Breaker of Horizons

Breaker of Horizons

by NoDragons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

-- A System Apocalypse from the invader's perspective. A monster evo story with cultivation. --

Nic has been Selected. Chosen to adventure out to a new world, and help the System break the natives into submission. To become an Invader of worlds fighting for the Integration of a planet called 'Earth.'

Selected to leave his body behind and become a monster. Selected to live or die on his own wits, his own strengths.

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Table of Contents
215 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Character Sheet ago
Chapter 1: You Have Been Selected ago
Chapter 2: Blue Skies and Danger ago
Chapter 3: Forest of Giants ago
Chapter 4: Incursion ago
Chapter 5: Learning Curve ago
Chapter 6: Eight Legs Good, Six Legs Bad ago
Chapter 7: Other Worlds ago
Chapter 8: New Heights, Old Lows ago
Chapter 9: Out of the Frying Pan ago
Chapter 10: Introspection ago
Chapter 11: Allies and Accomplices ago
Chapter 12: Chaos ago
Chapter 13: Just Desserts ago
Chapter 14: Overwhelming Hunger ago
Chapter 15: He Who Hesitates ago
Chapter 16: Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 17: Tooth and Nail ago
Chapter 18: Clarity ago
Chapter 19: Monstrosity ago
Chapter 20: The Scales of Sand ago
Chapter 21: Kingdom Underground ago
Chapter 22: Going in Circles ago
Chapter 23: Sunstroke ago
Chapter 24: Soup for the Axolotl Soul ago
Chapter 25: Enemy Lines ago
Chapter 26: Grains of Sand ago
Chapter 27: Turbulence ago
Chapter 28: House of the Dead ago
Chapter 29: Trials and Toxins ago
Chapter 30: Silence in the Library ago
Chapter 31: Pause to Breathe ago
Chapter 32: The Mad Hermit ago
Chapter 33: Bright Future ago
Chapter 34: Sunlight Again ago
Chapter 35: Wind and Water ago
Chapter 36: Mastery ago
Chapter 37: Valley of Memories ago
Chapter 38: Tomb of Worlds ago
Chapter 39: Lay of the Land ago
Chapter 40: Hungry Sands ago
Chapter 41: Seeing Red ago
Chapter 42: Fear of the Reaper ago
Chapter 43: Like an Animal ago
Chapter 44: Fury ago
Chapter 45: The Way Up ago
Chapter 46: Drowning in the Desert ago
Chapter 47: Reflection ago
Chapter 48: Wellspring ago
Chapter 49: The Best for Last ago
Chapter 50: Climbing Out ago
Chapter 51: Playing the Game ago
Chapter 52: Firebrand ago
Chapter 53: License to Kill ago
Chapter 54: Infiltration ago
Chapter 55: Inkspur ago
Chapter 56: Fire in the Night ago
Chapter 57: Showdown ago
Chapter 58: All or Nothing ago
Chapter 59: Killing Field ago
Chapter 60: Temporary Peace ago
Chapter 61: Holding the Sky Up ago
Chapter 62: Scenes of Tranquility (+ Patreon) ago
Chapter 63: Closing Up Shop ago
Chapter 64: Flashes of Humanity ago
Chapter 65: Lackadaisy Rhythm ago
Chapter 66: Old Acquaintances ago
Chapter 67: Lost Worlds ago
Chapter 68: Lo-Fi Axolotls to Relax To ago
Chapter 69: Challenger ago
Chapter 70: Applied Bastardry ago
Chapter 71: Wandering Lotus ago
Chapter 72: Guardian Angel ago
Chapter 73: Follow the Light ago
Chapter 74: Small Fry ago
Chapter 75: Throne of Tides ago
Chapter 76: Liminal Hours ago
Chapter 77: The Ten-Thousand Rankings ago
Chapter 78: Jade Fortune ago
Chapter 79: Redjaw ago
Chapter 80: Dreams of Glory ago
Chapter 81: Messages from the Deep ago
Chapter 82: The First Step ago
Chapter 83: The Second Transformation ago
Chapter 84: Sarradur ago
Chapter 85: Pandemonium and Calm ago
Chapter 86: Massacre ago
Chapter 87: Primordial Mist ago
Chapter 88: Shadow of Logos ago
Chapter 89: Guiding Hand ago
Chapter 90: Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 91: Maze of the Ushabti ago
Chapter 92: Legacies ago
Chapter 93: Kingdoms of Dust ago
Chapter 94: The Danger Below ago
Chapter 95: Kicking the Hornet's Nest ago
Chapter 96: Red in the Mist ago
Chapter 97: Blade of Bone ago
Chapter 98: Wall of Fire ago
Chapter 99: The Goliath's Domain ago
Chapter 100: Chased Down ago
