Breaker of Horizons

Breaker of Horizons

by NoDragons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

-- A System Apocalypse from the invader's perspective. A monster evo story with cultivation. --

Nic has been Selected. Chosen to adventure out to a new world, and help the System break the natives into submission. To become an Invader of worlds fighting for the Integration of a planet called 'Earth.'

Selected to leave his body behind and become a monster. Selected to live or die on his own wits, his own strengths.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Character Sheet ago
Chapter 1: You Have Been Selected ago
Chapter 2: Blue Skies and Danger ago
Chapter 3: Forest of Giants ago
Chapter 4: Incursion ago
Chapter 5: Learning Curve ago
Chapter 6: Eight Legs Good, Six Legs Bad ago
Chapter 7: Other Worlds ago
Chapter 8: New Heights, Old Lows ago
Chapter 9: Out of the Frying Pan ago
Chapter 10: Introspection ago
Chapter 11: Allies and Accomplices ago
Chapter 12: Chaos ago
Chapter 13: Just Desserts ago
Chapter 14: Overwhelming Hunger ago
Chapter 15: He Who Hesitates ago
Chapter 16: Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 17: Tooth and Nail ago
Chapter 18: Clarity ago
Chapter 19: Monstrosity ago
Chapter 20: The Scales of Sand ago
Chapter 21: Kingdom Underground ago
Chapter 22: Going in Circles ago
Chapter 23: Sunstroke ago
Chapter 24: Soup for the Axolotl Soul ago
Chapter 25: Enemy Lines ago
Chapter 26: Grains of Sand ago
Chapter 27: Turbulence ago
Chapter 28: House of the Dead ago
Chapter 29: Trials and Toxins ago
Chapter 30: Silence in the Library ago
Chapter 31: Pause to Breathe ago
Chapter 32: The Mad Hermit ago
Chapter 33: Bright Future ago
Chapter 34: Sunlight Again ago
Chapter 35: Wind and Water ago
Chapter 36: Mastery ago
Chapter 37: Valley of Memories ago
Chapter 38: Tomb of Worlds ago
Chapter 39: Lay of the Land ago
Chapter 40: Hungry Sands ago
Chapter 41: Seeing Red ago
Chapter 42: Fear of the Reaper ago
Chapter 43: Like an Animal ago
Chapter 44: Fury ago
Chapter 45: The Way Up ago
Chapter 46: Drowning in the Desert ago
Chapter 47: Reflection ago
Chapter 48: Wellspring ago
Chapter 49: The Best for Last ago
Chapter 50: Climbing Out ago
Chapter 51: Playing the Game ago
Chapter 52: Firebrand ago
Chapter 53: License to Kill ago
Chapter 54: Infiltration ago
Chapter 55: Inkspur ago
Chapter 56: Fire in the Night ago
Chapter 57: Showdown ago
Chapter 58: All or Nothing ago
Chapter 59: Killing Field ago
Chapter 60: Temporary Peace ago
Chapter 61: Holding the Sky Up ago
Chapter 62: Scenes of Tranquility (+ Patreon) ago
Chapter 63: Closing Up Shop ago
Chapter 64: Flashes of Humanity ago
Chapter 65: Lackadaisy Rhythm ago
Chapter 66: Old Acquaintances ago
Chapter 67: Lost Worlds ago
Chapter 68: Lo-Fi Axolotls to Relax To ago
Chapter 69: Challenger ago
Chapter 70: Applied Bastardry ago
Chapter 71: Wandering Lotus ago
Chapter 72: Guardian Angel ago
Chapter 73: Follow the Light ago
Chapter 74: Small Fry ago
Chapter 75: Throne of Tides ago
Chapter 76: Liminal Hours ago
Chapter 77: The Ten-Thousand Rankings ago
Chapter 78: Jade Fortune ago
Chapter 79: Redjaw ago
Chapter 80: Dreams of Glory ago
Chapter 81: Messages from the Deep ago
Chapter 82: The First Step ago
Chapter 83: The Second Transformation ago
Chapter 84: Sarradur ago
Chapter 85: Pandemonium and Calm ago
Chapter 86: Massacre ago
Chapter 87: Primordial Mist ago
Chapter 88: Shadow of Logos ago
Chapter 89: Guiding Hand ago
Chapter 90: Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 91: Maze of the Ushabti ago

