Breaker of Horizons

Breaker of Horizons

by NoDragons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

-- A System Apocalypse from the invader's perspective. A monster evo story with cultivation. --

Nic has been Selected. Chosen to adventure out to a new world, and help the System break the natives into submission. To become an Invader of worlds fighting for the Integration of a planet called 'Earth.'

Selected to leave his body behind and become a monster. Selected to live or die on his own wits, his own strengths.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Character Sheet ago
Chapter 1: You Have Been Selected ago
Chapter 2: Blue Skies and Danger ago
Chapter 3: Forest of Giants ago
Chapter 4: Incursion ago
Chapter 5: Learning Curve ago
Chapter 6: Eight Legs Good, Six Legs Bad ago
Chapter 7: Other Worlds ago
Chapter 8: New Heights, Old Lows ago
Chapter 9: Out of the Frying Pan ago
Chapter 10: Introspection ago
Chapter 11: Allies and Accomplices ago
Chapter 12: Chaos ago
Chapter 13: Just Desserts ago
Chapter 14: Overwhelming Hunger ago
Chapter 15: He Who Hesitates ago
Chapter 16: Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 17: Tooth and Nail ago
Chapter 18: Clarity ago
Chapter 19: Monstrosity ago
Chapter 20: The Scales of Sand ago
Chapter 21: Kingdom Underground ago
Chapter 22: Going in Circles ago
Chapter 23: Sunstroke ago
Chapter 24: Soup for the Axolotl Soul ago
Chapter 25: Enemy Lines ago
Chapter 26: Grains of Sand ago
Chapter 27: Turbulence ago
Chapter 28: House of the Dead ago
Chapter 29: Trials and Toxins ago
Chapter 30: Silence in the Library ago
Chapter 31: Pause to Breathe ago
Chapter 32: The Mad Hermit ago
Chapter 33: Bright Future ago
Chapter 34: Sunlight Again ago
Chapter 35: Wind and Water ago
Chapter 36: Mastery ago
Chapter 37: Valley of Memories ago
Chapter 38: Tomb of Worlds ago
Chapter 39: Lay of the Land ago
Chapter 40: Hungry Sands ago
Chapter 41: Seeing Red ago
Chapter 42: Fear of the Reaper ago
Chapter 43: Like an Animal ago
Chapter 44: Fury ago
Chapter 45: The Way Up ago
Chapter 46: Drowning in the Desert ago
Chapter 47: Reflection ago
Chapter 48: Wellspring ago
Chapter 49: The Best for Last ago
Chapter 50: Climbing Out ago
Chapter 51: Playing the Game ago
Chapter 52: Firebrand ago
Chapter 53: License to Kill ago
Chapter 54: Infiltration ago
Chapter 55: Inkspur ago
Chapter 56: Fire in the Night ago
Chapter 57: Showdown ago
Chapter 58: All or Nothing ago
Chapter 59: Killing Field ago
Chapter 60: Temporary Peace ago
Chapter 61: Holding the Sky Up ago
Chapter 62: Scenes of Tranquility (+ Patreon) ago
Chapter 63: Closing Up Shop ago
Chapter 64: Flashes of Humanity ago
Chapter 65: Lackadaisy Rhythm ago
Chapter 66: Old Acquaintances ago
Chapter 67: Lost Worlds ago
Chapter 68: Lo-Fi Axolotls to Relax To ago
Chapter 69: Challenger ago
Chapter 70: Applied Bastardry ago
Chapter 71: Wandering Lotus ago
Chapter 72: Guardian Angel ago
Chapter 73: Follow the Light ago
Chapter 74: Small Fry ago
Chapter 75: Throne of Tides ago
Chapter 76: Liminal Hours ago
Chapter 77: The Ten-Thousand Rankings ago
Chapter 78: Jade Fortune ago
Chapter 79: Redjaw ago
Chapter 80: Dreams of Glory ago
Chapter 81: Messages from the Deep ago
Chapter 82: The First Step ago
Chapter 83: The Second Transformation ago
Chapter 84: Sarradur ago
Chapter 85: Pandemonium and Calm ago
Chapter 86: Massacre ago
Chapter 87: Primordial Mist ago
Chapter 88: Shadow of Logos ago
Chapter 89: Guiding Hand ago
Chapter 90: Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 91: Maze of the Ushabti ago
Chapter 92: Legacies ago
Chapter 93: Kingdoms of Dust ago
Chapter 94: The Danger Below ago
Chapter 95: Kicking the Hornet's Nest ago
Chapter 96: Red in the Mist ago
Chapter 97: Blade of Bone ago
Chapter 98: Wall of Fire ago
Chapter 99: The Goliath's Domain ago
Chapter 100: Chased Down ago
Chapter 101: Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 102: Island in the Sky ago
Chapter 103: Food Chain ago
Chapter 104: Show-Down ago
Chapter 105: Calm and Storm ago