Chapter 101: Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 102: Island in the Sky ago
Chapter 103: Food Chain ago
Chapter 104: Show-Down ago
Chapter 105: Calm and Storm ago
Chapter 106: Burying the Hatchet ago
Chapter 107: Face to Face ago
Chapter 108: Misstep ago
Chapter 109: From Underground ago
Chapter 110: Ultima Ratio Regis ago
Epilogue 1: False Sun ago
Epilogue 2: Idle Conversation ago
Chapter 1: The Dust Settles ago
Chapter 2: Mark of the Aleph ago
Chapter 3: First Contact ago
Chapter 4: Pillars of the Heavens ago
Chapter 5: Shaping Winterhome ago
Chapter 6: Path of Ancient Kings ago
Chapter 7: Making Introductions ago
Chapter 8: Wanderlust ago
Chapter 9: Ghost Town ago
Chapter 10: Brood ago
Chapter 11: Locking Horns ago
Chapter 12: New Recruits ago
Chapter 13: The Amber Grove ago
Chapter 14: Heretical Paths ago
Chapter 15: Right Hand of Death ago
Chapter 16: Old Ghost ago
Chapter 17: Golden Like the Dawn ago
Chapter 18: Prison of Pines ago
Chapter 19: Makepeace ago
Chapter 20: The Curious One ago
Chapter 21: All To Plan ago
Chapter 22: A Special Kind of Angry ago
Chapter 23: Blood for Blood ago
Chapter 24: Intervention ago
Chapter 25: Action and Reaction ago
Chapter 26: The Wind ago
Chapter 27: Gardening ago
Chapter 28: Cultivating ago
Chapter 29: City Rhythms ago
Chapter 30: Faded Empires ago
Chapter 31: Anvil of the Sun, Gift of the Earth ago
Chapter 32: Boon Companions ago
Chapter 33: Fruits of Their Labor ago
Chapter 34: Form and Function ago
Chapter 35: Living Memory ago
Chapter 36: Contracts Due ago
Chapter 37: Omens ago
Chapter 38: Kingdom of Mossau ago
Chapter 39: Ring of Fools ago
Chapter 40: New Friends and Old Memories ago
Chapter 41: Self-Forged ago
Chapter 42: Family ago
Chapter 43: Movers and Shakers ago
Chapter 44: The New Blood ago
Chapter 45: Sweat and Blood ago
Chapter 46: Beautiful Rot ago
Chapter 47: Wolf Pups ago
Chapter 48: Hollowsong ago
Author's Note ago
Chapter 49: Gu Jar ago
Chapter 50: Eulogy ago
Chapter 51: All-Out Warfare ago
Chapter 52: Old Man Thirteen ago
Another One of These Pesky Updates ago
Chapter 53: Assassination ago
Chapter 54: Momentum ago
Chapter 55: Poison Generosity ago
Chapter 56: Reminiscence ago
Chapter 57: A Day of War ago
Chapter 58: Return to Winterhome ago
Chapter 59: Mistwater Cordial ago
Chapter 60: Watchful Shadow ago
Chapter 61: Surgical Cut ago
Chapter 62: Four-Directions Chaos ago
Chapter 63: Hold On Tight ago
Chapter 64: The Battle of Winterhome ago
Chapter 65: Silverbright Moon ago
Chapter 66: Abyss ago
Chapter 67: The Challenge ago
Chapter 68: Black Clouds ago
Chapter 69: Evolution ago
Chapter 70: The Old Speech ago
Epilogue: Winterhome ago
Epilogue: The Desert ago
Epilogue: Consequences ago
Book 3: Chapter 1: The View from the Mountain ago
Book 3: Chapter 2: The Two Constants, Noodles and Revenge ago
Book 3: Chapter 3: Tending the Garden ago
Book 3: Chapter 4: A World of Paper ago
Book 3: Chapter 5: The Prophecy ago
Book 3: Chapter 6: Shadowquill and Sunglory ago
Book 3: Chapter 7: Wild Regiment ago
Book 3: Chapter 8: Leaps of Logic ago
Book 3: Chapter 9: Peacemaker ago
Book 3: Chapter 10: Army of One ago
Book 3: Chapter 11: Poisoned Land ago
Book 3: Chapter 12: Interloper ago
Book 3: Chapter 13: Return ago
Book 3: Chapter 14: Dead Tilt ago
Book 3: Chapter 15: Catching Smoke ago
Book 3: Chapter 16: Divinity and Heresy ago
Book 3: Chapter 17: Poison ago
Book 3: Chapter 18: Bitter Ashes ago
Chapter 19: War Formation ago
Chapter 20: The Dialectical ago
Chapter 21: Test of the Artist ago
Chapter 22: Fractured Wadjet ago
Book 3: Chapter 23: Break Free ago
Book 3: Chapter 24: Sandpit ago
Book 3: Chapter 25: Megalomaniacal ago
Where I've Been ago
Book 3: Chapter 26: Breaking Point ago

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Breaker of Horizons by NoDragons is a system apocalypse story wherein the main character, Nic, gets a second chance to prove and improve himself.

