“Calliope, you decide, which of the species shall we watch today?” the goddess, Thalia, asked impatiently.

“How about Jason, slayer of the Terrian lich, chosen of-” came Calliope’s partial reply.

“No, too serious for my taste,” Thalia interrupted in an exaggerated bored tone.

“Thalia, you’re the goddess of comedy, everyone is too serious for your tastes,” Euterpe sighed with a laughing smile.

“Heyyy, that’s not true, I just appreciate those who know how to make a goddess laugh is all. Why don’t you choose then Euterpe?”

“Rohl of Shrewsborough, his music always cheers me up. Watching beginners learn is so fulfilling.”

“Nope not again, you’re the only one enterta-“ Thalia spoke before being cut off by the temple door being forced open.

“Come quick, Aten has called an emergency discussion in the central chamber, one of the seven sacrilegious beasts has been spotted in the Kingdom of Offa.”

“Let’s go Thals.” Hastened Calliope already getting to her feet.

“On my way,” came Thalia’s reply as she began heading towards the door. Only one of the goddesses remained still.

“Euterpe, will you not come?” asked Calliope

“My being there will change nothing, I don’t want to see any more of them fall to those accursed beings. I’m going to go and watch the mortals for a while. I’ll meet with you later,” Euterpe spoke as her physical form. That of a young woman with a round shapely face and curled bright blonde hair, began to fade out of the room.

In its place, a small white light remained before it floated down steadily towards the village of Shrewsborough. Where it watched in shock, horror, and awe as for the first time in centuries, the Endless Sleep was driven off. A place where one person prevented the lives of everyone in their village from being lost to the Endless Sleep.

An event of which legends are made, an event worthy of a reward. Rohl’s determination, hope and belief had driven off the Endless Sleep and for that, the goddess Euterpe decided to bestow upon Rohl, her blessing.

For the first time, Euterpe gave out her blessing and with it a slice of her divine power. The goddess did not know what power this blessing would give, but Rohl was now her chosen and for that, she would do her best to guide him in his journey no matter what.


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