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Rohl could remember very little of the week he spent recovering in Elmon's adventurer's guild private panacea. It was a week filled with Rohl waking for short periods of time, often in a daze before falling back into unconsciousness. On top of the daze, there were periods where he was lucid but not quite awake, able to hear and remember small snippets of conversation.

"Come on Mimi, we need to get going, this is an urgent quest and we've delayed enough as it is."

"Don't give me that look, he saved my life as well, we'll visit him as soon as we're back I promise, you've been by his side all this time, and we need to get going. It's not like he's going anywhere. We can express our gratitude once we return."

"We'll visit as soon as we return Mimi, don't worry."

After much urging, Mimi finally left Rohl's side, leaving her silver cloak placed gently over Rohl's sleeping form.

"Are you sure?" Quinn said in uncharacteristic seriousness after seeing it. It was a valuable possession.

"Yes, I am sure," Mimi replied. The cloak glowed ever so slightly after being set down and Mimi smiled, no trace of doubt on her face. She placed a gentle kiss on Rohl's cheek before following Quinn out the door.

All of the party had been hesitant to leave Rohl, yet shortly after rushing Rohl to Elmon for treatment and informing the guild master of the attack, they had been called away on an urgent quest. A quest involving recent large-scale monster migration following the appearance of one of the sacrilegious beasts. A quest they could not refuse. And so had been forced to leave Rohl recovering in his bed, much to their member's annoyance. Even Thaddeus had wanted to stay if just to give his thanks to Rohl. Who had remained bedridden ever since his arrival in Elmon.

Still, they could delay no longer, leaving them with no choice but to leave Rohl lying asleep in the panacea bed. The slow gentle stirring of his body only witnessed by the now empty room.

The feeling of waking up in a panacea bedroom was a feeling of which Rohl was getting tired of. A feeling made worse by his drowsiness. Drowsiness which was soon put aside by the sudden shot of pain in his side, it was a sharp stabbing pain that flared as soon as he had sat up to get a better idea of his surroundings.

Underneath the new tunic, he was wearing were several stitches, stitches that clearly showed where his stab wound had been. The sharp bouts of pain and general soreness of the healed wound were annoying for Rohl but at least the goblin responsible had paid with its life.

After quickly wiping away such thoughts, Rohl took a minute to fully observe his surroundings, his room was slightly different than the one in Furbrough, it still had the same basic furniture and design. Yet instead of it being attached to a hallway it exited into a large square room which appeared to have been divided into several smaller rooms, a few were like his containing a small bed, wooden table, and an injured patient.

Most of the other rooms contained either cabinets full of medicines and herbs, medical equipment or in one case an operating table. There was still a small altar to the goddess Panacea, however, here it was located near the entrance to the large room. Rohl soon tired of sitting up in his bed observing his surroundings and so decided to collect his belongings, just like in Furbrough they had been placed on a small table next to his bed.

After securing his ukatar, dagger and its scabbard, he hesitantly began to stand being mindful not to strain his wound. Seconds after standing up off the bed, he immediately sat back down. His mind had finally shaken off its daze and tiredness allowing him to fully remember the event which had put him here.

Almost at once, he was filled with a sense of awe and confusion. Several questions were burning in his mind. How had he drawn out that power, had that been his blessing, can I finally be a worthy adventurer? Questions he could only partially answer, at the bare minimum he knew that the power that drove the monsters into a frenzy and gave his allies such power did occur after he spoke and had come from within him. It only left one conclusion; he had used his blessing.

It was awe-inspiring to Rohl; he could barely believe that he had been the one to control such power. That he had been the one to receive such a gift.

The very idea that this was his blessing filled him with a deep sense of awe and happiness. He finally had power, finally had a powerful blessing and with it, he could try and save his family, try to make them proud.

However, there were a few things that had to be done before he could start using his blessing out on quests before he could start using it to get stronger and save his family, a task which surely required a strength level he could barely even fathom.

