Three hours was what it took for them to fully come to terms with their situation. Only then, only after they accepted the direness of their situation did they stand and prepare themselves for what was to come. How their only chance was to survive relied on them working together to kill the dungeon. It was another hour before either of them said a word.

“Any ideas?” they said at the same time, in the same resigned tone.

Rohl spoke next “No one has ever killed one and our weapons are basic, who knows we might get lucky and find a weak spot in its heart.” There was no real determination or hope in his words as he spoke, just a neutral tone, showing the lack of belief he had in his idea.

Ell didn’t disagree, not even a disparaging comment. “I think I may know how to find its heart, but it’s a wild shot.” Her tone represented her words, yet it filled Rohl with a glimmer of hope.


“My senses have been off ever since we got further in, not being able to lead us out. The dungeon is messing with me, altering my forest senses. Pulling me away from the exit. By following my senses it may lead us to its centre, the dungeon may be leading me into its centre, to its heart. It underestimates and by doing so gives us a chance. Although it’s not wrong to underestimate us, we are not exactly ready for this,” Ell said, clearly unsure of her words.

Rohl considered her words and wholeheartedly agreed “I think your right, clever.”

“Of course it is, I said it, I’m the brains, muscle and looks after all. But you’ve come really far as well, the best bait in all the land.”

Rohl couldn’t help but crack a smile at her joking words, they gave a sense of comfort in this completely rough situation.

“What have we got in terms of weapons anyway? I’ve got a sword, basic armour, my blessing and a cape with some minor magical protection but I can’t use it until we’ve been spotted or in a somewhat open area. Otherwise, it’s a dead giveaway where I am and I would get caught in the foliage,” Rohl said, if they were going to do this they should at least come up with some sort of strategy.

“I’ve got a bow, a quiver of arrows, sword, dagger, monster tackle and two minor health potions.”

“So we’ve got very little in the terms of supplies, no idea of how to kill it and our best bet is to follow where it's leading us and just hope for the best. Not to mention the powerful monsters it's likely created, any naturally born monsters and a new completely unknown sacrilegious beats that we may or may not run it on the way.”


“Great, it’s almost too easy maybe I should chop off my leg just to make it fair.”

Ell exhaled air from her nose at his words and gave a jesting ‘would you shut up’ look to him.

“Well then why delay, it’s not like it’s going to die of old age anytime soon,” Rohl said rather nonchalantly as he stood up and reached out a hand to Ell. She took it and pulled herself up. With one last deep look at each other, they nodded. It was time to fight the dungeon, fight for all the people of Elmon, who would be ambushed by the dungeon if they did nothing. Time to fight for the gods, and lastly fight for themselves.

Rohl didn’t know where this strength had come from. How he could go on and fight this creature. For all, he knew he was just resigned to dying here and his acceptance of that was what gave him the strength to take each step. Steps that led him further and further into the dungeon.

Maybe it was Ell, her attitude showed no fear or hesitation for their upcoming fight, maybe that gave him the strength to fight. Unbeknownst to Rohl, Ell was having the same thoughts about him. They were drawing the strength to fight on from each other.

Every step they took could be their last, but this did not stop Rohl or Ell as they headed further in, passing by the fake dungeon trees as they did so. At least he knew why all the trees seemed mostly the same to him now, maybe dungeons lacked good arts and craft skills.

With that thought, they continued their journey. Ell led and Rohl followed close behind, she knew which direction to go in after all.


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