As a monster.

The story is all around very strong, but I'm going to list some of what I believe to be its strongest.

Strong Point 1: Amazing fight scenes

The author puts a lot of effort into creating interesting, tense fights without falling into repetition. If you want an MC that ends up kicking a lot of ass on his way to the top of the foodchain, this story is for you.

Strong Point 2: Deep but suprisingly subtle worldbuilding

The story goes all out in giving you, dear reader, a unique world to experience yourself, but not in the form of a textbook. Instead you get hints and pieces of all that's going on behind the scenes, just enough to spark interest without detracting from the story's pacing. And many of these hints pay off later, providing new story hooks that have developed naturally from this worldbuilding.

Strong Point 3: Clever but flawed protagonist

Our MC, Nic, is at the exact right middle point between being willing to do what it takes to survive and thrive, while still being someone with a lot of room for growth. He tries things, sometimes they don't work, and then he tries new things. He doesn't overcome everything automatically, he has to work for it, but things usually work out for him in the end thanks to his own abilities.

Strong point 4: Prose, Style, and Grammar

Writing quality is more than a few steps above the usual webnovel. 'Nuff said.

Strong point 5: Multifaceted, creative progression

Hey it's the title of the review! Look, if you're reading this story for no other reason, it should be for this. It's not just one linear system where the MC goes from ant to god at a mandated pace. Instead there are many aspects of progression; yes there's a system, but there's also cultivation, base building, and ally recruitment.


But, the story's strongest point is obviously:

The MC is an axolotl and that's just cool.


Breaker of Horizons took me by more than surprize. I'll be honest, I picked it up because someone told me to, as I wouldn't have read this normally. Monster evolution stories are cool, but they turn into slaughter-fests with evil MCs so often. There's nothing wrong with that at all - that's a genre and people enjoy it. I just personally don't. 

BoH isn't that. The main character turns into a monster, sure. But he's still himself at heart, and his morals remain largely the same (after adapting to fit this new world he's been reincarnated into). 

Another thing that really surprised me was the incredibly quality of writing. This novel is a bound and a leap above 95% of the novels on RoyalRoad in terms of polish and quality. I genuinely felt like I was reading a published novel, not a free one. 

The litRPG system is fun, the character buliding and evolution is cool, and I actually care about the characters that have been introduced, which is amazing. 

There aren't any gramattical or stylistic issues that I spotted, and it's very apparent that the author has a direction he's bringing the story. I can feel him building up to major events and steadily laying out the foundations of a very fleshed out world. I ended up binging nearly 24 chapters before I realized that I wasn't even logged in when I tried to leave a review. I was a bit hesitant about having an axotol as the main character, but that was completely misplaced and I love every second of it. Honestly, do yourself a favor and read this novel. 

It's better than what you're expecting. 


Any review I make is going to be subjective, so let's subjectify this! The story is just that right mix of calm and packed that makes it an easy read for me, the characters are all interesting to the point where I actually remember some of their names, and wonder occasionally what happened to them, then BOOM! Author drops in a chapter or two catching up with them. It's got combat, oh boy does it. The little protagonist is almost always on the back foot, but it's always clear that the guy can figure it out if he just has the tools or time. It's really well written in my opinion, and I'll definitely be coming back to it when it updates. Overall, it's on my top 10 stories I've read on this site. MC is not only bearable, but you can actively root for him. The story structure makes sense, the worldbuilding is amazing, disbelief is thoroughly suspended, and it's incredibly entertaining. One of my favorite things the author consistently does is that they'll hint at, or set up something a ways in advance, and then pay it off either right when you think "wait, couldn't that work?" Or right when you don't expect but in a way that definitely makes sense. The story is very well crafted, and definitely worth a read.


It's good.

I'm rather picky about style and the way it is written doesn't immediately make me feel rage or misery in my soul. Perhaps it feels a bit drawn out (slow, if I'm being rude, and detailed if I am not) but it still holds my very short attention even then.

The premise of the story seems standard-isekai-cultivation-litRPG with a bit of extra flavor, at first. In actuality it has all the parts of those stories that I appreciate and deviates enough from the norm to be interesting. The start almost lost me, but it's important worldbuilding and the story really took off afterwards. The system of advancement is a bit complicated but novel and well thought-out.

I have not noticed any glaring grammar issues, and I would. Weeps in literature major.