Before all this, he needed to do a few more achievable goals, such as registering an adventurer, becoming better trained for combat and finally being able to control and draw out that power without being seconds from death, hopefully, the frozen state was just a side effect from this being the first time he had used this power. Not a completely improbable idea given what he knew special blessed individuals.

With his thoughts dominated by his blessing, he even began to wonder if this was what had caused the endless sleep to halt its devouring of Shrewsborough before purging that thought from his mind. He had no memory of the event and believing that he had defeated the monster with a blessing he didn't know about until much later would only cause him to get big-headed especially if he didn't have any proof.

Thankfully, the half lucid moments during his recovery had told him everything he needed to know about what had happened to Quinn and his party. Rohl was glad they had all made it safe and sound. As well as touched that they had cared for him and stayed by his side during his recovery. Still, he was slightly saddened by the thought that he had been unable to say goodbye when they departed.

Such thoughts sprung Rohl's memory into action, slowly as not strain himself, he made his way to the other side of the bed where he could see Mimi's cloak, it had fallen off his form during Rohl's sleep fidgeting. After running it through his fingers, he could tell it was made of a soft silky fabric, it was a nice relaxing feeling. If Rohl hadn't been there he'd have doubted this cloak had even seen battle given its pristine condition

Rohl knew little of the fae yet he could sense that was surely a precious gift and one he would surely cherish. After remembering how Mimi had stayed by his side during his recovery, and her actions whilst leaving. His cheeks tinged red, he was looking forward to seeing her again and knew he must remember to thank her for her kind gift. After attaching the comfy warm cloak, Rohl began to leave the room, completely missing the small glow that the cloak had briefly given off as it settled upon his form.

He didn't make it far. After leaving his room, he entered a small hallway, which he followed. Shortly after taking a few steps down the hallway. A thick wooden door opened on his left, revealing 3 men. One of which was a healer dressed in the traditional healer robes. It was he who had opened the door and given a small look of surprise shortly after.

"Oh, this is him now actually," said the man in mild surprise before he reached over and grabbed Rohl by the arm. He found himself pulled into the room as the man who had done so went scurrying off down the hallway before Rohl had even been able to even get a good look at the man's face. Never mind catch his name, a bit rude if you asked Rohl.

"Sit down young man," spoke a commanding voice from behind Rohl.

As Rohl spun around to face the man, he quickly understood why the healer had been in such a rush to leave the room. The man who had spoken was none other than General Brutus O' Halley, Offa's most feared general; a veteran of one hundred battles and chosen of Athena, a goddess of wisdom and strategy.

The general's appearance reflected all of Rohl's expectations. General O'Halley appeared to be in his late 50's yet his age hadn't impacted his abilities at all. His face was covered in small scars and cuts, the most distinct being a cut that went from his right eye down across his lips. Small grey patches of stubble adorned his face matching the fading grey hair on his head. The general's appearance reflected the experiences of battle and they had most certainly aged him.

A red cape hung over his back, fixed to expensive brown leather armour. It was magically enchanted to afford better protection, likely the best on the market. Several iron hoops were attached to the armour above his heart, showing his rank. The sight drew Rohl to one conclusion.

The conclusion that General O'Tulley was an intimidating man and despite himself, Rohl couldn't help but give a respectful "Yes sir," before sitting down at the desk opposite the general. Who's intimidating presence stood in stark contrast to the room, a room which was fairly plain. Basic wooden cabinets and drawers filled the room's edges, each one overflowing with paperwork. A longsword was hung up for display on the wall behind the desk, it was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, its edge glimmered as sunlight reflected off its sharp edge.

However this wasn't all that stood in the room, a second man was stood slightly behind the general. A middle-aged man with short brown hair and a piercing gaze. This man was not wearing armour but a simple shirt. Compared to the general there was nothing striking or intimidating about this man, apart from the short sword sheathed at his hip. Given his closeness to the general, this could only be Guild master Tulley, one of the few men who could stand as an equal to the general.

