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A/N chapter 1 of the two smaller chapters for today. 

As Rohl waited for his slow death to arrive, waited for the creature to strike again or for him to slowly bleed out here on this bathroom floor, his call for help had not failed him. The door flung open filling the room with a bright blinding light. A purifying light that soon filled the entire room, it faded as soon as it had arrived leaving only an injured Rohl behind.

Rose had burst in, wielding her light magic to drive back the creature, without hesitation, she rushed to the injured Rohl, who watched desperately as the girl fought to save his life.

He watched, unable to offer his own assistance, as Rose rushed to his side and positioned her hands over his bleeding chest. The area she covered soon began to slowly light up, followed by a sickly burning smell. Before Rohl could begin to register the pain, his wound had been cauterised by the searing hot light.

With that wound closed, Rose’s eyes soon caught sight of Rohl’s neck and the two hands that were barely able to stop the flow of blood. The girl moved to kneel over his body, using Rohl’s chest to stabilise her weight whilst her hands hovered slightly over his own.

At the nod of her head, he forced himself to remove his own hands. Rose did not disappoint, in another quick searing hot flash of pain, the wound had been sealed.

“I think some people would prefer you didn’t die just yet; the burns will hold the bleeding until you get to a healer. You’re welcome,” Rose spoke nonchalantly as if she had just passed him the salt instead of saving his life. To Rohl, it seemed like she had just saved his life because people would have been annoyed if she hadn’t. Despite their arguments, Rohl knew Ell would have preferred he didn’t die just yet and he couldn’t blame Rose for wanting to avoid her wrath.

“Thank you,” Rohl chalked out, his voice trembling from the pain of speaking. The cuts on his chest were nothing to the pain of his neck.

The sound of more rushing footsteps soon broke Rohl’s attention from the pain, more help had arrived, specifically Disko. His worried from stood in the open doorway, as the adventurer took in the scene before him, his worries expression soon to confusion.

“That’s some kinky shit,” Disko exclaimed.

It was here where Rohl finally realised the position he was in. He was completely naked, with Rose straddled on his chest which was covered in scratch marks. Somehow Disko had ignored his neck and the pools of blood and just focused on that.

Rohl desperately wanted to exclaim the truth but his scratched voice wouldn’t let him. Rose on the other hand gave Disko a look of annoyed outrage before standing up and pushing him out of the way.

“Get him to a healer,” she growled as she made her way out of the bathroom.

Her words soon allowed realisation to fill Disko’s eyes as he finally noticed the small pools of blood near where Rose had been.


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