With Rohl’s mission arranged, he and Ell were soon freed from the governor’s office, now as traitors to the crown. Almost subconsciously Rohl seemed to react to this new information, he was on edge, each step was taken with caution and his eyes flickered to each alley and street as if expecting to be attacked at any moment.

They would leave for Gleaton Morrow within the hour, but not before they picked up supplies and returned to the Halleway inn to give his goodbye’s, he’d only just arrived back in Elmon, and he was already leaving again. The quick hello’s he had given upon arriving back in Elmon had proven pointless it seemed.

The streets remained almost empty except for the hundreds of soldiers and guards patrolling the city, no civilians dared to transverse the streets. It seems news of the general’s new status had spread and how the governor has sided with him.

With the streets empty the pair made quick progress back to the inn, not a single person stopped to talk or question them. Not that Rohl fancied talking with any strangers right now, not with how on edge and tense he was. Even Ell was acting slightly different than usual, her eyes searched every dark corner and secluded side street for threats.

A few patrons sat within the inn, all with withdrawn and solemn looks adorned on their faces. Including a few Rohl recognized. A tall man with short spiky hair, a green-haired druid, a bulky swordsman, and an attractive young woman with silver eyes. It was Quinn and his party, all sat taking slow sips out of their drinks, all fully equipped with weapons, standard clothing, and leather armour.

Rohl instantly began to make his way to them, seeing the saddened faces on Quinn and Mimi’s faces, yet he was stopped. Thaddeus had gotten up and shuffled Rohl and Ell into a faraway booth, the rest of his party giving apologetic saddened looks in his direction.

“I am sorry Rohl, but you can’t talk or get any closer to them, even this much is a risk. I can’t allow you to go any further,” spoke Thaddeus with a sad apologetic smile.

“What, why, they’re my friends.” Was Rohl quickly almost outraged reply. Ell remained uninterested as usual; she had not exactly gotten along with certain members of Quinn’s group.

“I know, none of us wants this but you’re a traitor to the crown, it's common knowledge in the city by now.”

“Right yo…”

“Obviously, we all know the truth and that you are in the right, but the world is not as simple as right and wrong.”

“Okay but why can’t I see them?” spoke Rohl just as confused as outraged, the discussion had done nothing to relieve the tenseness in his body.

“Mimi is the fae ambassador’s daughter, and Quinn his ward, they are forbidden from communicating with you, the fae cannot be seen to taking sides by associating with you. If word got back that they were then the consequences would be dire, it took a lot to convince them to not meet you in secret, the risk is just too high,” his tone remained apologetic but stern as well. Rohl could tell juts unhappy he was with the situation as well.

“I, I see,” Rohl said as realization took over him soon replaced by sadness and regret. Finally understanding Mimi’s tearful looks. Even the cheerful Quinn look defeated and withdrawn. Terrance was the same, his vibrant appearance losing some of its colour.

As is sensing Rohl distress, the remaining members of Quinn’s party soon made their way out of the inn. Quinn and Terrance gave resigned nods as they left, Mimi followed soon after, she gave a small sad wave as she left.

“I must leave as well; I assure you once the situation is resolved we will meet again friend.” With a small respectful nod, Thaddeus left the inn, not giving Rohl the chance to ask any more questions.

The whole event was another punch to the already downtrodden Rohl, he sat there with Ell in the inn for another few minutes, unmoving just processing everything that had happened. Only when he was ready did he stand, his face and heart much heavier.

Philsen was waiting at the bar preparing a small glass of a clear liquid, his face was full of sympathy as he waited for Rohl to head over, he did as Ell volunteered to go fetch supplies. She was hesitant to leave him but after a bit of reassurance, she did.

“I assume you’ll be heading out again.”

“Yeah, seems so.”

“Your room will be waiting for when you return.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure, you’ve done us a lot of help, Lola and Alicen are out but I’m sure Nia would appreciate a goodbye,” finished Mr. Kutcher as he served Rohl a drink, the pair remained in an understanding silence as Rohl finished the drink, this was not the time for meaningless talk.

After a few more minutes of silence, Rohl finally found Nia, asleep in one of the backrooms, boxes of unpacked food placed in a poor attempt to hide her from sight. Nia was not the hardest worker, she spent most of her time sleeping or getting Rohl to perform.

It took several seconds before Rohl could dislodge himself from Nia’s hug, Rohl’s news had left her sad and disheartened. Only the promise of a special performance upon his return allowed him to leave the room, he did so reluctantly and with a depressed Nia left behind.

“I’ll miss you.” Were her sad sniffled parting words.

Words Rohl soon returned.

Ell was waiting for him at the Inn’s entrance, her hood pulled up to better disguise her face. Two small bags laid at her feet, her eyes showed how apologetic she was at what Rohl was going through, she could relate, leaving your friends and family behind was not easy. With a final wave, Rohl left the inn and his friends behind.

With that sorrowful task done, he made reluctant disheartened steps towards the panacea, to give a last goodbye to his sleeping family. His goal of finding a cure still remained unfulfilled. From there it was onto the village of Gleaton Morrow.


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