"Tell us Mr Bluedawn, were you the one that defeated that rampaging stampede, located four miles west of Elmon," the general asked in a powerful authoritative voice.

"I guess," came Rohl's meek reply as he unwillingly shrunk in the general's presence.

"You guess? give me straight answers, I am in no mood to drag this conversation out any more than necessary," the general had not been pleased with Rohl's rather lacklustre reply.

"Yes sir, although I am not fully sure how I was able to do it," Rohl said as he replied properly to the general's first question. Almost unthinkingly he had sat up straighter and tried to put as much respect into his voice as possible.

"This matches the report your companions gave; it is common for recently awakened blessed to struggle to control their abilities. Guild Master Tulley will arrange an assessment for you after our discussion," the general said his eyes glued to a piece of paper on the desk. The Guild Master only nodded at the general words.

"Now," the general continued "the report concluded the power originated after you spoke, and you are from Shrewsborough which was recently devastated by an attack from the Endless Sleep. Did you interrupt the Endless Sleep in Shrewsborough with this blessing?"

"I apologise, sir, as far as I know, I was blessed after the attack. I cannot say what happened that night," Rohl replied hesitantly, making a mental note to enquire about his family's whereabouts once the general had left.

"A shame, the army could use a man capable of stopping that god's forsaken beast or any of the seven sacrilegious beasts and their dungeons for that matter. Ever since the gods defeated the Phobos and the Felldom, we have been plagued by Phobos’s twisted dungeons, no species has ever been able to slay them. Any weapon that can be used against them is immensely valuable. Still, your blessing is powerful, if this report is accurate that is, I better not see your potential being wasted. It could give a significant boost to an army or adventuring party once refined. As such I have high expectations of you Mr Bluedawn. Do not disappoint me."

"Yes sir," Rohl replied with a hint of pride at the general's words. With a nod of his head at Rohl words, the general stood up, gave the Guild master a firm handshake before taking his leave. Rohl remained seated awkwardly during the exchange, doing his best to avoid making a fool out of himself.

Just before the general made his way out of the room, he gave Rohl one last parting remark. "Acquire a proper weapon and learn to use it Mr Bluedawn, from what I read in the report, you're fighting capabilities do not fill me with confidence."

"Now Mr Bluedawn," a sharp voice began. Jolting Rohl back into focus as he turned his attention to the Guild Master who had now taken the seat across from him.

"I am the Guild Master for the Elmon adventurer's guild, and it is my duty to oversee all adventures, blessed and monsters contracts within the city and its surrounding areas. But given from the lack of surprise on your face, I assume you already knew that."

Rohl nodded at this, Guild Master Tulley had been a famous adventurer back before he took over management of the guild. The guild master's victory against the Sicilian Hydra had made him one of Offa's strongest adventurers back in his youth. Young Rohl had idolised him along with many other famous adventurers, fortunately, he had grown out of that phase.

"I completely agree with everything the general said. However, I am a very busy man and so will give you some brief information which I expect you want to know. Firstly all awakened blessed must have their blessing assessed at the closest guild. This of course can be done after we have finished here, you may also register as an adventurer and be given an adventurer rank as well if you so wish."

Rohl had a look of joy and eagerness at this but controlled himself from making any outbursts, instead of keeping his attention forward as the guild master continues his speech. Despite his attempts at focusing he couldn't control the smile that was creeping onto his face.

"Secondly, Healer Springwood informed me of what little you remember of the attack on Shrewsborough. If it were not for you, we may never have known what had happened, so for that, you have my thanks. As a reward, I have paid for your family's care whilst you were unconscious."

The Guild Master raised his hand as Rohl was about to cut in.

"You may find them at the Elmon panacea however there has been no change in their conditions, I am sorry to have to tell you that," the guild master paused to let Rohl process everything before he continued. It took Rohl a few moments before he motioned for the guild master to continue, he would hold his feelings back until he saw them for himself.

