Candii's Quest

Candii's Quest

by DrDan

Candii, the Rock Hall of Fame bassist of the world's greatest band, The Non-Traditional Key Gullz, believed retirement would be all sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows. However, after the evil wizard queen Morgana loots the magic from her 30 pet unicorns, Candii must travel to the Land of Rock and jamher way through hordes of magical minions to save her ranch! It won't be easy especially when the Band finds out that in the Land of Rock evil isn't so easily understood!

Candii's Quest is a musical novel that instructs you to play music during certain parts of each chapter. Rock out to 24 famous songs spanning from the 70's until today that set the tone and excitement for each action sequence. Candii will be rolling in the deep as she travels the boulevard of broken dreams. It'll be a bittersweet symphony as she holds out for a hero only to learn that it is her all along. "Don't stop me now", she'll cry!

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Published by: CHOU! Books
Author: Daniel Chou
Editor: Marci Chou
Cover artist: Tina Frost

Hello, everyone!
This is the author, DrDan. I'm excited to bring you the first complete literary work I ever created, Candii's Quest. It's more than a novel, it's a rock ballad! I've written a lot since this book, which I completed in 2017, and I thought it was time to release it into the wild for free! If my adventure and style (which has changed A LOT) interest you, then visit my Ko-fi page (click the TIP button) to find out what else I'm working on and when it'll be shared here.
Also, please rate, favorite, and comment! I'll be forever grateful, you wonderful person!

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