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Wonderful, But Needs More Dragons

Reviewed at: Chapter 33: Bright Future

For those who have read a NoDragons story before, you are likely well aware of his ability to paint vivid pictures and imagine fantastical creatures. Breaker of Horizons is a continuation of that trend, all while having a creative premise that promises something truly great. A System Apocalypse from an invader's point of view is something that I have not seen before, and adding a non-human body on top of that makes for a rather unique story.  In addition, unlike many stories in the System Apoc category, Breaker of Horizons does not rely on a spam of 'numbers go up' moments to hold readers' attention with endless dopamine hits - something that, while entertaining for a while - typically grows stale.

If you are a fan of imaginative settings and fantastical worlds, this is a story for you.

If you are a fan of well-written characters and powerful prose, this is a story for you.

If you really, really want to see some Dragons...this is probably not the story for you.


Please sign my petition to change the author's name from NoDragons to SomeDragons.

All jokes aside, consider trying out this story. It is more than worth the time spent.

lucas costa

As each chapter passes the novel gets better

Reviewed at: Chapter 44: Fury

I  liked the fighting from the beggining, the cultivation it took some time to click, but now it makes sense ,  the Mc is growing in ways i like and this makes me want to read more , So continue the good job and publish the novel.PS the crafting and poison trope  is good because it opens many ways to fight, also I like to think that Sofia will gain upgrades in the future.

Blind Snot Dragon

It is the most beautimus and wonderful story. Full of rich descriptions, variety of enemies, allies, and powers. In retrospect relies slightly too much on exposition but just slightly, overall fantastic job of showing. Do yourself a favor and give it a read!

For the author, things seem to work out too conveniently for our beloved main character. Obviously he still faces plenty of challenges and setbacks but nothing that has convinced me he can truly fail or be in danger of dying. Plot armor be thick. Not unbearable but noticable. And maybe this is just that kind of story, which is cool. But for my part I would actually like to feel like the MC is a trash tier mob instead of a God tier warrior/crafter. 



This is going to blow up

Reviewed at: Other Worlds

In a week, this story will be top of trending. I'm calling it. Why, you ask?

Well, Breaker of Horizons does something rare on RR: it combines audience appeal, incredible technical skill, and a monstrous release schedule. Lots of stories on trending have 1 or 2 of the three, but rarely does a story manage to combine all three into one. In fact, I think the last one I read like that was Mark of the Fool, which I also called ;)

Let's talk about the premise first. Right off the bat, NoDragons does two things a bit different: this system apocalypse is told from the invaders' perspective, and it's actually a kind of monster evolution story.

I'm a sucker for monster protags, so I was drawn in as soon as I saw the cute axolotyl warrior art that inspired this story. Don't mistake the art for the actual character, though, as Nic is a reckless and cunning roguish type, raised in poverty and ready to perform traditional MC exploits for every perk the system is willing to give. (Not a lot of cute points, though. Shame!)

The other characters, primarily his system assistant at the moment, are lively and interesting. I especially liked the whole "stop throwing yourself into life-threatening situations" dynamic they have going on, it's very entertaining. 

Style-wise, the prose here is very, very proficient. The imagery especially can blow your socks off at times, and the micro-pacing is very well done most of the time. My only nitpick would be that the prose might be too high-level for my poor little junkfood-fed brain, as I'm used to consuming litRPGs with minimal description and the like. I didn't notice any grammar errors, so 5/5 there.

Like I said, watch trending closely. In a matter of days, you might just see the rise of a new top story ;)


Recommend! Hope it stays in trending for some time. Keep writing! Story has a stubborn protagonist who is not such an evil invader as you may think from the blurb. The grammar is good enough for me,  the story is going great. Up till now character development is slow but its the beginning of the story. Plenty of growth which is always satisfying. Enjoy!


Author bullied me into reviewing this in a voice chat

It's pretty good, character is fun, fights are relatively creative compared to a lot of litRPGs I've read, and the powers are pretty unique. Nak is great, but the Author keeps misnaming him as Nic for some reason?

Overall a good read, would reccomend.


I liked this story overall for the different ideas it puts together all at once. It uses a cultivation system, but codifies it in the form of a litRPG. Note that the system is very crunchy, so be sure to be into that kind of thing if you're going to enjoy the story.

