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Blackness entombing one for many years, desires forever deep inside. Hatred building at its core. Days of joy residing in the past, a bond between two ever so close. A trio of companions drifting apart, one abandoning their role as a protector of all. A simpler time it has been, where those days of bliss has been but a pleasant dream. That life coming apart, one awakening in a new era. The planet on the verge of extinction. Even so, that desire to have those times once again. One becoming an enemy of those all around.

No matter the morrow, no matter the sorrow. A will eternally transcending through time, a promise from so long ago. A heart in pain, a soul shackling to the land. Paradise for the few, and many more suffering. A single Guardian breaking free from their bondage, extending their hand in this game of chance that is life. All for a chance to grasp their deepest desire.

"I care not for my role as a Guardian. So long as you can smile, then that is fine. My one desire is to protect you..."

(Currently on Wattpad and Royal Road. --> Lesbian)

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