"Finally your companions have left you your share of the reward for the killing of numerous monsters, the man said as he handed Rohl a small brown wallet filled with coins.

"I suggest you use it to follow the general's advice. I see that fae girl has also left you her cloak. Good for you, it's quite a useful item. They spent most of the week checking up on you actually, the girl especially spent most of her time by your bedside. To be honest, I was getting rather tired of it, such a distraction whilst I was trying to get my work done. Now that's everything, you are free to leave as I have much work to attend to."

And so Rohl did after giving the Guild Master a parting thanks. Rather glad that the whole ordeal had been quick and informative. He had expected to have to explain the entire fight, blessing and awakening in excruciating detail, he was rather pleased to not have to go through that. Quinn must have filled them in already.

Something Rohl was particularly appreciative of, he wasn't in a particularly talkative mood and it seemed the guild master wasn't either. The monster reward was a nice surprise though, it contained around 40 twilling's, a fair amount thought Rohl.

Heading down the hallway, Rohl followed the path which led into an open hall, a hall similar to the one in Furbrough, yet this one was much larger and filled with much more activity. The doorway Rohl had exited through was situated behind a large receptionist desk where two staff members were stood watching the rambunctious hall. A hall where twenty or so adventures and rangers sat, spread out over several long tables.

Many had flagons in their hands and given the casks behind the bar on the other side of the hall, Rohl figured it was an alcoholic drink, ale maybe.

From what Rohl could see there was a wide range of adventures in the hall. Several wore large cloaks with bows slung across their backs, a few burly adventures had large longswords or battle axes whilst clad in thick iron armour. A few were dressed in light leather armour which only protected the vital areas, these typically had short swords and shields.

Rohl could make out 1-2 magic casters within the bunch, they were sat separately in different groups yet were easily distinguishable from the crowd given the typical style of magic casters. One had a large wooden staff and long flowing hair the colour of moss, a female druid most likely. The other had sickly blue skin, sullen eyes and a completely bald head, his staff was made of a material unknown to Rohl. It was dark black with not a single crack or scratch on its smooth surface.

Rohl knew little of magic outside the basics, there were several branches of magic such as druids or water mages. From the magic user's appearance, Rohl was unsure what kind of magic he studied. Yet he was for sure not going to approach the man and his group to ask, he was not curious enough to know that he would disturb their merry drinking and laughing. The overall atmosphere was cheery and bright matching the décor of the guildhall. Bright torches lit the room with interlocked swords and shields in between. Even a few impressive monster trophies adorned the walls.

As the guild workers were currently unoccupied, Rohl purposively knocked his scabbard into the wall to signal his presence to the guild workers. As he did so they both turned to face him. They were identical twin girls, a rarity in Offa. They had the same blue eyes, round pretty faces and light blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. Even their voices were the same, soft yet authoritative.

"How can we help you today sir," they both said at the same time.

"Uh hi, I was told I need to get my blessing assessed or something like that," Rohl replied.

"Ah well, unfortunately, Mr Hethbridge, our chief assessor was called away on business," the left twin began.

"Mr Hethbridge is expected to return tomorrow morning, the guild offers our most sincere apologies for the delay, return tomorrow evening and well see that you are assessed right away," the right twin continued.

"Ah right okay thank you."

"Is there anything else we can help you with, sir," they said at the same time once again.

"Uh yes, may I also register as an adventurer, if that's okay," Rohl replied in a nervously excited manner, this was the moment, the moment he had wanted for so long.

"Yes of course," the left twin started " Kayiela, please take the kind, sir, to the meeting room."

"Of course Zayiela, right this way if you please, sir," the right twin Kayiela began walking to her right as Rohl followed behind, the meeting room was through a wooden door just a few steps away. It was a small room with just a simple wooden table and two chairs on either side. Kayiela sat on the far side and gestured Rohl to sit across from her, he did so. From a draw, under the table, Zayiela drew out a simple form before handing it and a pencil to Rohl.