The system's very well thought out, though. The story also has a lot of fights, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Character: The Nic is a great underdog, starting from his pre-reincarnated form and lasting into his amphibious monster adventures. The AI is fun too, in a 'snarky ship's computer' kind of way, which I enjoy.

Grammar is very good. Feels like this author has been writing for awhile.

Style: The prose is thick and juicy, and poetic at times. That's rare for a litRPG but that's what drew me to the story in the first place. It's got clear style and reading it is a meaty experience.

Story: So far, it's quite good. Definitely leaning more on the side of heavy combat/exploration structrure instead of just sticking to a set plot. I'm enjoying how the story winds its way through its setting.

I'd give it a try, as it's one of the better action/battle junkie stories on the site. Go for it!


Awesome story with great future potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 51: Playing the Game

I was initially a little hesitant when I read the premise of this story but I have to say it has one me over whole heartedly. 

It avoids almost all the pitfalls of the LitRPG genre. No padding of chapters with endless diatribes of stat blocks, No rank and status fetishim like alot of these from weak to strong novels go in for. The moves and action is in my opinon appropriately descriptive without going overboard.

The MC of the novel comes across as a very believable mix of drive, recklessness and caution. Humour, determination and humility/humblebragging. Most importantly there is NONE of this ohh but x didn't realise it was the MC or ohh but it's me so of course I'm awesome rubbish in the MC's character. If anything I would sum up the MC's approach as "The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing it exists". He's very self aware and not dumb.

If this author had a patreon I'd sub to it in a heartbeat


Solid Monstrous Breath of the Wild

Reviewed at: Chapter 49: The Best for Last

  Fun monster rpg with some nice twists on the usual levelling/gods/system/cultivation - the game like elements simplifies things in a good way - although I forsee trouble keeping it all straight in the future when the mc and his multiple summon pets all have their own character sheets.  Tempted to suggest a google doc or something in the links just to have it on track and updated.  

  Character - I appreciate that Nick is a brightburn vs a slowburn character.  He might one day be an OP dragon reborn or something but for now he's smart, scrappy, and on the right side of suicidal recklessness.  The AI companion is kinda standard fare but she's limited by the divine and there's enough to her role in the darker truths of the world to keep me invested.    The true characters are the worlds and monsters and there's plenty of fun and weird biology/setting stuff here to enjoy if you're here for that.  The choice to spec into totemic magic will hopefully pay off in really showcasing what the author has in mind with the pokemon system.

  Story - your usual weak to strong monster cultivation with rpg elements - done in the spirit of botw.  Yeah if you wanted a monster version of Breath of the Wild with some cultivation/levelling and more the gods maybe kind of dicks then this will be your jam.  

  Style - clean and kept me reading, colored text to breakup and indicate different elements, and overall nothing to nitpick about.  

  Grammar - might be some minor issues here and there, but overall the reading experience isn't interrupted by anything major.

  The one real issue that might be a problem here is with how gamelike some of the story is presented as, the top journal/quest log element could quickly fill up to be too long, or require an actual seperate document with all the major/minor sidequests.  Once you make use of the AI note taking option it seems silly not to note everything, but that would make for a poor reading exp.  I assume having the AI character there to remind and deliver exposition in dialogue or reminders in character will have to be enough. 

Fun story overall and hoping to see more.

Teja Sunku

This fic far exceeded the expectations I had for it when I set out to read it. From its description, it seems like a basic litrpg, but it's so much more than that. It might be too soon to tell, but I suspect that this story might end up becoming one of RR's greats. I would especially recommend this fic if you're a fan of Dungeon Crawler Carl.


Style and Grammar:

I'm not the best judge of style or grammar, so I'm not going to comment too much on it. What I can say is that the writing style never got in the way of the story. Everything was formatted well too, and this fic does not suffer the problem of having too many blue screens



This is where the story really shines. The world building so far has been impeccable, and I keep wanting to learn more about it. It's compelling enough that I've started to care about the world and the people inside it. There's always a sense of progression too, and the story never feels stuck



The characters in this story are top notch as well. This fic does bear the sin of having it's main character, Nic, be like the standard LitRPG protagonist. However, he never fails to be interesting. He has a strong sense of self, and his sense of ethics is fascinating to look at as well. 

In conclusion, I would recommend reading this story