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Breaker of Horizons by NoDragons is a system apocalypse story wherein the main character, Nic, gets a second chance to prove and improve himself.

As a monster.

The story is all around very strong, but I'm going to list some of what I believe to be its strongest.

Strong Point 1: Amazing fight scenes

The author puts a lot of effort into creating interesting, tense fights without falling into repetition. If you want an MC that ends up kicking a lot of ass on his way to the top of the foodchain, this story is for you.

Strong Point 2: Deep but suprisingly subtle worldbuilding

The story goes all out in giving you, dear reader, a unique world to experience yourself, but not in the form of a textbook. Instead you get hints and pieces of all that's going on behind the scenes, just enough to spark interest without detracting from the story's pacing. And many of these hints pay off later, providing new story hooks that have developed naturally from this worldbuilding.

Strong Point 3: Clever but flawed protagonist

Our MC, Nic, is at the exact right middle point between being willing to do what it takes to survive and thrive, while still being someone with a lot of room for growth. He tries things, sometimes they don't work, and then he tries new things. He doesn't overcome everything automatically, he has to work for it, but things usually work out for him in the end thanks to his own abilities.

Strong point 4: Prose, Style, and Grammar

Writing quality is more than a few steps above the usual webnovel. 'Nuff said.

Strong point 5: Multifaceted, creative progression

Hey it's the title of the review! Look, if you're reading this story for no other reason, it should be for this. It's not just one linear system where the MC goes from ant to god at a mandated pace. Instead there are many aspects of progression; yes there's a system, but there's also cultivation, base building, and ally recruitment.


But, the story's strongest point is obviously:

The MC is an axolotl and that's just cool.

Jay Silver

It's a long way to the top, if you're an axolotl

Reviewed at: New Heights, Old Lows

(With all apologies to AC/DC)

Breaker of Horizons is a wild, energetic ride to a dangerous new world, a deathworld called 'Earth'.

Well, it's new for our protagonist Nic anyway. Nic is 'lucky' enough to win a lottery slot to have his mind transferred into a monster's form during the early stages of the integration of Earth into the wider multiverse. His fate is to be fodder, one of a multitude serving as a stepping stone for the humans of Earth to adapt to the dangers of the multiverse.

Of course, Nic's never been very good at accepting his fate, which is precisely what makes him so interesting to the High Sept and the Low Tomb.

System Apocalypse webnovels are nothing new, but with Breaker of Horizons NoDragons has taken the road less traveled, and given us a narrative from the perspective not of some beleaguered human, but instead, one of the invaders. This decision informs everything that follows, and creates a unique story experience, particularly coupled with their signature prose and imagery.

Our protagonist, Nic, is characterized by a blend of reckless ambition and cautious guile; quick to throw himself into the dangers of his new world for every advantage that has previously been denied him, but also using his head to stay alive when everyone and everything around him would be happy to take it from his shoulders for the Essence in his soul and the change in his non-existent pockets.

The supporting cast that Nic interacts with are vibrant and bring a lot to the table, whether as antagonists or otherwise, despite (or maybe because of) language and societal barriers between them. The world is fantastic and even in the few chapters uploaded to date (and a few more in the beta pipeline) it feels alive; getting to see the wonder and peril through Nic's eyes is a delight.

