In a time long ago where all recordings of documentation have been lost, there existed civilizations where powerful beings came to be. There were warriors who trained to the ultimate pinnacle of power. Countries were built centered around these warriors, each with their own unique aspects. These budding countries tend to follow the nature of these warriors, worshipping them as if they were gods. Some waged wars, conquering others as if to show off their might. Some took a more peaceful stances, acting as a watchful guardian making sure no mishap fall upon their citizens. These deities had quickly realized that if a battle were to ensue between them, it would be the equivalent of several natural disasters occurring. Destruction that wouldn't be too far from being called the apocalypse. They decided to restrain themselves and help guide the human race. As a result, civilization was able to flourish.

However, no matter how powerful the people of this planet grew, there laid a hidden darkness way beyond their reach. As if to limit the potential growth of civilization, monstrous beings broke in through a rift. Creatures of all shapes and sizes pour through the rift. Perhaps if the people of this planet were given more time, then could have better prepared themselves. However, they were only scientifically one step behind discovering where the rift came from and what it signified. What could have been a major discovery became a calamity for earth. All they knew was that these creatures wished destruction upon this planet. People were caught completely unaware, and many countries were destroyed. It was not until many years of bitter fighting, were the races able to unite and fight these “demons” back to where they came from.

                      * * *

A swordsmen in black armor covered with darkness stood there, heavily breathing as he forced his legs to stand. He gripped a cracked sword covered in shadows tightly as he mentally prepared himself. His armor that once completely cover his body was broken with numerous injuries showing covering his body. A testament to the reason he was currently there. The air hummed with energy. Pressure could be felt as if to suffocate all those who breathe in this air. A normal person would have long been crushed by this pressure. On the left side of the swordsmen was a warrior in an equally sorry state. In contrast to the swordsmen, the warrior’s armor once shined a radiant gold. However, that armor cracked and broken in so many places that it looked like it could shatter with a mere blow. Both armors stubbornly held together, fulfilling their purpose so their master could fulfill theirs. In front of them was a monstrous being. An 8 feet tall pale purple humanoid. This monster had four arms and a single horn on his forehead. His black eyes glared at the two humans in front of him. Energy came off it and surrounded the demon as if waiting to act on his command

“We’re almost ...there! Hah…. Hah. Just...need to kill this demon! Then we can break off the rift and close the portal!” The golden warrior exclaim as he ready himself into a battle stance. He raise his spear with both hand in preparation to charge and pierce the demon.

The black swordsmen stared at the demon and also raised his sword in a similar battle stance. He shook his head and said “No….we’re not. This bastard merely been trying to buy time.”

“What do you mean?! We’re here right now! We finally fought these creatures back to their home dimension. That creature is the last one! There’s no more!” The golden warrior turned his to look at the black knight and said.

“ I can sense that there’s more demons over in the rift behind the horned devil over there. He’s only stalling so that more of them can come through the rift and invade earth again.”

“Then all that sacrifice was for nothing? All the races are meant to die here then? So many people gave their lives just so we can kill the devil and put an end to this mess. Are you telling me the monsters that came over was not all of them? ”

“No, we continue with the original plan. Kill this devil and close the rift. Once we close it, the rest won't be able to invade. We finish this, NOW!!” Both warriors charged at the devil with the black swordsmen sign. The spear was stopped by the upper arms while the lower arms stopped the sword by clapping two hands, holding the weapon in the middle. The devils black eyes stare in mockery as if he understood the whole conversation that occurred but knew that the two fighters would be powerless to stop it.

Both warriors struggled as they tried to force their weapons into the body of the devil, while the devil tried to complete the opposite action and tried to keep the weapons out. Both sides trembled as they all fought with all their power they could muster to end their opponent.

Suddenly, the black swordsmen let go of his sword, turned around and kicked the golden warrior in the stomach and into the direction of earth’s rift.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” the golden warrior yelled. He couldn’t understand what just happened as his eyes widen. The kick wasn’t a strong one and nothing was injured internally, but in his current state, any attack could be fatal.

The black swordsmen raised his right hand summoned chains of darkness from the devil’s shadow to hold the devil in place. Most of the time, the devil could have broken free of these constraints quite easily. However, after the fierce battle that had just happen, the devil had to put more of a struggle to break free. The black knight stared at the golden warrior. Shock, anger, and betrayal, was seen through the golden warrior’s eyes. He said “ You.. head back first. I’ll destroy both rifts at the same time.”

“What are you talking about?! This isn’t what we agreed upon! We said the we will beat the devil together! If you destroy both rifts at the same time, how are you going to get back?”

“There.. isn’t enough time. The earth ...needs a leader to lead the remaining races. They need to be prepared for another dimensional invasion. What we’re doing here is only temporary... There will be more invasions. And we both know I'm not the type to lead people into battle. Only you can do that. Not me. Continue that dream of yours. Continue to build the Bastion of Heros. Make sure it never falls” The black knight raised his other hand and a small dark vortex began to form. At this point, the devil had broken free from majority of the shadow chains that had bound it in its place.

Raising his hands in front him, the swordsmen began to create a mass of darkness. It formed into a small ball where it began to suck in all of it surrounding. Both the devil and the golden spearmen widen their eyes in panic. The devil roared in frustration as the it knew it could not kill these two obstacles in its path. It broke free of the chains and flew in the opposite direction where the rift that led to its home world was.

“You... bastard! You better come back, you hear me!” The spearmen glared at the swordsmen one final time before bolting in the opposite direction. Towards the rift where earth was.

Meanwhile the mini black hole that was quickly growing in the swordsmen hands. It was sucking in the dimensional energy and also energy that was from both the rifts. The swordsmen looked grimly at the fleeting back of the spearmen, one of the few people he could call friends. He let out a breath as he thought this might be the last time he could see his home. He got a short glimpse of the earth from the rift.

“It is time.”

The swordsmen released his control of the black hole and vortex. It shrunk as it suddenly stopped sucking in energy and then compressed to the size of a marble. Then it expanded.

The tiny ball of darkness grew and envelop everything its grasp, including its creator and the two rifts. The swordsmen endured the pain as he was prepared for the consequences of this technique. Normally his armor would be able to block the sphere of destructive energy, however the armor was in tatter due to the recent battle leaving him to take the full blunt of the darkness. Fortunately, the sphere of darkness quickly faded away with no signs of rifts in sight.

The swordsmen floated in the dimensional space as he was exhausted from the battle using his technique. This was the last resort. He had imagined the possibility that the invasion of the demons was only getting started. He had hoped deep down that he was wrong. He knew his allies believed that this was the final battle, but they were wrong. When he sensed the presence of more demons beyond the rift, he realized his fears were real.

Now his job was done. He did everything he could and bought more time for earth. The swordsmen stared at where the rift leading to earth once was. The allied army wont be able to break into the dimensional boundary. Even if they could, they’ll have a hard time locating me. Hopefully they won’t be stupid enough to search for me. Hmmmm... with this i can finally rest without their annoying chatter.

The swordsmen closed his eyes to rest allowing his injured body to drift around in the dimensional space not knowing where he would wake up, or if he ever would.

* * *

Time passed as the swordsmen slept to help his body gradually recover. The concept of time was difficult to tell in the dimensional boundary as there was no way to note time there. His armor protecting him from the space and also slowly regenerated and covered all his body. All was silent beside the breathing released from the obsidian armor and the hum of energy that kept the boundary together.



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