his room much quicker than he realised, as soon as he opened the door, the sight of his companion soon ended all internal chastisement.

Ell was sitting on his bed with a tear slowly dripping down her cheek. The sight was so surprising that it took him a second to process it before rushing to her side. He took the seat next to her and once she didn’t respond t this, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in closer to his chest.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

Ell didn’t respond for a second as she wiped away another tear.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault, if I hadn’t have hurt you so badly then this wouldn’t have happened, I almost got you killed, I…. I shouldn’t stay here,” Ell replied tearfully as attempted to get to her feet.

Rohl stopped her, his hand gripping tightly on her wrist.

“Don’t be silly, you can’t leave over this. I would have died a thousand times over without you. Besides it’s not your fault, I put myself through the extra training with Captain Valhalderson, I exhausted myself not you. I let my guard down and fell asleep, not you,” Rohl replied earnestly doing his best to comfort Ell and hold back his own tears, he always got teary when someone he cared about was upset.

At his words, Ell stopped trying to leave and let herself be held in Rohl’s arms. “It is not your fault,” Rohl spoke once again as Ell’s teary eyes began to dry.

“So what your saying is that it's your own dumbass fault you almost died” Ell replied in a tearful attempt to comfort them both.

Rohl gave her a small chuckle as he hugged him tighter.

It seemed his words had settled Ell’s worries and feelings. It was not her fault, not truly, the attack could have happened to anyone. Besides even if he wasn’t physically drained it may as well have just attacked in his dreams that night. It was no one’s fault, and it would be cruel to take out his own failings on her.

After they had finished reassuring each other, they finally broke apart. It was almost time for the feast and Rohl needed to get changed. Ell insisted on waiting nearby, she refused to leave him alone right now and barely agreed to cover her eyes as Rohl changed into something he didn’t get at a panacea.


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