The writing style is very much in the Muhammad Ali school of floating and stinging, taking us from beautifully realized vistas to mad scrambles for survival in turns. Mechanically it is well above the average for a webnovel, very few punctuation errors, and virtually none of the incorrect homophone, misspelling, or tense-shift issues that might plague a lesser work.

There's really no reason you should still be reading this review, when you could instead be reading the story. Follow Nic on his adventures through the integration of Earth, and you won't be disappointed.

Red Admiral

The story started out alright with decent world building allowing us to understand the world where the mc came from. The problem after that is the misallightment of what the mc is. He is reckless with his life and particularly ruthless. After his transformation, he completely changes from the desperate orphan into a friendly lizard.... (I understand the concept of brutality for family and friends, but where does this sense of need for interaction from natives come from). You would think after being taught about being an invaders in the universes version of school that the mc would be logical. Maybe, it's because I was expecting something from the title. I was expecting an actuall invader, instead we have the run of the mill litrpg reincarnation story basically. The plot which was suppose to drive this story apart from others has not manifested in the past 50ish chapters I have read. Currently skimming to see if the plot actually progresses.


Started off great, but becomes directionless

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: The Scales of Sand

The story started off pretty great. With a protagonist that seems to be smarter than the norm and pretty combat capable. It has the building block of a typical monster mc story which was pretty well executed, but as the story progresses it kind of jumps into trope's a lot. It changes from an interesting MC to an MC that is extremely bad at making a proper risk/profit analysis into situations. Wins every combat, has an aura of intelligence but still ends up making extremely obvious mistakes for reasons unknown. And the main downfall being, him being a monster and yet a paragon of justice, which seems off. The author in my opinion tries too hard to link the mc's altruism as an effect of his own upbringing  in an attempt to still make him seem pragmatic which fails, at least for me. The attempts to excuse his good deeds that makes him put himself into unwanted situations seems too forced to me. Overall it feels like the story is confused on what direction the mc should take.

I would still advice readers to still give a try! Its not my mettle but many readers seem to really like it. And the author does weave his words nicely.

As a fan of Author's Thieves dungeon, this feels greatly lacking though.

The fact that the mc gains access to a system AI that tells him the answers to most of the stuff kills the exploratory value in the story. Nothing is dangerous anymore. The AI helps him with the path of progression while not being too obvious yet failing to act like its subject to limitations. MC combat strategies also seem to devolve over time, from the pretty ingenious poisoning of healing potion. To the obvious falling into a trap with no planning things out. Why would he help the gibbon for no reason and idea of risk still perplexes me(the gibbon ask for his help without any reward and still expects people to not suspect him is kinda dumb, That part felt very synthetic and forced) . His choice of progression seems weird as well. It deviates him from his monster class a lot. Seems much more logical to work with the monsters innate capabilities, and the monsters type seems to hold no value as power comes from shards and a salamander can decide to become a craftsman/Runesmith for some reason that involves abilities of other creatures through tools (Like Why?), Does the creature's biological race even matter here? There's no concept of affinity. Everything is game. I dont understand the limitations to the story's power structure at this point.


Great start Tampers off into meaninglessness

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Allies and Accomplices

The story starts promising in an interesting setting with an equaly good introduction of the MC.

After that it takes an gradual dive. Supposedly the hook of this story is that the MC is the invader of earth after Integration™️.

We see nothing of that.

The place our MC lands is fantasy jungle #17. No trace at all of earth setting, apart from a single way stronger guy. No civilization, no places, no people. 

In addition to that the only other speaking character is the emotionless system that, as always, has emotions. 

It only acts as presenter of long blue meaningless textboxes and long-winded exposition deliverer.


If you haven't read portal litrpg you will probably like this, as the prose is entertaining, if you already have, it's stale standard fare.

It's possible it gets better later on, but I'm not willing to invest the time slogging through the slow start.



False premise, very disappointing

Reviewed at: Chapter 82: The First Step

Author fails to live up to the premise of the story, a premise that is likely the whole reason most people picked this up - the mc is not an "invader", he nominally has the role but there is no conflict of any kind with the people being invaded.


