Quinn, Mimi, Terrance, and Thaddeus who had received a short reprieve as Rohl first spoke, were also impacted by this ability. However, they did not devolve into fits of anger and hatred. They were impacted in an entirely different way. Possibly because they were of a more intelligent species or perhaps because Rohl had subconsciously recognised them as allies.

Whatever the reason, his blessing had given them strength and power well beyond their current ability. Every bit of tiredness and exhaustion had immediately dissipated, instead, they felt refilled with energy, as if they were now fresh to the fight.

“What is going on?” Quinn shouted out over the sounds of dying monsters. His call brought the attention of the closest goblin. His sword slashed towards the beast, a quick cut to end the threat.

The beast's torso slid to the ground in a bloody thud.

“What in the god's name, how did I do that?” Quinn asked himself in shock as he looked at his sword in confusion. He felt so strong as if he could take on an army by himself. Filled with a strength he had never felt before, it was amazing yet only added to his confusion. Just a few seconds ago he was desperately using an alp’s body to shield himself from a wolf.

And now the beasts who had just seconds ago tried to kill him were now butchering each other. Not that he was complaining.

“What in the gods name is going on?” Quinn mumbled out before being interrupted by a charging wolf, a wolf whose head he soon splattered across the floor with a sharp kick. This was enough to kick him back into focus, as he used this newfound power and energy to re-join the fight. One quick thrust from his blade left a troll’s heart impaled through his sword. As if its thick skin had been replaced by paper.

“Ha-ha, yes, who will be next to face me,” Thaddeus boomed. His laughter could be clearly heard over the sounds of battle, it appeared as if Quinn were not the only one affected by this new power.

Thaddeus had picked up a troll’s club and smashed it into a trolls chest. The force threw the troll to the side as if it had been hit by a catapult. Even smushed by the attack, the troll’s corpse still crushed several monsters as it flew across the battlefield.

Mimi had regained all her previously used energy and strength. The fae darted in and out between monsters at an almost untraceable speed, every slice of her blade left her victims dismembered.

She seemed to have gotten the hang of this new power quite quickly with only a mouthed “What is happening?” to Quinn as she passed by him. A question he could not answer. They were now fighting back-to-back in the chaos of the battle, barely needing to focus on the fight as any monster not fighting its former allies was easily dispatched by them.

“All I remember is Rohl saying something and then I was filled with such power, I don’t know how to describe it,” Mimi said as Quinn nodded in agreement.

“Where is Rohl, is he okay, I can’t see him,” Mimi asked Quinn, slightly worried. Three more goblins were slain in quick succession as she looked for Rohl, they had been too busy fighting each other to see her attacks coming.

Quinn’s reply came in a pointed finger. It pointed to bolstered Terrance using his new wooden form to create a thick wall of branches around the still entranced Rohl. The sharp branches stabbed any monster that came to close. With Rohl shielded, Terrance was now free to use his druid magic. His magical exhaustion was gone and now he felt greater than ever as he cast ever more powerful spells to slaughter the enemy.

An enemy whose numbers had soon dwindled, hundreds of corpses of all shapes, sizes and conditions laid on a ground now dyed red with blood. The last few goblins had fought each other to the death. Unable to escape their intense hatred even as every last single of their former allies died. The party easily finished off any straggling trolls, bugbears, and alps. Once they were sure the area was completely safe, they finally freed Rohl from his wooden shield.

Terrance slowly returned to flesh as the branches gathered in a protective shield around Rohl began to withdraw into him. As they waited for Terrance to withdraw his magic, they had begun to check their wounds before finding themselves in perfect condition, even Thaddeus’s arm had fully healed.

As the branches dissipated, Rohl remained standing upright in the same position, yet as time slowly passed his eyes slowly softened becoming less focused and more dazed. With a small stumble, he fell to one side, his eyes now closed.

Rohl never reached the ground, Mimi’s quick reactions allowing her to catch him as he fell.

“Is he alright?” Thaddeus asked.

Terrance answered, his eyes had taken a green hue as he bent down to observe the now unconscious Rohl “His lifeforce remains strong.”

“Well that’s some good news at least,” said Quinn as he watched Rohl’s unconscious form.

“We best treat that wound though, lest it gets infected.” At this Quinn reached into his pocket and pulled out a small blue vial. After pouring the liquid into the open wound on Rohl’s side, it soon began to close, the bleeding stopped shortly after “That should hold him for a day, but it will need proper treatment”.

With that immediate concern over, the party could finally discuss what was at the front of their minds. The power that had turned the tides in that battle, saved their lives and had now withdrawn after returning them to peak condition.

Quinn who had gained some of his usual cheer now that there was no immediate danger breached the subject first, breaking the group's silent contemplation. “Anybody know what Rohl did there? that was amazing. The way the monsters just turned on each other as if sworn enemies and the power I felt. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Quinn asked the group, bits of awe and respect in his voice as he discussed the event.

“A blessing maybe,” was Mimi’s reply as she gently held Rohl, his head laid on her lap, with her hands gently stroking his hair.

“Well he sure kept that quiet,” replied Quinn a little disappointed.

“Maybe he didn’t know,” said Mimi still not raising her head “Rohl did say that he’d lived a pretty boring life, maybe his blessing was inactive.”

“Makes sense I guess; I reckon you don’t need to use your voice to make monsters kill each other in anger very often as a farmer. Still, that was some blessing, I’ve never even heard of one like it. I’d say he was lucky, but I guess that depends on if he stands frozen all the time while he does it. Be pretty lame if he got stabbed while he was just standing there,” Quinn said looking at the devastation around them. The road covered in blood, corpses, and the weapons they had once used.

“We should get moving, I don’t want to leave Rohl exposed out here any longer,” Mimi said directing her statement at Quinn.

“Good point, Rohl’s needs treatment and who knows what monsters these corpses will attract, best not to linger. We should reach Elmon soon enough. I feel completely refreshed like I could run the rest of the way easily.”

“I can carry Rohl, his weight means little to me,” Thaddeus cut in bending down to scoop up the unconscious Rohl.

“Great news, let’s get going then and try not to drop him too much,” Quinn ordered before gathering his sword and any other belongings or valuables which had been discarded in the fight.


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