"Please fill this in, whilst you are doing so sir, I shall be using a small waystone to assess your magical abilities, should you have already chosen a magical path," at this, she retrieved a small circular opal-like stone from the draw.

Rohl nodded before beginning the form. There was a small section at the top explaining the adventurer ranking system. The lowest class was trainee, from there it went beginner, trained, experienced, veteran, master and finally divine. Each adventurer ranking helped dictate what monster contracts you could take. Rohl wondered what rankings Quinn and his party had been, they were not inexperienced that was for sure.

The form went on to explain that Rohl's answers would help decide what ranking he was given; however physical demonstrations were required as proof. For example archery demonstrations if you said that you were an experienced archer.

There were only a handful of questions on the form that Rohl needed to answer. For example, his full name; Rohl Bluedawn. What his primary weapon was and his level of experience with that weapon. Rohl decided to put dagger-sword and little experience as his answers. It asked about his level of training to which Rohl put none. It even asked if he had any magical talent or experience, to which Rohl once again put none.

The final question asked if he was blessed and if so, what said blessing was. Rohl answered yes before taking several seconds to think about his answer to the second part of that question. Before finally deciding on writing that he could exert power through speech, strengthening allies whilst sending monsters into a wild flurry of emotion, specifically anger and hatred but he didn't know if he could unleash any other emotions upon them. For example, make all the goblins depressed. He did however add that he had only used it once and was unsure as to how to fully use it.

After this Rohl pushed the form over to Kayiela's side of the table who was grasping the waystone in her hands as it gave off a silvery-white glow.

Kayiela placed the waystone back into the draw before observing Rohl's application form for a couple of minutes whilst Rohl waited nervously across from her.

"Well Mr Bluedawn, this is a tricky assessment, the waystone does pick up a high level of magical power however that could also be due to your blessing, a blessing which cannot yet be assessed. Unfortunately, until it is the guild cannot use it in the ranking assessment. Once again you have our most sincere apologies for this. Given these circumstances, you are unable to be given a high ranking however since you do have battle experience with both a weapon and blessing it would be unfair to give a low ranking."

Rohl was unsure if he should be happy or disappointed as Kayiela explained his ranking.

"Mr Bluedawn the guild awards you the provisional rank of beginner, however, once the assessment has been done, this may be raised. Now as a licensed adventurer, your adventurer ID will be ready for collection by tomorrow. The guild services including the buying and selling of monster's parts, weapon discounts and the use of the guild's panacea are all available to you. Congratulations Mr Bluedawn and welcome to the adventurer's guild."

"Thank you," Rohl said elated, he had finally made it into the adventurous guild, achieved a lifelong dream of his. Soon enough a bright smile had attached to his face, a smile he was unable to budge.

"You are most welcome, now is there anything else the guild can do for you? If it's a monster contract you are looking for then there is a notice board in the hall, please stick to monsters within your rank."

"Ah no not yet, if you don't mind, could you tell me where the Elmon panacea is please?" As much as Rohl wanted to get right into monster slaying, to get into the adventurer's life. He knew that he must wait, there were more important duties that had to be attended to first. His family and a place to stay came first.

"Most certainly, after you leave the guildhall, take a right till you reach Lode blacksmiths, from there head left down Grythorn street. Follow it till you reach the central market square. In the far-right corner of the square, there is a small street called Akos street; it is the building at the end with the caduceus sign hanging above its door."

"Ah great thank you, if that's everything you need from me, I will get going then. Thank you, bye." Rohl rushed out hastily, eager to get going.

"Goodbye Mr Bluedawn, the guild wishes you well in your adventuring."

With that Rohl left the small meeting room and entered the hall. The exit stood in the centre of the hall, where two large thick wooden doors were located. Rohl could see a bustling street just outside from the two windows located on either side. He made his way across the busy hall and out the wooden doors, he was finally here.



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