Rather, it's functionally identical to being as if he had started off as a human on the planet being invaded in most other apocalypse litrpgs. He even had a roughly humanoid form, and a "hunter gatherer" skill that lets him build and make tools.


This is also not a solitary person against hostile wilderness or nature scenario, nearly every other monster is also a person who invaded and the mc communicates with them regularly, he also gets multiple pets, and a pointless voice in his in the form of an AI for generic banter.


I wouldn't be so harsh on this story if it wasn't for the blatantly false premise - it's honestly no worse or better than most generic apolypse litrpgs, but I judge false advertisement in writing very harshly.


How to not be an actual invader 101.

Reviewed at: Chapter 89: Guiding Hand

I will keep this very short: The story is not bad for what it actually is ‐ which isn't what the teaser says. It just is an other dude/axolotl fighting to get to the top. There are some arbitrary - system decreed - communication problems with natives/humans. But the story is certainly not what I expected or wanted to read when I saw "system apocalypse from an invaders point of view".


Some good stuff here but fights get repetitive

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Fear of the Reaper

which is a big problem because much of the story ARE the MC's fights.  They can take up most of a whole chapter.  The MC is also in fights constantly.

Oh sure the details of each fight are certainly different (even creative at times) but broad strokes they all feel the same.

1) Supposedly intelligent + skilled (but reeeeeeal weak) MC takes on obviously difficult opponent for a questionable reason or slim chance at a item

2) Opponent usually turns out to not be difficult... they're flat out OP vs weaklings like the MC

3) MC gets utterly brutalized (limbs chopped off, impaled, etc) and is a stumbling shaking wreck by mid fight

4) MC wins anyways ~somehow~

To be fair to the author the early fights are almost reasonable and the world building + side character interaction along the way is good enough to mostly cover up these flaws.  But later on the MC's fights dominate almost all aspects of the story and the flaws end up getting pushed into your face over and over.

The original (quite major) plot arc of being a Invader to Earth during a System Apocalypse entirely vanishes.  So do nearly all the side characters.

As the story progresses the author begins to struggle to make each fight to somehow be more epic and amazing than the last.  So he/she starts ramping up the difficulty and circumstances to absurd levels.  

Eventually the MC (who is a weakling nobody with few resources that are mostly vendor trash and has no OP skills or knowledge) ends up fighting demi-god like beings by around chapter 41-42 or so 1 on 1.  When he isn't doing that he is taking on entire mobs of monsters that can gut him in 1 blow easily mind you.   Injuries no longer matter.   He simply ignores crippling loss of stamina, broken bones, being cut up, pain so severe he can barely think or move, etc.

There is still some good stuff here, things were just coming off as absurd to me and that was ruining it for me.  If you don't care much about consistency, plot holes, or sane power scaling much and just want to see epic fights than this story could still be a good read for you.

World building, plot (at least early on, later in story is different, its all side quests and fighting), grammar, etc. are usually pretty good at a minimum. 


Mc at the start is shown to be a reckless but calculating Street rat on a dying world literally built on a already rotted corpse.

He becomes an "invader" a sapient monster who's only goal is to purge the weak natives from the newly integrated world...

Instead mc does the complete opposite and helps and supports natives even when it's not worthwhile too... basically these natives have something extremely valuable to mc but he doesn't bother even trying to get it and instead becomes their helper... For no reason either.

Mc is constantly shown in his thoughts and his background to be a desperate person that has a extreme desire to grow and thrive in this hostile world... But instead of actually acting on any of this he becomes a protecter of the people he made a system bound oath to kill... And is purposely going out if his way to strengthen his enemies... 


The story has absurd amounts of plot armor to allow the MC who is reckless to point of being near braindead to survive.

The promised plot idea about a monster invading Earth during a system apocalypse is actually completely irrelevant or maybe even deception, it's just a generic litRPG with nothing in the way of a monster protagonist attacking humans.

The magic system is explained very poorly, and frequently abilities are used out of nowhere to allow the MC to survive without ever having been shown beforehand.