There are already a good amount of characters, and every single one of them is unique and compelling. I am excited to meet more and watch their stories play out.

In short, I have personally been enjoying this story - even though it isn't quite my usual fare. I suggest you give it a go, especially if you are tired of the way the standard isekais and cultivation stories usually play out. Don't expect a classic defy-the-heavens murderfest. Expect a good read with characters you can get attached to.


Realistic progression, at an enjoyable pace.

Reviewed at: Chapter 88: Shadow of Logos

I'm really enjoying reading about Nic's journey, as a monster progressing and evolving, and as a character with the chance to grow and develop outside the dystopian world he was born in. He has to make choices based on teh here and now, without the long-term strategies that more cultivation stories often prefer, and it makes the story a lot more immediate and punchy.

Jay Silver

It's a long way to the top, if you're an axolotl

Reviewed at: New Heights, Old Lows

(With all apologies to AC/DC)

Breaker of Horizons is a wild, energetic ride to a dangerous new world, a deathworld called 'Earth'.

Well, it's new for our protagonist Nic anyway. Nic is 'lucky' enough to win a lottery slot to have his mind transferred into a monster's form during the early stages of the integration of Earth into the wider multiverse. His fate is to be fodder, one of a multitude serving as a stepping stone for the humans of Earth to adapt to the dangers of the multiverse.

Of course, Nic's never been very good at accepting his fate, which is precisely what makes him so interesting to the High Sept and the Low Tomb.

System Apocalypse webnovels are nothing new, but with Breaker of Horizons NoDragons has taken the road less traveled, and given us a narrative from the perspective not of some beleaguered human, but instead, one of the invaders. This decision informs everything that follows, and creates a unique story experience, particularly coupled with their signature prose and imagery.

Our protagonist, Nic, is characterized by a blend of reckless ambition and cautious guile; quick to throw himself into the dangers of his new world for every advantage that has previously been denied him, but also using his head to stay alive when everyone and everything around him would be happy to take it from his shoulders for the Essence in his soul and the change in his non-existent pockets.

The supporting cast that Nic interacts with are vibrant and bring a lot to the table, whether as antagonists or otherwise, despite (or maybe because of) language and societal barriers between them. The world is fantastic and even in the few chapters uploaded to date (and a few more in the beta pipeline) it feels alive; getting to see the wonder and peril through Nic's eyes is a delight.

The writing style is very much in the Muhammad Ali school of floating and stinging, taking us from beautifully realized vistas to mad scrambles for survival in turns. Mechanically it is well above the average for a webnovel, very few punctuation errors, and virtually none of the incorrect homophone, misspelling, or tense-shift issues that might plague a lesser work.

There's really no reason you should still be reading this review, when you could instead be reading the story. Follow Nic on his adventures through the integration of Earth, and you won't be disappointed.


Creative and exciting story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Makepeace

This story is an apocalypse Lit-rpg story about a guy starting in a new world.

The lore of the world is interesting, the system is new but it fits very well in the novel with lots of promising possibilities. Also, i find the description of the objects beautiful.

The fights are well organized, clear and suprising.

As a bad point, the enemies can be a little complicated.

The characters are well-rounded and most of them a different and plausible personality.

So, this story provides something new and very well executed to the lit-rpg genre.


I´m reading that story since a long time and enjoyed every new chapter! 


The writer combined the cultivation theme in a great way with a LitRPG elements and created an interesting main Character which is realy easy to emphasize while he character isn´t boring like a lot of other characters i have seen. 

On a lot of points the character felt good to read on some points. We don´t have here a regular murderhobo or sociopath running arround and kill everything. Instead we have a teenager that made a decision that changed his whole life only for a better chance! 

It have on some points the classic cultivation parts while it dont bore with the hard tropes of such stories and his writing style made it easy to imagine how the cultivation work together with his system. While there is still a more than only a system. So far you should really give the story a try!

His writing style is good and easy to reading while he discribes scene with a strong focus on details that bring the feeling on that his world is a living place and it is nice to imagine the situations that the Mc have to face. 

The story is pretty interesting cause the author seemed spend a lot of time with the world building and there is still mich space to explore that story together! 

I really hope he wont stop so far with this one! 

For sake i can´t say much about the grammer cause english isn´t my first language at all. 




A good story. Has something unique to offer which I am enjoying. I like the world and how the character has developed. Interested to see what comes next as more characters are introduced and the enemies get stronger. The flow between chapters can feel a bit disjointed sometimes. I enjoyed Thieves Dungeon and happy to be reading another story by NoDragons


Great story! Well written, and the lore is not too long, but genuinely feels like it's supporting the story and providing great info.

Super interesting to read this genre from the invaders perspective! 

Just rising this to fill word count cause it needs 50 words to submit la la la la la la la laa