Breaker of Horizons

by NoDragons

-- A System Apocalypse from the invader's perspective. A monster evo story with cultivation. --

Nic has been Selected. Chosen to adventure out to a new world, and help the System break the natives into submission. To become an Invader of worlds fighting for the Integration of a planet called 'Earth.'

Selected to leave his body behind and become a monster. Selected to live or die on his own wits, his own strengths.

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Jay Silver

It's a long way to the top, if you're an axolotl

Reviewed at: New Heights, Old Lows

(With all apologies to AC/DC)

Breaker of Horizons is a wild, energetic ride to a dangerous new world, a deathworld called 'Earth'.

Well, it's new for our protagonist Nic anyway. Nic is 'lucky' enough to win a lottery slot to have his mind transferred into a monster's form during the early stages of the integration of Earth into the wider multiverse. His fate is to be fodder, one of a multitude serving as a stepping stone for the humans of Earth to adapt to the dangers of the multiverse.

Of course, Nic's never been very good at accepting his fate, which is precisely what makes him so interesting to the High Sept and the Low Tomb.

System Apocalypse webnovels are nothing new, but with Breaker of Horizons NoDragons has taken the road less traveled, and given us a narrative from the perspective not of some beleaguered human, but instead, one of the invaders. This decision informs everything that follows, and creates a unique story experience, particularly coupled with their signature prose and imagery.

Our protagonist, Nic, is characterized by a blend of reckless ambition and cautious guile; quick to throw himself into the dangers of his new world for every advantage that has previously been denied him, but also using his head to stay alive when everyone and everything around him would be happy to take it from his shoulders for the Essence in his soul and the change in his non-existent pockets.

The supporting cast that Nic interacts with are vibrant and bring a lot to the table, whether as antagonists or otherwise, despite (or maybe because of) language and societal barriers between them. The world is fantastic and even in the few chapters uploaded to date (and a few more in the beta pipeline) it feels alive; getting to see the wonder and peril through Nic's eyes is a delight.

The writing style is very much in the Muhammad Ali school of floating and stinging, taking us from beautifully realized vistas to mad scrambles for survival in turns. Mechanically it is well above the average for a webnovel, very few punctuation errors, and virtually none of the incorrect homophone, misspelling, or tense-shift issues that might plague a lesser work.

There's really no reason you should still be reading this review, when you could instead be reading the story. Follow Nic on his adventures through the integration of Earth, and you won't be disappointed.


This is definitely the start of something great! The writing is silky smooth, the world-building we've seen is clever and fresh, and the character has a lot more depth than usual! I'll be watching this one carefully, it could be great.

I'm curious to see where its going to go. It seems like the High Sept and Low Tomb don't exactly have the best of intentions in mind, but I'll have to wait and see where that leads. :)

Fin Babot

Disclaimer: I'm new to the site. I've been told that reviews are the lifeblood of any budding fiction. My opinions are purely subjective to my understanding of the content.

Style: NoDragons uses a complex and vast vocabulary, crafting an amazing story with a unique style. I've been infatuated with the story since I saw it upload a couple days ago.

Story: A system apocalypse story from the POV of a monstrous invader. LitRPG with a system supplied intelligence to guide him. All in all, a very fun story. There are a few moments where it gets info-dumpy, but it's few and far between. Most information is provided in an organic fashion. NoDragons brings the story to life. As we follow Nic, the Newt-monster around an Earth-adjacent world, we get to appreciate the struggle of being the lowest of the low. I love it!

Grammar: Jarring at times, but nothing an editor couldn't polish given a day or two.

Character: The way that NoDragons makes the reader sympathize with what would essentially be something that threatens humanity is impressive to say the least. Even Sophie is an enjoyable read. The wyvern companion is a nice touch. Exquisite characterization is seen in characters with no name or that have minor roles. I'm hoping that Nic is reunited with his friend from his homeworld. I'm rooting for our underdog!

In conclusion, it's a great read. There's a couple of instances where the formatting for Sophie's voice is inconsistent, but removing the green centered text made it a world easier to read. I'm looking forward to following Nic's progression. From his Status, he has a lot of potential.


Turning system apocalypses on their head!

Reviewed at: Just Desserts

Reviewed at page 118 / chapter Just Deserts.

The world is in chaos.  The system has come, and with it monsters and invaders from other worlds seeking to feed and grow strong on the corpses of people.  Nic is one of those monsters.  A human from a world already conquered who took the chance offered by the system to escape his own terrible destiny.  Now he is a frog monster struggling to be both monster and retain his human mind.


Style Score:  The story is written in 3rd person limited from Nic's point of view.  Stylistically, its on par with many of the pther great stories on this website.   

Story Score: The story has great promise.  From the time I picked it up I kept reading.  There are some minor worldbuilding expositions in the first few chapters, but nothing that detracted from my read.  Pacing was fine otherwise.  

Grammar Score:  In 118 pages, I noticed maybe three typos.  Well above royal road average, and better than my own story.   Even these typos didn't break immersion, as I was too invested in reading to even bother with noting them in the comments.

Character Score:  I didn't find any voice issues nor were there any instances of unbelievability in the main character's action.  The author did introduce a sentient system companion to the mc, and I strongly disliked that, and I felt it was an unneeded addition to the story.  While it didn't rise to the point of stopping me from reading, I feel like I can't give full 5 stars in this category when there's something I dislike that much. Please understand this is an issue of personal tastes and not any failing in the writing itself.


This is very much worth reading and nodragons has done it again!