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Hey all, some little announcements. 

First off I have edited chapter 2:The Endless Sleep as part of the little rewrite I'm doing. If I'm honest I didn't change as much in that one and but I'm happy enough with what I managed to do.

Secondly, I have two smaller chapters for today's release, this is one of two. I split them into separate chapters as I had written a nice chapter break in it. 

Anyhows do enjoy the chapters

After finishing up the training session, Rohl was dismissed, the rest of the afternoon was his. With every part of his body aching he first decided he would bathe first before getting changed. After that then he might have time to perhaps play a few games before attending the afternoon feast.

With his plan in mind, Rohl left the training fields, Ell followed suit soon after, she had spent her training session sparring with Freya, it seemed as if the Valhaldersons were having a competition. From what he had overheard it seemed the Valhaldersons were having a little competition, they had placed best and chosen champions before his and Ell’s sparring match. Rohl was even pretty sure he had even seen a few of the deaths brigands exchanging money during the spar and training sessions.

Not that Rohl was going to complain if they did, he was still getting trained for free after all, what did it matter if people made money from his suffering.

Their return to their rooms was quick enough, it was only a short walk from the training grounds to the main hall and barracks. Calco was already recovered if the thumbs up he gave Rohl as he passed by were anything to go by. Rohl was happy for him if not concerned that he himself may need treatment after the defeat he’d been given.

Still, what could he have done, there was no way to win that fight and even if he’d used his blessing it would not have helped, a boosted or especially angry Ell would not have made his fate any better. He almost shivered at the thought of what a hate-filled Ell would have done to him during that fight.

There was nothing to do except train harder and truly explore his blessing, he’d been lax, he should have checked if he could invoke any other emotions with his blessing, a happy nonviolent Ell would have been nice. He would have to explore this later but first came a wash.

The washing room was not far from his room, just down one or two hallways, with a quick stop to collect a change of clothes from his room, Rohl went to enjoy a soak. Ell did the same soon after, there were separate gender baths after all and even a few luxury bathing areas for special guests.

Despite being in one of the standard bathing rooms, Rohl still thought it seemed incredibly luxurious and expensive. The large wooden room had a bath built into the floor, with a hot steaming bath ready and waiting. It was even surrounded by beautifully smelling candles, the Deaths Brigands truly went all out it seemed.

It was a relaxing luxurious experience for Rohl who was not used to such luxuries back in his village. The only annoyance was the rare knocking from the door on the opposite side of the room, why the room needed two ways in was beyond him.

“Occupied,” he called to no answer.

There was no way he was going to get out and open the door, he was not a complete idiot after all. Odds on it was Ell trying to trick him into entering the women’s bath so she could have another excuse to hurt him.

Despite the knocking, the bath was incredibly relaxing, and despite his best efforts, Rohl found himself drifting off into sleep.


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