Dimensional Originator

by AaronStorm

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Adam is having a terrible time. To start the day off he died in a car accident. And that isn't even the most painful thing that happened to him. That would be merging with a strange crystal. After that he ended up stuck in an endless black void. He does eventually get rescued. But quickly realizes his soul has been put in the body of a fallen noble and his fate is to be little more than a breeding slave for the cultivation clan that purchased him. To top it all off his new body had been bedridden for weeks and he can barely get out of bed.

Not everything is terrible though. The crystal he merged with is called a dimensional originator. Using life and death energy he can create miniature universes. Given enough energy and time he could even create an entire universe.

For a moment Adam thought things were looking up. Too bad the author finds things going horribly wrong far more entertaining.

Warning: If this fiction was a movie I'd rate it as somewhere between PG-13 and R for violence, gore, and nudity.

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Not a fan of this.

Mostly cuz it kind of feels rushed? But also directionless. Unless the story is about creating a planet. Which has been kind of dumb.

Every chapter has been about gathering energy for his universe. And he's not had to really struggle for any of it. It's just handed to him on a silver platter. Then finally when it seems like there might be a bit of struggle, like the m.c. can suffer from some sort of setback. He becomes immortal. Kind of. Immortal enough to come back from the dead. So there goes any sort of tension the story had. Not like there was much since he can just hide in a separate universe without consequence whenever he wants. 

The grammar isn't bad and the characters aren't terrible. But the premise is God awful. 

I know the description sounds like a cultivation novel with smut, or vice versa. It's not. There has been zero cultivation, zero smut (the only nudity has been a dryad. A tree person, walking around. That's it. Very briefly.), and zero plot. I love how the author said its rated R for violence, gore, and nudity. As of chapter 25 he's completely wrong. Its rated PG-13 for one action scene that honestly wasn't even gory. Unless you count naked monsters nudity. Violent, absolutely. But the violence was more of a backdrop, our m.c. didn't really interact with it.

And before I forget, you see the world through the m.c.'s eyes. Dunno what perspective that is. First?


Very Misleading

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

Thought this was going to be a bit more raunchy, I guess? But, I guess since this is a generic story, I'll treat it like one. There is too much to the point of well, everyone is unreasonably bad and evil, but then no demonstration of that. Every character in the first 10 chapters is boolin with the MC letting him gain free powers, although technically he should be a captive. The world exists and the MC exists beside it, he doesn't interact with it, like at all. All we get is a body of text for an introduction and Adam running around with a bunch of one dimensional characters interested in helping him for some reason. Very rushed and kind of pointless from the get-go. And maybe I'm missing some context because this is a shared universe with other works? But, this does not stand well on its own, and it has more in common with a japanese isekai harem than a hardcore cultivation slavery world described. 

Edit: looks like author updated content warning, tags, and the description at least.


Slow start, great story

Reviewed at: Chapter 32

So, I am writing this to counter the other reviews on this story (right now, only 2).

Not too spoilery: The story starts off slow, but builds an interesting world and we learn about the basics of the world thorugh the MC.  Around chapter 20, the MC starts to face real conflict. There is a lot less raunchiness to the story than the description implies. However, this is likely a good thing for the overall story.

The more spoilery version:

Someone tries to kill him when he first wakes up. However, he stays in a bubble of safety getting power leveled to non-zero (less than a commoner from a city) for the first 20 chapters. During this time he (and we) learn about his special powers while he tells us about how the world works according to his new memories.

After 20 chapters, while he has "special tricks" but is still overall weak, his bubble of safety breaks and he starts to get "real" conflict that is not just being unsure who he can trust and how much he should say.