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Hello, I did say I would post any updates here and well here I am.

I’ve got two main things to tell you all about

Firstly, the title Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer will become the title of the first book/series name. The sequel will therefore be known as Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer: A Kings Grievance.

I am rather happy with the name, feel free to give your thoughts on it, it might get a little formatting change whenever I get around to getting a cover sorted e.g. Chronicles of……. Book 2: A Kings Grievance

Secondly, the first few chapters of the sequel will be published tomorrow (3rd October 2021). I’m currently on chapter 28 in my draft which equivalates to around chapter 35 for here. I have plenty more to write and could have spent weeks more doing so but I was just really excited and eager to publish more for you all. No one else has seen it apart from me so I’m looking forward to getting more eyes on it. It will all be edited and spellchecked before I publish tomorrow but this is one less round of editing than I usually do so let's just hope time has improved my skills.

As the title states, this is technically a recap chapter. Below is a very quick summary of the previous novel just for convenience sake. I have a terrible memory if my constant need to refer back to previous chapters is anything to go by. So I figured id write this little summary chapter, feel free to skip.


Spoiler warning

Spoiler warning

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Chronicles of a Blessed Adventurer takes place in a world full of gods, monsters and adventurers. However, in this world lies a terrible danger.

Thousands of years ago, Aten and his godly allies went to war against Phobos and his godly allies known as the Felldom. Phobos was intent on devouring all life and Aten could not allow that to stand. He slew Phobos and in doing so released a plague upon the world. The death of Phobos released a twisted dark energy upon the world. This energy did not only bring about the creation of the first monsters but also birthed the seven dungeons and their sacrilegious beasts, terrible creatures intent of fulfilling Phobos wish.

It was one of the sacrilegious beasts (The Endless Sleep) which attacked Rohl and his home of Shrewsborough. Somehow Rohl survived and through perseverance repelled the beast and saved the life of his village.

The villages were sent to Furboigh Panacea, where healer Springwood and Lily tended to them. The villagers remained alive but in a sleep which they could never be awakened from, including Rohl’s family. Only the blessed awoke from this sleep. The gods could gift a slice of their divinity to a chosen champion, giving them a small random slice of the gods' power. Rohl was now the chosen of the Goddess Euterpe, only he, Tarquin and Mr Honberry awoke from the attack.

Rohl’s family were moved to Elmon Panacea, and once able, Rohl left to find them. On this journey, he met the swords dominion and made fast friends of the adventurers Quinn, Mimi, Terrance and Thaddeus. They travelled towards Elmon and were later attacked by a monster stampede, the event forced Rohl to embrace and discover his blessing. He could boost the strength of allies and send monsters into a wild fury, forcing them to attack allies and enemies alike.

The blessing drained Rohl of his energy, causing him to fall unconscious. He awoke in Elmon panacea alone, met Guildmaster Tulley and General O’Halley before visiting his family in the panacea. After he found the Halleway inn, in exchange for performing as a bard he would a free room at the inn. The Inn was run by Philsen and Alicen Kutcher and their daughters Nia and Lola.

There are a few chapters of Rohl settling in until he one day meets Ell, an elf who had discovered his blessing. They teamed up to fulfil a monster contract in Buriehal forest. As it turns out the forest was an unknown dungeon that was disguised within the forest, if it had been left unchecked it would surely have devoured the city.

After much suffering and lots of luck, the pair defeat the dungeon. The first one to have even been slain, its weakness being blessed blood. In revenge, its sacrilegious beast, a mimic capable of creating a monster army seeks revenge and lays siege to the city of Elmon.

Rohl escapes the city and seeks the aid of General O’Halley and the 4th legion. Together they defeat and slay the Mimic of Buriehal. An event that cost the lives of many adventurers and soldiers alike.

After the city rejoices and with it comes many chapters where Rohl bonds with the friends he had met. He attends Governor Sampson's ball with Ell, Mimi, Quinn, Terrance and Thaddeus. All seems well until one day the Offan Imperial guard arrive at the city accusing Rohl of treason

A note from Arthur-67

Above was a very quick recap of the story, hopefully, you will all enjoy the next one

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