As expected, the stone circlet had indeed kept them safe all night.

Rohl awoke first, used to early days of hard work. Quinn, Thaddeus, Terrance, and Mimi were still asleep around the long-faded fire. Its burning light was now unneeded as daylight shone on Rohl’s skin. The clear light on his skin made him fully aware of just how dirty he’d become, and so he used this free time to give himself a quick wash in a small stream nearby. The Vishnu circles were often placed near such water sources. Fortunately, he still had a spare set of clothes to change into thanks to Furbrough panacea.

Upon his return to the group, Rohl slowly went around gently waking them up, they couldn’t afford to sleep in too long after all. Quinn, Terrance, and Thaddeus were awoken first. A quick warning from Quinn quickly halted his awakening of Mimi.

“I’d wait a minute before you get Mimi up, she gets a bit stabby if you wake her up too early,” Quinn laughed out quietly, Rohl preferring not to get stabbed heeded this advice.

“Wait till breakfast.” Was Thaddeus helpful advice.

Terrance left soon after awakening. Apparently needing to do “Tasks of nature which should only be undertaken by one of a druid nature.”

This just left him, Quinn and Thaddeus sitting around a new blazing fire. Rohl soon volunteered to cook the bacon and sausages that Quinn kindly provided. The smell was fantastic and Rohl sat waiting eagerly for them to cook.

“So Rohl,” Quinn began with a smirk, a smirk that Rohl was beginning to dislike “You and Mimi seemed to be getting friendly last night, that was some heart-warming dancing by you two.”

Rohl soon began to blush and splutter out denials before being cut off.

“You can’t deny it, she is unpartnered if you’re wondering, and you seem just like her type,”


“Yeah, she’s all for those weedy, frail-looking guys,” Quin said jokingly. To which Rohl gave a mildly indignant look.

“Stop teasing the poor man,” Thaddeus cut in.

“Oh you’re no fun, how do I show my cool older mentor side if I don’t tease him,” Quinn countered.

Rohl figured this was the good time to get out of this conversation and so took a plate of cooked sausage and eggs to the still sleeping Mimi.

Upon noticing the meal, Mimi was quick to smile brightly at him, giving him a quick, “Thank you,” before she tucked into her meal.

Rohl despite his best attempts did redden slightly, something which Quinn noticed upon Rohl’s return to the fireside. The laughter which followed almost causing Quinn to choke on his meal.

The laughter and gentle small talk was soon cut off by the immediate return of Terrance, his face showing small traces of worry and concern.

“I have spoken to the beasts of four legs and those which fly through the air. Bad tidings have they brought, a goblin pack rides beasts of four legs to our north, a great shadow pack approaches through the thick of night to our far south. Our life presence is unknown to them and will remain that way unless great unfortunate comes our way.”

Rohl roughly translated this to mean that they will most likely be fine but still it was best not to draw lots of attention to themselves. Quinn’s main concern was being trapped within the stone circlet and so ordered them to get moving as soon as possible leaving no further time to talk or dawdle. Within minutes of Terrance’s return, they were packed and on the move towards Elmon.

In order to draw the least attention, it was decided they would continue their journey in single file. Quinn took point, followed by Mimi, then Rohl and Terrance. Thaddeus was at the back as rear-guard.

Rohl had positioned himself in the centre on Thaddeus' advice as it was the safest position. Quinn just said it was so he could stare at Mimi’s behind, obviously not when she was in earshot.

For a few seconds, Rohl was stuck in his head, surrounded by thoughts that believed that didn’t sound too bad of an idea. Upon seeing the smirk appearing on Quinn’s face, Rohl cut himself off from that train of thought and began to feverishly deny Quinn’s claim, his face burning red.

Despite Rohl’s reasonable talent at keeping his emotions under control, he continuously struggled to keep his face clear during Quinn’ teasing, Quinn just gave off a vibe that made it easy to let your guard down around him.

Soon enough they were ready to continue their journey and Rohl promised to do his best to prove Quinn wrong.


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