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Hey all, some little announcements. 

First off I have edited chapter 2:The Endless Sleep as part of the little rewrite I'm doing. If I'm honest I didn't change as much in that one and but I'm happy enough with what I managed to do.

Secondly, I have two smaller chapters for today's release, this is 2 of of 2. I split them into separate chapters as I had written a nice chapter break in it. 
If anyone has any comments, queries or anything don't hesitate to ask
Anyhows do enjoy the chapters

The bright sun bore down on Rohl’s skin as he walked out of his house, the morning air was fresh and crisp. A perfect day, his family were over in the fields attending to their chores, smiles on their faces as they waved to him.

Rohl smiled back.

“Rohl, don’t forget we have practice, come on or we’ll be late,” spoke Mimi as she made her way out of the house, dressed in a beautiful white sundress.

“I haven’t,” Rohl replied as he let her take his hand and lead him over to a tree just off from the house.

“Divine ranked adventurers can’t be slacking now can they,” Mimi spoke next as she kissed Rohl on his cheek.

“Ell’s volunteered to be spar with you,”

Almost out of thin air Ell appeared from behind the tree, dressed in an equally beautiful sundress, why they were sparring in a sundress, Rohl didn’t know but who was he to question the lack of armour or proper clothing.

“Hurry up, maybe I’ll beat you this time,” Ell spoke jovially as she took up position across from Rohl, seconds later Rohl drew his sword and raised it preparing to spar. He looked Ell in the eyes and flinched.

“What’s a matter, I’m not going to hurt you,” Ell asked confused.

Rohl flinched again, his body almost expecting pain. Something was not right. This wasn’t like Ell at all. And just like that, it clicked inside his mind, this was another dream, it had to be.

Ell moved to begin the spar and Rohl flinched once again. This was a dream, he was under attack, the monster was trying to trap him with a good time again, he needed to get wake up.

And like that he did, he was still in the bathroom, but something was wrong, horribly wrong.

A large figure had its hands pressed tightly on his chest, clawing into flesh. Fortunately, it was not too deep, but a pool of blood had already begun to form. The monster had dragged him out of the bath and was just about to tuck into its meal.

It had sharp bird-like claws, a distorted humanoid-like face and a gaping jaw filled with razor-sharp teeth. Just the sight of its vile grey face made Rohl shudder. Similarly, its grey body was distinctly humanoid-shaped but distorted, as if someone had attempted to create a human body but had given up and just thrown in a bit of troll and Wendigo.

It was a horrific terrifying sight that made Rohl jolt in shock. He was weaponless, pinned and completely defenceless, he couldn’t fight back. There was only one choice, one possible chance of saving his life. He went for it.

“Help!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. He regretted his action almost immediately as the creature dug further into his flesh.

A scream of pain ripped from his lungs as the pain set in, a scream of pain and terror.

As if unhappy with Rohl’s continued resistance, the creature stopped tearing into his flesh and with one quick strike clawed at his lower neck, sending a spray of blood over the walls. Rohl’s free arm rushed to his neck in an attempt to hold back the stem of blood.


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